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Big Idea

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Big Idea

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  1. Big Idea Electricity and magnetism are part of a single force that has many useful applications such as conversion to heat, motion, and sound. Guiding Questions What are the necessary parts of a simple circuit? How are light and heat produced in a light bulb?

  2. You are out for a nature hike with your friends. It is beginning to get dark. Suddenly, the group falls down into a dark cave. Fortunately no one is injured. You cannot see anything and without light you have little hope of escape. Searching your backpacks you find a new D cell (battery), a small flashlight bulb, 2 strings, 2 plastic straws, an index card, 2 paper clips, and 2 insulated wires. You know the D cell is working because you just bought it the day before and it has not been used.

  3. Think and talk about… • What has happened to the hikers? • Where are they? • What materials do they have? • What do they need to do? • What is the problem?

  4. Focus Question • Write a question in your notebook that is related to the scenario and can be investigated. • Your question should be correctly written; capital letter and ending punctuation. • Your question should not be able to be answered with a yes or no. • You do not need to have the same question as your group.

  5. Class Focus Question Which materials can we use to make the bulb glow and how will we properly connect them?

  6. Source of Energy CONTACT POINT Metal top (bump) Positive End Insulated cover CONTACT POINT Metal base (flat end under battery) Negative end

  7. Activate your prior knowledge Paper clip Index card straw wire string

  8. Drawings, Illustrations, and Diagrams *Be sure to label all parts Ways to connect materials that will light the bulb Ways to connect the materials that will NOT light the bulb

  9. Prediction I think that if we connect the ________________then________________________ because_____________________________________________________________. Be prepared to share your thinking – you must have some reason why you think your plan will light the bulb.

  10. Data Collection Diagrams of our attempts to light the bulb Use this symbol on attempts that DO NOT light the bulb. Draw all your attempts! Be sure to label all parts

  11. Simple Circuit closed

  12. Making Meaning Conference • What part of the bulb glows? • Why do you think the filament lights up? • What does the data tell us about how a light bulb works? • What materials are good conductors of electricity and what materials are insulators?

  13. Claims and Evidence I claim that… I know that…. I claim this because… I know this because….

  14. Conclusion My thinking has changed since I made my original prediction. I used to think ________________________________________________________, but now I know _______________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________. Today I learned__________________________________________ Reflection I wonder what would happen if… I’d like to know more about…