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  1. Welcome!!

  2. From abacus…

  3. …to apps

  4. Textbook

  5. Online Editions

  6. ePub

  7. What are the trends in education? • Mobile Learning • Social Media • Professional Development • Discipline • Math and Science Education

  8. Trends in Education Three big takeaways from the ISTE conference – mobile learning, social media use and technology training for teachers – should have a dramatic impact on programs at schools in the years ahead. http://computerexplorersfranchiseblog.com/2011-2012-education-technology-trends-computer-explorers-franchise/ Mobile learning, including educational apps, smart devices and netbooks will become more popular with teachers and students… http://www.teachingtimes.com/news/school-trends-2012.htm

  9. The world has become a very Appy place!

  10. How many apps are out there? Total Apps Approved for US App Store: 626,901 Total Active Apps (currently available for download): 489,509 Total Inactive Apps (no longer available for download): 137,392 Number of Active Publishers in the US App Store: 112,383 http://148apps.biz/app-store-metrics/?mpage=appcount OCT. 17, 2011

  11. How many apps are submitted per day? YannLechelle, Co-founder of Appsfire.com “These days, a typical run-rate of ‘new’ apps per day is around 1000..” http://www.quora.com/How-many-apps-are-submitted-to-Apples-App-Store-on-an-average-day

  12. How many math apps are out there? 2026 math apps for iPad 4041 apps for iPhone Oct 18 - Apple App Store

  13. How many math curriculum apps are out there? One and only One!

  14. Let’s go live to the app

  15. Fuse pilot Algebra 1

  16. Fuse pilot 400 students learning from iPad and HMH Fuse™

  17. Fuse pilot 600 students learning from HMH Algebra I textbook

  18. Jeannetta Mitchell Teaching with Fuse • Students less intimidated by content • Use of Math Motion, Notes, Videos • Students more participatory • Students worked in teams • Able to assign less homework • Students made real progress http://mindshift.kqed.org/slideshow/a-look-inside-the-ipad-classroom/

  19. Student comments When you get stuck on a problem, how’s the iPad different from a book? “With a book, I would just skip it, and wait to figure out what’s happening in class for Ms. Mitchell to explain. But now I can go back and look at examples. It’s actually more fun than a book. A book’s kind of boring.” - Kate “I watch the videos. They help me understand a little more. They give you step-by-step instructions. Sometimes I don’t understand the step-by-step the teacher gives me, but I watch the videos over and over again and I can get it. Plus it’s a lot lighter than a math book.” - Kyle

  20. Administrator comment “Participating in the HMH Fuse: Algebra 1 pilot has been very exciting and rewarding…our students are reporting that the HMH app is a great tool that far surpasses traditional textbook learning. One of our primary goals as educators is for students to be engaged and joyful learners - this app really makes that possible. It’s simply remarkable.” Richard Carranza Deputy Superintendent San Francisco Unified School District

  21. Administrator comment “We’re focused on students and making sure they have 21st century technology, we shouldn’t be asking them to power down when they come into the school building.” “Our students deserve to be successful. If it takes this technology to get them engaged, we’re going to try it.” Jhone Ebert Chief Technology Officer Clark County School District http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2011/sep/14/turnabout-teachers-give-students-apples-hope-ipads/

  22. What’s next?

  23. What’s next?

  24. From abacus… …to apps

  25. Thank You!!