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Finding HK Government Publications and Statistical Data

Finding HK Government Publications and Statistical Data. HKIEd Library March 2011. Outline. Locating Gov't Docs or Statistical Publications from Library Catalogue Using Census & Statistics Dept Publications and Data Census / By-Census Data Educational Statistics & Reports Others ….

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Finding HK Government Publications and Statistical Data

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  1. Finding HK Government Publications and Statistical Data HKIEd Library March 2011

  2. Outline • Locating Gov't Docs or Statistical Publications from Library Catalogue • Using Census & Statistics Dept Publications and Data • Census / By-Census Data • Educational Statistics & Reports • Others …

  3. Locating Gov't / Stat. Publications at the Library Catalogue • Government publications • Author search by name of the Gov't body • E.g. Hong Kong (China). Education Dept • Note: Chinese and English names need to be searched twice • Note: name change, in particular before and after 1997 (Hong Kong  Hong Kong (China); Royal …) • Statistical publications • Commonly used subject search pattern: keywords + geographic terms + the word statistics • E.g. School enrollment -- China -- Hong Kong -- Statistics.

  4. If you are uncertain, use Advanced Keyword search • E.g. a:(教育 and 委員會) and (報告) and s:(hong kong or 香港)

  5. E.g. s:(hong kong) and s:(statistics) and (education or school* or student* or teacher*)

  6. Major Sources for HK Statistics • Census & Statistics Department • Free PDF files for all publications published since Oct 2001; plus selected statistics tables & charts by subjects • Regular survey • Ad hoc survey • Census / By-Census data • Statistical publications / survey / annual reports by other Departments • Other sources • International sources (UN, WorldBank, OECD, etc.) • Local surveys / research, etc.

  7. HK Census & Statistics Dept Web Sitehttp://www.censtatd.gov.hk

  8. Census & Statistics Department Publications

  9. Hong Kong Statistics by Subject

  10. Hong Kong Statistics by Subject: Education With links to other Gov't Dept web sites with relevant statistics like EDB, UGC, etc. as well as key articles / studies by Census & Stat Dept

  11. Key Statistical Publications – Regular Surveys • HK Annual Digest of Statistics • Wide range of information from commonly sought statistics like population, size and distribution, GDP, CPI, trade figures to less common data like attendance at museums, ambulance calls and bankruptcy orders … • HK Monthly Digest of Statistics • Fixed tables on key economic and social indicators – many on monthly or quarterly basis (for time series analysis) • One or more special feature analytical articles at the last session of each issue (E.g. drug abuse situation, smoking pattern, socio-economic characteristics of HK residents traveling to Mainland China, etc. See A Collection of Feature Articles) • Hong Kong Social and Economic Trends • Annual data – a nice compliment to the Annual Digest

  12. Other General Statistical Publications of Interest • Gender statistics (e.g. Women and Men in Hong Kong - Key Statistics) • Demographic data (e.g. Projections of Population Distribution, 2009-2018, Hong Kong Life Tables 2001-2036, Demographic Trends in Hong Kong 1981-2006, Projections of Population Distribution, 2007-2016, etc.) • Labour statistics (e.g. Quarterly Report on General Household Survey, Quarterly Report of Wage and Payroll Statistics, etc.)

  13. Ad Hoc / Special Surveys Conducted by Census & Stat Dept • Two series: • Thematic Household Survey Reports • Social Data Collected via the General Household Survey: Special Topics Report • Wide variety of topics to meet the request for social data from different Gov't bureaux and departments. E.g. Internet usage pattern, medical consultation pattern,HK residents residing in Mainland China, smoking pattern, racial acceptance, crime and its victims, separation and recycling of domestic wastes, keeping of pets , Hong Kong residents with spouses/children in the Mainland of China…

  14. Detailed Breakdown – need for Census & By-census Data • Census or by-census data can provide breakdowns absent from regular survey e.g. by District Board, TPU; by ethnicity, etc. • The comprehensiveness of details from the same subject allows cross-tabs difficult to get in other surveys (e.g. the number of teaching professionals with their usual language spoken being English, Putonghua, Cantonese, Shanghainese, Chiu Chau, Hakka …)

  15. 2006 By-Censushttp://www.bycensus2006.gov.hk • Data Dissemination • Main reports • Thematic reports • E.g. Thematic Report : Persons from the Mainland Having Resided in Hong Kong for Less Than 7 Years; Thematic Report : Ethnic Minorities; Thematic Report : Youths; Thematic Report : Single Parents; Women and Men in Hong Kong -  Key Statistics (2007 Edition), Updated with 2006 Population By-census Results • Statistical tables (by demographic / educational, / household / economic / housing / population subgroup characteristics)

  16. 2006 By-Census Interactive Data Dissemination System (IDDS)http://idds.censtatd.gov.hk/ Find IDDS in Census & Stat Dept Home Page

  17. Register as a C&SD Website Registered User to Receive Email Alert Services

  18. Data Enquiry Service http://www.censtatd.gov.hk/service_desk/enquiries/index.jsp

  19. Other Statistical Sources • Statistics available in other Gov't Departments • Search Library catalogue • Links in Statistics by Subject in Census & Stat. Dept web site / Check the Gov't Dept web page for annual report, statistics, etc. • Google search • E.g. hibor site:gov.hk filetype:xls (finding only excel file from the HK Gov’t web site using the keyword “hibor”) • Surveys by NGO • Check WiseNews / Internet / Library catalogue

  20. HK Educational Documents and Statistics

  21. EDB Web Site: Major Reports on Hong Kong Education http://www.edb.gov.hk Press Releases and Publications  Publications & Reports  Major reports

  22. Major Reports dating back to 1960's

  23. Press Releases and Publications  Consultation Papers

  24. Press Releases and Publications  Figures and Statistics

  25. UGC Web Site http://www.ugc.edu.hk Publications and Statistics

  26. Other Gov't Publicationshttp://www.gov.hk/ Government, Law & Order

  27. Gov't Information and Publications: Gazette, Consultation Papers, etc.

  28. Consultation Paper

  29. Accounts of the Gov't and Gov't Reports: Budgets, Gov't Accounts

  30. Government Budget expenses details provides lots of data E.g. http://www.budget.gov.hk/2010/eng/pdf/head156.pdf from http://www.budget.gov.hk/2010/eng/estimates.html

  31. LegCo Documents http://www.legco.gov.hk LegCo Committees and Panels. E.g. Panel on Education Documents

  32. LegCo Research Papers

  33. LegCo Research Papers by Policy Area (since 1994)

  34. Others • Laws of Hong Kong • Hong Kong Government Reports Online (1842-1941) (Hansard and Gov't Gazettes)

  35. Please Complete the Course Evaluationhttp://www.lib.ied.edu.hk/instruct/evaluation/

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