cuelinks review way to make money through affiliate marketing n.
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make Money Online

make Money Online

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make Money Online

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  1. Cuelinks Review: Way to Make Money through Affiliate Marketing

  2. What makes Cuelinks stand out? If you have other affiliate programs, well and good. However, if a large percentage, say 90%, of your network originates from India, then Cuelinks may be what you need. It doesn’t take long to sign up for an account. The authentication process is not rigorous and the pay is good. The commission played by Cuelinks is on a 75:25 basis. The affiliate gets 25% while the merchant takes 75%. Cuelinks and the merchant have agreed on what to pay and to whom.

  3. Cuelinks, Cue widgets, Cue words, and Cue app Cue links refer to JavaScript codes that are provided to affiliates. These codes are then copied and paste on the website to be used on the affiliate marketing with Cue links, you can save a lot of time since you can sign up for multiple affiliate links at a go. Cue links has two great options to help you further monetize your blog: Cue links widgets are especially helpful if you are dealing with promotions and deals. These widgets can display those deals on the sidebars of your website.

  4. Cuelinks and WordPress If you are using a WordPress-supported site, then relax. WordPress has a Cuelinks plugin that you can install just like other plugins available to WordPress sites. The WordPress Cuelinks affiliate marketing toolcan easily be configured so that the JavaScript code will appear on your websites without you having to copy and paste.

  5. Benefits of Cuelinks Working with Cuelinks has proven to be more beneficial than other affiliate networks. Some of the benefits include: • You can work with Cuelinks while still maintaining your AdSense account.• Unlike AdSense, it is faster to approve an account • An affiliate gets detailed report on the activities around their affiliate programs.• There are more than 600 merchants to work with

  6. Some drawbacks to Cuelinks Cuelinks is no exception to some cons. It also has some drawbacks as other content monetizing networks.• There is a 5% cut on the pay to cater for taxation requirements• You cannot receive your pay through PayPal or any other popular online money processing option. Cuelinks only pays via check or wire transfer after two months of receiving • The payout process is too long since it takes approximately two months to receive the money.• To claim the money, you have to prepare an involve and send it to them before they can make the payout possible. the payout request.

  7. Get a free Cuelinks account The Cuelinks sign up process is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is to visit their official page and sign up. You will need to fill in the form with the domain name of your website, full names, email address and mobile number then click sign up. Now that you have an account, you can go ahead and fill in the payment details such as the address and account details. With your account open, you can finally decide on which merchant pays the best and which merchant you prefer working with. Having a website is key, especially one that fits the niche you are about to play marketer for. Fortunately, Cuelinks does not oppose using social media to market.

  8. Thanks for watching for More information visit our website