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Health Activities and Internet2 PowerPoint Presentation
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Health Activities and Internet2

Health Activities and Internet2

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Health Activities and Internet2

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  1. Health Activities and Internet2 Mike McGill, Director, Internet2 Health Sciences, Heather Boyles, Director, Internet2 International Relations, APAN Medical Workshop APAN 24 Meeting, Xi’an, China 30 August 2007

  2. Internet2 introduction • National research and education networking organization in the United States • Membership and Community-based • US universities, state/regional networks, government research labs, other non-profit organizations (National Geographic), industry, k12, libraries, museums, rural healthcare clinics • Provides national-scale infrastructure and services to its membership and beyond • Network infrastructure and services, federated identity management infrastructure and services, application infrastructure and services • Convenes advanced research and education networking community • to progress network infrastructure, technology, services and the uses of these in support of research, teaching, learning, clinical care and outreach

  3. Key Health Science Members • 112 Academic Medical Colleges (AAMC) and their medical centers • 130 Health Science related colleges • Public Health, Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy • Affiliate Members • NIH • Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Charles R. Drew University, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), Ruth Lily Health Education Center • Industry: Pharmaceutical Companies • Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Eli Lilly • Partnership with Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) • On the way: rural health clinics

  4. The FCC has initiated a pilot funding program • To connect public and private non-profit health care providers in rural and urban locations • Specifically called out connections to the Internet2 network as desirable • Many state/regional networks have worked with rural health networks to respond

  5. NationwideInternet2 Network CommercialInternet Network Architecture University State or RegionalNetwork University MetroNetwork Government Lab K20 Org.

  6. Internet2 Network Environment: 2006

  7. Internet2 Network Environment: 2006

  8. The scope of the Internet2 Health Science Initiative includes medical and related biological research, education, and advances in clinical practice.

  9. Clinical: Why Physicians/ Pharmacists Participate in Internet2 Distributed data sharing • Electronic Health Record • National Health Initiatives (ONCHIT) • Remote and Assisted Surgery • Remote Instrumentation • Real time access to remote images Collaboration independent of boundaries • Geography: Second Opinion Networks • Time: Learning Technology (Distance Education) • Computation: Knowledge Management • Center of Excellence New techniques and procedures • Surgical Planning • Digital Anatomy

  10. Remote Pathology Consult • Using DVTS (Digital Video Transport System) at 30 Mbps, Multicast • Pathology faculty across four regional hospitals can conduct regular virtual consults with superior high quality images and minimal delay in transmitted slide manipulation Dr. Michael Feldman, UPENN

  11. Clinical • Network requirements • Reliability • Minimal / No Congestion • Capacity • Then --- Security and Privacy • Plus -- Services that make it easier

  12. Research: Why Scientists Participate in Internet2 • Need for continually increasing bandwidth to support the increasingly finer resolution of data resources • To address policy issues such as the security and privacy requirements that must be met for the use of information that originates with or about a patient • To remove roadblocks as they confront the increasing need to collaborate across political (including state and federal government), academic, defense and security, and commercial boundaries

  13. Biotech Data's BIG BANG It's like Moore's Law on steroids: The total volume of biological data worldwide, having doubled every 18 months in recent years, is now doubling every half a year to three months. And this isn't a momentary spike, but a long-term trend that may require new ways to measure, analyze and mine biological databases.

  14. EACH BRAIN REPRESENTS A LOT OF DATA Comparisons must be made across several image sets Slide courtesy of Arthur Toga (UCLA)

  15. New Methods of Health Science Research

  16. Research Team of the Future:Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid • Global Cancer Research Community • Grid deployment to Cancer Centers • Bioinformatics infrastructure • Public data sources Funded by: NCI/NIH

  17. Education: Why Faculty Participate in Internet2 • Increasingly specialized information • Access to expertise at remote locations • Multiple learning modalities • Access to resources not otherwise available

  18. Some specialties disappearing

  19. Improved Medical Training • High bandwidth human interaction • Low latency virtual reality • Reliable access to computational resources • Secure retrieval of medical images and data Source: Parvati Dev Stanford

  20. Internet2 Health Science Activities • Working Groups • Orthopaedic Surgery • Special Interest Groups • Cardiovascular, Health Science Education, Advances of Relevance to Clinical Activities, Health Science Research & Research Infrastructure • Workshops • Immersive Medical Telepresence Workshop – 2nd coming in May 2008 • Support for community proposals to FCC rural health initiative • HIMSS partnership • Support for demos/presentations at discipline conferences: RSNA, etc.

  21. International collaborations of the Internet2 community • World Bank • GDLN-Latin America • Central American Network of Disaster Health Information (CANDHI) International Technical Collaboration meeting • Johns Hopkins University Hospital – National Aids Research Institute in India • RNP “RedeUniversitária de Telemedicina” (RUTE) and Internet2 Health Sciences formalizing partnership