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  1. 考试指导

  2. I. 4. A. Tim is a student. B. Tim is 40 years old. C. Tim works in a school. 录音材料: No.4. Tim is 14 and he is in high school. 本题注重考查学生捕捉句子中关键信息的能力,从辨音和分析语义两个方面考查。要求学生理解、分析所听材料,甄别、比对各选项后做出正确选择。本题从辨音排除选项B,从语意排除C选项,正确答案是A。

  3. II. 听句子,选出该句的最佳答语。 6. A. You’re right. B. I hope so. C. It’s not too hard. 7. A. Well done. B. Never mind. C. No way. 第7题录音材料: No.7. Dad, can I drive the car to the party? 本题型以人机对话形式,考查学生对日常交际用语的理解和应答能力。本题所有选项均出自《考试说明》的原句,本题正确选项是C。

  4. Ⅲ.听对话和问题,选择恰当的选项。(共5小题,每小题1分,计5分) Ⅲ.听对话和问题,选择恰当的选项。(共5小题,每小题1分,计5分) 11. A. Watching TV. B. Playing sports. C. Collecting stamps. 12. A. A cold coke. B. An orange juice. C. An apple juice.

  5. 13. A. Tom didn’t see her. B. Tom’s reading about water C. Tom doesn’t like water. 录音材料: M: Oh, Sorry, Susie. I didn’t see you. W: What are you reading, Tom? M: I’m reading about water. W: Water? Q: Why is Susie surprised? 本题型考查学生对所听对话和相关信息的理解能力。该题是去年新增的考查方式,根据语气、语调来推测、判断人物说话意图。录音朗读water采用吃惊、怀疑的语气,表达Susie对Tom所读内容的诧异。本题正确选项是B。

  6. Ⅳ.听对话、短文和问题,选择正确答案。(共10小题,每小题1分,计10分)Ⅳ.听对话、短文和问题,选择正确答案。(共10小题,每小题1分,计10分) 16. When will the students answer the question? A. Before they listen. B. While they listen. C. After they listen. 17. What should they do while they listen? A. Read the dialogue. B. Say “Yes” or “No”. C. Write the sentences. 18. Who will act out the dialogue? A. Andy’s parents. B. Andy and Eric. C. a boy and a girl.

  7. 听力部分第二节是飞机起飞前机长向乘客介绍航班情况的语段。语言规范、信息丰富,广播式朗读效果迅速把学生带入几近真实的情境中。语言内容鲜活地道,提供标准的语言示范,营造近似真实的生活情境。听力部分第二节是飞机起飞前机长向乘客介绍航班情况的语段。语言规范、信息丰富,广播式朗读效果迅速把学生带入几近真实的情境中。语言内容鲜活地道,提供标准的语言示范,营造近似真实的生活情境。

  8. 笔试部分, 单选题: • 冠词 a, an, the • 元音 • 单元音:12个 • [ I: ] [ i ] [ e ] [æ ] [a:] [u:] [u] [ә:] [ә] • 双元音:8个 • [ei] [ai] [әu] [au] [i] [iә] [eә] [uә]

  9. C • (09中考) I really like _____ book you lent me yesterday. • A. a B. an C. the D. 不填 • (10 年中考) Cindy is ________ amazing singer. She has lots of fans. • a B. an C. the D. 不填 • (11中考)She learned to play_____piano all by herself. • A. a B. an C. the D.不填 B C

  10. (2012中考) The children stood in _________ circle and danced to music. A. a B. an C. the D. 不填 A (2013预测)----What does your brother like to do after school? ---He likes to play ____basketball with his friend. A. a B. an C. / D. the (2013预测)It is ______ old book. I don’t like it. A. a B. an C. / D. the C B

  11. 不可数名词: 量化表达 2. 名词 单数 a / an 可数名词 复数 不可数名词: 固态的, 液态的, 肉类的,抽象名词和物质名词等。

  12. 不可数名词量的表达形式: a piece of advice two baskets of fruit three slices of bread four bottles of milk nine bags of rice

  13. 可数名词的复数变化: dresses, boxes, brushes, sandwiches, babies, families, cities, countries leaves, thieves, shelves, knives, halves, wives photos, radios, zoos feet, teeth, geese heroes, tomatoes, potatoes

  14. 单复数同形的: deer, sheep, fish, Chinese, Japanese 特殊情况: men doctors, women teachers

  15. 名词的所有格: in several years’ time three months’ journey two and a half hours’ walk / ride / drive / flight the teachers’ offices at the doctor’s at Tom’s

  16. 双重所有格: a car of his uncle’s a friend of mine/his/hers/ours/theirs 专有名词 the Atlantic Ocean, the United Nations the White House

  17. A (09中考)The news _____ very interesting! Tell me more! A. is B. are C. were D. was (10中考)I don’t think looking after children is just ________ work. A. woman B. woman’s C. women D. women’s (11中考)Cici enjoys dancing. It's one of her _______. A. prize B. prizes C. hobby D. hobbies D D

  18. B (2012中考)I’d like a ___for dessert. Fruit, you know, is good for health. A. potato B. banana C. candy D. pie A (2013预测)It’s your _____as Chinese to protect the environment. A. duty B. hobby C. habit D. manner

  19. 3. 代词: (1)

  20. 例题: He teaches us physics. Her trousers are better than yours. teach oneself = learn…by oneself enjoy oneself help oneself to say to oneself buy oneself, leave one by oneself

  21. 指示代词: this, that, these, those 反身代词: 单数:myself, yourself, himself/herself/itself, 复数:ourselves, yourselves, themselves

  22. (09中考)Is there any difference between your idea and _____? • A. he B. his C. she D. her • (10中考) Emma, can you introduce ________ to Alice? I want to meet her. • him B. his C. me D. my • (11中考)George reads the newspaper every morning. That's______habit. • A. he B. him C. his D. himself B C C

  23. (2012中考) Don’t worry about me. I’m old enough to think for ______. A. himself B. herself C. yourself D. myself D (2013预测)-Where’s my sharpener? --Oh, your deskmate has taken ___by mistake. A. mine B. yours C. my D. your B

  24. 不定代词:(注意以下词的用法及区别) some/any both, either, neither, all, any, none a few, few, a little, little each, every the other, another, other, others, the others 例如:Don’t worry, there is still a little time left.

  25. both… and… either… or… neither… nor A: Both he and she have been there once. B: Either his parents or helikes pears. C: Neither Tom nor his classmates were doing homework when the teacher came in.

  26. (08中考)I tried several jackets on, but ______of them looked good. • Both B. either • C. none D. neither • (09中考) Sam looks like his Dad. They are _____ tall. • either B. any C. all D. both C D

  27. (10中考) She is new here, so we know ________ about her. A. nothing B. something C. anything D. everything (10中考) Everyone ________ I come from Sichuan. Actually, I come from Shandong. A. find B. think C. finds D. thinks A D

  28. (11中考)We'd better wait____more minutes. I think Jeff will come soon, • a few B. few C. a little D. little • (12中考) Could you record the football game for me? I can’t watch _________ later. • A. it B. one C. this D. that A A

  29. (2013预测) --Do you like math or English? • --I’m afraid _____ one is my favorite. • neither B. either C. some D. any • (2013预测)-What lovely tidy bears! I want to buy_______. • A. it B. one C. this D. that A B

  30. 4. 动词: 1)动词短语: take take off: 脱下, 摘下;(飞机)起飞 take away:带走,拿走, take care of:照顾;照看, take after:继承,遗传..的性格或外貌特征 take down=put down=write down:写下

  31. look look out:当心,小心 look out of:向…外面看 look after:照顾,照看 look through:浏览 look for:寻找 look over:检查 look up:查阅,翻字典 look like:看起来像 look forward to:期待着

  32. put put up:搭建,张贴,挂起 put away:收拾,整理起来 put off:推迟,延期(做某事) put down:放下 put out:熄灭 put on:穿上,带上(衣服,鞋帽)

  33. think think of:想起,想出 think up:想起,想出 think over:反复认真思考 think about:考虑

  34. fall fall off=fall down from:从…掉下来 fall behind: 落后 fall down: 掉下来 fall into:掉进去

  35. come come in:进来 come out:出来,;出版,发行 come up with:想起,想出 come over:过来 come from: 来自 come down:下来

  36. put put on: 穿上,戴上 put up:张贴,挂起,搭建 put out:熄灭,扑灭 put away:收拾,整理起来 put off: 推迟,延期 (做某事)

  37. run run after: 追赶 run away:跑掉 run off: 跑掉,迅速离开 run out of:跑出去

  38. up stay up: 熬夜 wake up: 醒来 clean up: 清理 set up: 建立,成立 grow up:成长 pick up: open up:建立,成立 grow up:长大 end up: 结束 stand up:起立

  39. off turn off :关掉 set off: 出发 put off: 推迟,延期 fall off: 从…掉下来

  40. get get up=get out of bed: 起床 get on:上车(飞机等) get off: 下车(飞机等) get on/alongwith sb./sth.:与..相处/ 某事进展如何

  41. (09中考) Sally, _____ your sunglasses. The sun is so bright. A. put on B. put up C. put away D. put down (10中考) Mike ________ his computer and checked his e-mail. A. turned on B. turned off C. turned up D. turned down A A

  42. B (11中考)Would you please _______ my baby brother while I'm cooking? A. take out of B. take care of C. take part in D. take away from (12中考)_________ your name on the paper and you can get a magazine. A. Cut down B. Look down C. Turn down D. Put down D

  43. (2013预测)Usually it's difficult to ______ the babies because they are too young. A. look like B. look for C. look after D. look up (2013预测)-Please remember to take your suitcase when you _____the bus. A. get off B. take off C. turn off D. put off C A

  44. 2) 系动词 be, keep, stay, get, become, turn, feel, sound, look, taste, smell , seem + adj. 这些词当做系动词用时,无被动语态。

  45. (08中考)The air in the countryside is _____. So many people from the city go there on weekends. • soft B. pretty C. fresh D. delicious • (09中考) This silk dress _____ so smooth. It’s made in China. • A. tastes B. smell C. sounds D. feels • (11中考)This sentence _____right. Please write it down. • A. feels B. sounds C. tastes D. smells C D B

  46. (2013预测)The meat in the fridge smells ___, let’s throw it away. A. terrible B. terribly C. nice D. nicely (2013预测)Children like to play with toys which ______colorful. A. taste B. smell C. sound D. look A D

  47. 3). 情态动词 can (could) may (might) must should need mustn’t shouldn’t needn’t

  48. (08中考)Thomas, please be quiet! The others ____hear very well! • can’t B. mustn’t C. shouldn’t D. needn’t • (09中考) Don’t put off today’s work for tomorrow. I mean, today’s work ____ today. • A. may do B. must do • C. may be done D. must be done A D