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  1. meter • The specific rhythmic pattern of a verse as determined by the number of lines and the number of syllables per line.

  2. scansion • The analysis of the composition of a verse.

  3. foot • In poetry, a foot is the basic unit of meter used to describe rhythm. A foot consists of a certain number of syllables forming part of a line of a verse and is described by the character and number of syllables it contains.

  4. foot • A foot can have only one stressed syllable but may have more than one unstressed syllable.

  5. foot • Ride on, ride on in majesty! • Hark, all the tribes hosanna cry; • Thine humble beast pursues his road • With palms and scattered garments strowed.

  6. LONG METER - • Ride1 on2, ride3 on4 in5 ma6-jes7-ty8! • Hark1, all2 the3 tribes4 ho5-san6-na7 cry8; • Thine1 hum2-ble3 beast4 pur5-sues6 his7 road8 • With1 palms2 and3 scat4-tered5 gar6-ments7 strowed8.

  7. Double long - • Sweet1 hour2 of3 prayer4, sweet5 hour6 of7 prayer8, • That1 calls2 me3 from4 a5 world6 of7 care8, • And1 bids2 me3 at4 my5 Fa6-ther's7 throne8 • Make1 all2 my3 wants4 and5 wish6-es7 known8; • In1 sea2-sons3 of4 dis5-tress6 and7 grief8 • My1 soul2 has3 of4-ten5 found6 re7-lief8, • And1 oft2 es3-caped4 the5 temp6-ter's7 snare8 • By1 thy2 re3-turn4, sweet5 hour6 of7 prayer8.

  8. common meter - • A1-maz2-ing3 grace4! how5 sweet6 the7 sound8, • That1 saved2 a3 wretch4 like5 me6! • I1 once2 was3 lost4, but5 now6 am7 found8, • Was1 blind2 but3 now4 I5 see6.

  9. double common - • O1 beau2-ti3-ful4 for5 spa6-cious7 skies8, • For1 am2-ber3 waves4 of5 grain6, • For1 pur2-ple3 moun4-tain5 ma6-jes7-ties8 • A1-bove2 the3 fruit4-ed5 plain!6 • A1-me2-ri3-ca4, A5-me6-ri7-ca8, • God1 shed2 his3 grace4 on5 thee6, • And1 crown2 thy3 good4 with5 bro6-ther7-hood8 • From1 sea2 to3 shin4-ing5 sea6.

  10. short meter - • Breathe1 on2 me3, Breath4 of5 God6, • Fill1 me2 with3 life4 a5-new6, • That1 I2 may3 love4 what5 thou6 dost7 love8, • And1 do2 what3 thou4 wouldst5 do6.

  11. double short - • This1 is2 my3 Fa4-ther's5 world6, • And1 to2 my3 list4-’ning5 ears6, • All1 na2-ture3 sings4 and5 round6 me7 rings8 • The1 mu2-sic3 of4 the5 spheres6. • This1 is2 my3 Fa4-ther's5 world6, • I1 rest2 me3 in4 the5 thought6 • Of1 rocks2 and3 trees4, of5 skies6 and7 seas8; • His1 hand2 the3 won4-ders5 wrought6.

  12. iambic meter • An iamb is a foot of two unequal syllables: an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed. • A meter containing iamb • feet is said to be iambic.

  13. iambic meter • Eternal Father, strong to save, • Whose arm hath bound the restless wave, • Who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep • Its own appointed limits keep: • O hear us when we cry to thee • For those in peril on the sea.

  14. TROCHAIC METER • A trochee is a foot of two unequal syllables: a stressed syllable followed by an unstressed one. • A meter containing trochee • feet is said to be trochaic.

  15. TROCHAIC METER • Burning, burning, brightly burning, • Brightly burning Fire divine, • Satisfy my spirit's yearning. • Fill this empty soul of mine.

  16. dactylic meter • A dactyl is a foot of three syllables: a stressed followed by two unstressed. • A meter containing dactyl feet • is said to be dactylic.

  17. dactylic meter • There shall be showers of blessing: • This is the promise of love; • There shall be seasons refreshing, • Sent from the Savior above.

  18. amphibrachic meter • A amphibrach is a foot of three syllables: a stressed in between two unstressed. • A meter containing amphibrach feet • is said to be amphibrach.

  19. amphibrachic meter • Be glad in the Lord and rejoice, • All ye that are upright in heart; • And ye that have made him your choice, • Bid sadness and sorrow depart.

  20. Iambic • You can't stop rain from falling down, • Prevent the sun from shining, • You can't stop spring from coming in, • Or winter from resigning, • Or still the waves or stay the winds, • Or keep the day from dawning, • You can't stop God from loving you, • His love is new each morning.

  21. Trochaic. • I must have the Savior with me, • For I dare not walk alone; • I must feel his presence near me, • And his arm around me thrown. • Then my soul shall fear no ill; • Let him lead me where he will, • I will go without a murmur, • And his footsteps follow still.

  22. Dactylic • There shall be showers of blessing: • This is the promise of love; • There shall be seasons refreshing, • Sent from the Savior above.

  23. Trochaic • Joyful, joyful, we adore thee, • God of glory, Lord of love; • Hearts unfold like flowers before thee, • Hail thee as the sun above. • Melt the clouds of sin and sadness, • Drive the clouds of doubt away; • Giver of immortal gladness, • Fill us with the light of day.