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Won the Pura Belpré Award

Won the Pura Belpré Award

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Won the Pura Belpré Award

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  1. Won the PuraBelpré Award Summary: Five sisters find a dead man while swimming in the Rio Grande in their hometown of Eagle Pass, TX. They embark on a journey to return the man’s body to his family in Mexico, with the supernatural aid of ghostly La Llorona via a magical earring, the sisters travel encountering chupacabras. They discover sisterhood and the true meaning of family and home. Can these fantastic trials prepare Odilia and her sisters for what happens when they face their final test, returning home to the real world, where goddesses and ghosts can no longer help them?

  2. The components that are culturally relevant to the students from this book include: • DichosCCSS R.L.5.4 • Food • Games • Literature questions CCSS R.L.5.10 • Codes – framework of communication CCSS R.L.5.1 • Myths and Legends CCSS R.L.5.7 • Music CCSSR.L.5.2 • Geography and Biomes • Drama CCSS R.L5.2 • Social Issues CCSS R.L.5.5

  3. Dichos: phrases that have some truth; they are found in various cultures • En bocascerradas no entranmoscas -Flies do not enter in closed mouths-

  4. Cultura • Mexican Foods Chile Rellenos Tamales Tortillas Tacos rojo Guacamole Raspas Sodas de sabor

  5. La Lotería- 58 cardsone image per card, one riddle per imageLa estrella (The Star)La guía de los marinerosThe guide of the sailorsLa másalta y brillantede todasmishijas/ The tallest and the brightest of all my daughters


  7. “Cincohermanas juntas porsiempre” / Five sisters together forever • This is the code the sisters developed, no matter what the situation is they must stick together • This relates to the students as we discuss the different communities they participate in and how families face challenges • Integration of other cultures: the Native American students in the class identified with the Navajo Code- talkers of WWII

  8. Legends ofLa Llorona Listening for details- a major character who helps the girls through their journey.

  9. Music • “Mariposa Traicionera” by ManaEres como una mariposa;vuelas y te posas vas de boca en boca,fácil y ligera de quien te provoca.Yo soy ratón de tu ratonera,trampa que no mata pero no libera,vivo muriendo prisionero.Mariposa traicionera, todo se lo lleva el viento,mariposa no regreso.Ay, mariposa de amor, mi mariposa de amorYa no regreso contigo. Ay, mariposa de amor, mi mariposa de amor.Nunca jamás junto a ti.vuela amor, vuela dolory no regreses a un ladoya vete de flor en flor, seduciendo a los pistilosy vuela cerca del sol,pa' que sientas lo que es dolor. • Ay, mujer como haces daño,pasan los minutos cual si fueran años,mira estos celos me están matando.Ay, mujer que fácil eres,abres tus alitas, muslos de coloresdonde se posan tus amores.MARIPOSA TRAICIONERA,todo se lo lleva el viento,mariposa no regreso.Ay, mariposa de amor, mi mariposa de amor.Ya no regreso contigoAy, mariposa de amor, mi mariposa de amor.Nunca jamás junto a ti,vuela amor, vuela dolorque tengas suerte en tu vidaay, ay, ay, ay, ay dolor,yo te lloré todo un río,ay, ay, ay, ay, ay amor,tú te me vas a volar.

  10. Geography • Map of Texas and Mexico • Landscape of the South • Plants

  11. International Boundaries

  12. Students made connections with the following social issues: • Single parent • Financial constraints • Role of the eldest in large families • Female responsibilities • Respect for elders • Absent father

  13. Vamos a Leer:*Book group and blog*Numerous books fork-12th grades*Prepared lesson plans

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