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Accounting. Week of Welcome 4/20/2007. I am very biased. Tops in the College. I may be biased but I believe the Accounting Program is Tops in the College And I want to show you why.

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  1. Accounting Week of Welcome 4/20/2007 I am very biased

  2. Tops in the College I may be biased but I believe the Accounting Program is Tops in the College And I want to show you why

  3. All over the country similar scenes are playing out as accounting firms large and small sweeten the pot in order to lure or retain employees. The Big Four have doubled their assurance staffs in the past five years and are expected to nearly double them again in the next five, thanks largely to Section 404 of Sarbanes-Oxley. • ......."It's an extremely competitive hiring environment today," says Craig Nickerson, CFO of Dynetech Corp.,

  4. ......"We'll have an incredible shortage of accountants for the next 10 to 15 years," predicts Allan D. Koltin, president and CEO of PDI Global Inc., • ...... Money is certainly one way to get people's attention. Entry-level annual salaries now average $45,000, according to career-oriented Website Vault.com, a 9 percent increase over last year's rate, and accounting salaries are rising faster than the typical 5 percent increase in other professions. Once in the door, recent grads can expect to see raises of 5 to 10 percent a year. • ..... Fifty percent of CFOs surveyed say they do plan to loosen the purse strings not only to attract new hires but to retain current staff as well.


  6. Best students in OCoB

  7. 2007-08 may have been an exceptional year But it wasn’t that unusual

  8. Best students in OCoB

  9. Best students in OCoB

  10. 2003-04 Best students

  11. NEXT YEAR LOOKS JUST AS GOOD Spring Banquet 5/19/2007 $45,000 in scholarships

  12. $45000 worth of Scholarships presented May 19, 2007 at the Accounting Spring Banquet

  13. Best students in OCoB our accounting students are not only good students they do more than study

  14. Orfalea College of Businessclub of the year 2007-08 Cal Poly Accounting Club 2006-07 Delta Sigma Pi 2005-06 Delta Sigma Pi 2004-05 Cal Poly Accounting Club 2003-04 Alpha Kappa Psi 2002-03 Cal Poly Accounting Club 2001-02 Cal Poly Accounting Club so, they’re not perfect

  15. Cal Poly Accounting ClubCPAC Fall Symposium October 6, 2006 37 employers attended 187 students attended

  16. Cal Poly Accounting ClubCPAC

  17. Cal Poly Accounting ClubCPAC Careers in Accounting Day December 1, 2006 18 employers attended 140 students attended

  18. Cal Poly Accounting ClubCPAC Day in the Park Spring Banquet May 19, 2007 we expect 280 alumni, employers and students

  19. Student Accounting Advisory CouncilSAAC Tutoring Lab Information sessions Financial literacy

  20. Volunteer Income Tax assistanceVITA – through the IRS in 2005 72 students prepared 872 Federal and California returns

  21. Best students in OCoB our accounting students do a lot more than study

  22. Great Employers Great Jobs

  23. National Anchor School One of Three in California

  24. National Premier School One of seven in west region

  25. “By the way, of the 12 or so schools we go to for Acctg/Finance our Corporate Recruiting Dept rates Cal and Cal Poly as our best two universities”

  26. “Lockheed Martin has recently upgraded Cal Poly to a key school …..”

  27. Career Services graduate status report 2005-06 Most jobs in Bus College 2004-05 Most jobs in Bus College 2003-04 Most jobs in Bus College 2002-03 Most jobs in Bus College 2001-02 Most jobs in Bus College 2000-01 Most jobs in Bus College 1999-00 Most jobs in Bus College 1998-99 Most jobs in Bus College 1997-98 Most jobs in Bus College

  28. 2006-07 Careers Services results aren’t complete

  29. Career Services graduate status report Summer internships -summer 2006 81 paid internships with Big 4 alone Link to Career Services

  30. Summer internships • Barbich Longcrier Hooper & King • ChevronDeloitte • Ernst & Young Gallo • Frank, Rimerman • Grant Thornton KPMG • Moss Levy Hartzheim Perry-Smith • PricewaterhouseCooper Tribune

  31. Sophomore Leadership Programs • Deloitte • Ernst & Young • . Grant Thornton • KPMG • . PricewaterhouseCooper

  32. Thanks for the job security

  33. Jobs - recent article But just wait: Gen X'ers will be in high demand when the Baby Boomers move to retire by Rick Telberg While many graduating college students have surrendered hope of finding a job in this beleaguered economy, accounting majorsappear to be in hot demand and winning record high salaries.

  34. Good teachers Fall 2005 3.64 / 4.00 Average evaluations for all accounting classes

  35. That was tops in the College of Business

  36. Winter 2006 3.43 / 4.00 Average evaluations for all accounting classes second in the college

  37. Good teachers Spring 2006 3.51 / 4.00 Average evaluations for all accounting classes

  38. Good teachers Fall 2006 3.49 / 4.00 Average evaluations for all accounting classes

  39. Practicalreal life stuff Every summer PricewaterhouseCoopers invites Cal Poly accounting faculty for a week training in New Jersey

  40. Practicalreal life stuff In June KPMG holds a 1 ½ day update for accounting faculty

  41. Practiclereal life stuff In 2005 and 2006 KPMG allowed me to participate in over 5 weeks of their audit methodology training

  42. path to the CFO’s office MBA CFO CPA

  43. Your career doesn’t stop with getting a good job

  44. Accounting alum are Partners @ • Deloitte • Ernst & Young • KPMG • PricewaterhouseCoopers • Grant Thornton • Barbich Longcrier Hooper & King • Bartlett Pringle & Wolf • Damitz Brooks Nightingale Turner & Morrisset • Glenn Burdette Phillips & Bryson • Seiler & Co

  45. San Jose Sharks Ken Caveney Dir of Finance • ResourcesSteve Giusto CFO • Macerich Tom O'Hern Exec VP & CFO • Balboa Life Setareh Pouraghabagher, Senior VP • Southeast Toyota Corky Nelson CFO • Danger Inc Nancy Hilker CFO • Caesars Wally Barr Pres & CEO • Renovis John Doyle VP & CFO • Cuesta Constr Andy Kief President • Bell Industries Tracy A. Edwards Pres & CEO, ret • Brocade Michael Byrd President, ret • Hambrecht & Quist Patrick J. Allen CFO, ret • Caesars Wally Barr CEO, ret

  46. Dean’s Advisory Council 2003 Impressions of the members survey for the Oct 2003 meeting

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