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HOBBY GARDENING Gardens, Vegetable gardens, Plants and Flower Pots. PowerPoint Presentation
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HOBBY GARDENING Gardens, Vegetable gardens, Plants and Flower Pots.

HOBBY GARDENING Gardens, Vegetable gardens, Plants and Flower Pots.

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HOBBY GARDENING Gardens, Vegetable gardens, Plants and Flower Pots.

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  1. HOBBY GARDENINGGardens, Vegetable gardens, Plants and Flower Pots.

  2. HOBBY GARDENING Flower pots, ornamental pots, gardens, market gardens, ornamental plants in balconies … Plants and horticulture are a fast growing hobby at all levels:

  3. HOBBY GARDENING Agriculture experts and amateurs know that a fundamental element in plant horticulture is FERTILIZATION Fertilization procedures are an integral part of plants and flowers growth and luxuriance, both in case of pleasure or for professional agriculture applications

  4. HOBBY GARDENING Action of micro organisms In an uncontaminated environment the soil fertility is granted by the action of micro-organisms (bacteria and microscopic fungi) naturally available in the soil.

  5. HOBBY GARDENING Several factors have a negative influence on fertility: Intensive agriculture practices Minimum required crop quantities Luck of space and new harvest areas Small amount of soil (in pots) Cause a progressive soil impoverishment and luck of fertility

  6. HOBBY GARDENING From our experience in Biologic agriculture and our background in professional agriculture practices we have decided to focus on the Re-activation of exhausted soils techniques To restore the natural fertility of the ground Eurovix Bio-Activators and Bio-Promoters are allowed in organic agriculture

  7. Soil fertilization Microorganisms in the soil are responsible of producing: HUMUS It is a complex mix of organic elements produced by the specific action of the microorganisms present in the soil

  8. Organic substances cycle Organic substances in the soil ¨ Organic fertilizers Manure ¨ ¨ Plant residues ¨ Animal residues { Primary decomposition Enzymes Microorganisms Intermediate products Bio - Activators Microbial decomposition Humification HUMUS

  9. HOBBY GARDENING EUROVIX EUROVIX specializes in the use of Bio-Technologies applied to daily life aspects. Eurovix has developed a dedicated agriculture line of products for: Regenerating exhausted soils Reducing chemical fertilizers use Increasing plant growth and resistence to adversities Increasing quantity and quality of the crops

  10. HOBBY GARDENING Eurovix Bio-Activators can be applied to any cultivation: Horticulture in open field / in greenhouse Gardens Plants and fruit bearing trees Flowers in pot and ground Herbs Indoor/Outdoor potted ornamental plants … AND …

  11. HOBBY GARDENING Turfgrass and Gardens

  12. Non treated Treated

  13. Regenerated soils / fertirrigation

  14. Treated Non treated

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  17. Eurovix – Bio-Activators EUROACTIV AGRO Bio-Promoter – Soil regenerating product Regenerates fertility of exhausted soils Re-activates natural processes in ground and pots Promotes degradation of plants residues to produce humus Transforms organic substances in very good compost Can be applied in seeding or on the ground

  18. Eurovix – Bio-Activators AMMINOSTIM BIO Bio-Activator Nitrogen organic fertilizer Contains Amminoacids ed Oligoelements Stimulates and nourishes plants Improves resistance against climate and parasites Favours flowering and seed-setting Improves quality of fruits (weight, sugar level, colour, etc..) Can be applied in fertirrigation and foliar treatments

  19. Eurovix – Bio-Activators BIOPROMOTER Bio-Activator Combined to high qualitmineralized organic compost Fertilizes and activatessoils in one single operation Acceleratesnutrientsintake Simple to use and dose Suitable for anyapplication

  20. Eurovix – Bio-Activators EUROACTIV AGRO WP Bio-Promoter – Soils regenerator hydrodispersable Euroactiv Agro: Regenerates fertility of exhausted soils Re-activates natural processes , even in pots Promotes degradation of organic residues into humus hydrodispersable = can be applied during irrigation

  21. HOBBY GARDENINGFor a Greener future – Biotechnology for life Eurovix Bio-activators For flowers, gardens, fruits, vegetables and plants …. naturally different