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Module 10 Review

Module 10 Review

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Module 10 Review

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  1. Module 10 Review Photographer Etiquette and Display

  2. Photography Etiquette • What is etiquette? • A set of informal rules about behavior • What are some etiquette rules? • Some cultures believe that you are stealing their soul when you take a picture of someone • You should ask permission before entering someone's property or photographing it. • It's not okay to say that you took a photograph that someone else took. • If you wouldn't want someone to photograph you doing something, don't photograph someone else in that situation either • What is museum etiquette? • Follow their rules of photography • Museums may have rules about not using your camera's flash when photographing exhibits.

  3. Posting Pictures Online • What should you do before starting an account online at a photography site? • Ask a parent about it • Why are privacy settings important? • So that not everyone can see your photographs • What is an etiquette rule you should follow when posting photographs online? • Ask the people in them if it is okay to post the photos online. • Avoid posting private information in any of your photographs. • Show people's good sides. • You should think carefully about the pictures that you post online.

  4. Test Your Knowledge! • Etiquette is a set of informal rules about behaviors. • A. True • B. False

  5. Test Your Knowledge! • Why are privacy settings important? • A. so people will know where you live • B. so that not everyone can see your photographs • C. so people can download your images • D. so that everyone can see your photographs

  6. Printing and Mounting Pictures • You can print digital photographs on many home printers. • If you are using a camera with a lower megapixel number, you may not be able to print in larger sizes because the image may look blurry. • An advantage of having your photos printed by a professional photography store is that the prints will be of a higher quality. • Color photographs often look better on glossy paper. • When mounted and framed, your photograph should not touch the glass • The protective layer of a framed and mounted photograph keeps dust • When exhibiting your photographs use the same frames and mats for all photographs. • Matting a photograph can help protect the photograph from pressing against the glass of a frame. • Museum mounting for photographs allow prints to be removed from the display boards

  7. Odds and Ends • What do we call the tiny little dots that make up a digital photograph? • Pixels • If you want to sell a photograph with a person's face in it, which of the following do you need? • Model release

  8. Test Your Knowledge! • Why is matting important? • A. it helps make your picture look pretty • B. it stops the photograph from pressing against the glass • C. it holds the picture in place • D. it helps draw attention to the picture

  9. Test Your Knowledge! • What are the tiny little dots that make up a digital photograph? • A. digits • B. points • C. pixels • D. noise