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The Power of Information

The Power of Information

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The Power of Information

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  1. The Power of Information Time to Consider Course Selection: Mathematics & Beyond

  2. Your Choices PRINCE ANDREW HIGH SCHOOL Grade 10 Mathematics Course Options: • Mathematics 10 Pre IB • Mathematics 10 Academic • Mathematics Foundations 10 • Math 10 Essentials

  3. Mathematics Pre IB 10 • Designed to prepare students for demands of IB Math Program • Academically driven students with strong work ethic. • Proven success in previous math courses • Extremely demanding / academically challenging environment

  4. Mathematics 10 – Academic • Academic 10 Mathematics program • Pre-requisite: successful completion of Grade 9 Math with “Good to Excellent” performance. (above 65%) • Highly motivated students who: - are independent workers (nightly homework) - can quickly learn new math concepts -easily understands abstract concepts & algebraic procedural skills (high competency) - are highly organized and have proven success in previous math courses • Extremely demanding / academically challenging environment

  5. Mathematics Foundations 10 • Students who have experienced difficulty in mathematics but have passed grade 9 Math (between 50-65%) • Gaps in math background affecting performance • Uncertain of their mathematical capabilities • May pursue careers outside of science/math - many post-secondary opportunities open to this math route – all secondary programs without math pr-requisites • Meets criteria for 1st of two math credits required for graduation

  6. Math Essentials 10 • Students who are unsuccessful in grade 9 mathematics • Everyday math skills: payments, deductions, taxes, banking transactions, budgeting, investing, borrowing, automotive transactions, etc. • Practical life skills suitable for all students • Meets criteria for 1st of two math credits required for graduation • Many post-secondary opportunities available

  7. Walk north and measure a distance of 8 metres. Turn west and measure a distance of 6 metres. Find the shortest distance that you could have travelled and measure it. Find a way to find this distance without measureing. Triangle Problem 1

  8. Find the missing side. Triangle Problem 2

  9. Two ladders lean against a tree. A ten metre has its foot 6 metres from the tree’s base and a 5 metre ladder has its foot 3 metres from the tree’s base. What is the distance between the tops of the ladders? Triangle Problem 3

  10. Find length AD. Triangle Problem 4

  11. Suggested Math Routes in High School: GRADE 11 Math Pre IB 10 Math Studies SL (IB) Math SL (IB) Math Advanced 11A/B Math 11 Academic Math Advanced 11A/B Math 11 Academic Math Academic 10

  12. Suggested Math Routes in High School: (continued) GRADE 11 Math Foundations 10 Math Foundations 11 Math 10Essentials Math Essentials 11

  13. There are no ‘Closed Doors…’ University Programs Offered without Academic Mathematics Pre-requisites Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) (req. 1 yr. academic study under BA admission requirements) Bachelor in Costume Studies Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Bachelor of Arts (BA) Bachelor of Music Bachelor of Community Design

  14. Bachelor of Arts (BA) Canadian Studies Latin Female Studies French Philosophy History Sociology Classical Stud. Music • Bachelor of Music • Bachelor of Music Therapy (BMT) • Certificate of Music Therapy (CMT) • (BTH) Bachelor of Theology • (BRM) Bachelorof Rec. Management (based on 1 yr. of university academic study in BA program)

  15. St. Mary’s University Bachelor of Arts (BA) Anthropology Classics Philosophy Criminology Economics Religious Studies German Studies History Sociology Female Studies Canadian StudiesEnglish French Geography IDS Linguistics

  16. Bachelor of Arts (BA) – General Studies Canadian Studies Philosophy Cultural Studies Political Studies English Linguistics Religious Studies French Sociology / Anthropology History Spanish Female Studies Bachelor of Applied Arts - Child and Youth Studies - Family Studies / Gerontology Bachelor of Tourism & Hospitality Management

  17. Saint Thomas University Bachelor of Arts (BA) Bachelor of Applied Arts in Gerontology (after 2 years in BA program based on BA admission req.) Bachelor of Applied Arts in Criminal Justice (after 2 years in BA program based on BA admission requirements.) Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (after 2 years in BA program based on BA admission requirements.) Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) (after 1 university degree under BA admission requirements.)

  18. Bachelor of Arts (BA) Bachelor of Music Bachelor of Fine Arts Bachelor of Arts in Community Studies Bachelor of Arts in Human Kinetics

  19. Applied Health Sciences Bachelor of Recreation & Leisure Studies (BREC) Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation Bachelor of Arts Environmental Studies; Geography IDS – International Development Studies

  20. University of Toronto Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Music Physical Education and Health

  21. Career ChoicesAssuming aNon-Academic Math Pathway(Of 118 programs at NSCC, 113 have NO Math Pre-requisites) Art, Culture, Recreation Announcers / Broadcasters Reporter Artisan / Craftsperson Vocalist / Musician Camera Operators Reference Librarian Digital Animator Recording Engineer Lighting Technician Photographer Media Relations Officer

  22. Business, Finance, Administration Bank Teller Book Keeper Human Resource Manager Insurance Adjuster Management Consultant Office Manager Payroll Supervisor Secretary Real-Estate Appraiser Health Continuing Care Assistant Dental Assistant Paramedic

  23. Management Broadcasting Station Manger Police Chief Department Store Manager Advertising Executive Natural and Applied Science Architectural Drafter Cartographer Computer Programmer Municipal Planner

  24. Primary Industry Greenhouse Worker Loader Operator – Logging Vegetable Grower Trawler Captain Fishing Vessel Deck-Hand Oil and Gas Well Drillers Processing, Manufacturing, Utilities Air Craft Parts Etcher Auto Assembly Worker Industrial Meat Cutter Housing Assembler Printing Press Operator

  25. Sales and Service Automobile Sales Associate Baker Correctional Service Officer Firefighter Early Childhood Educator Hairdresser Social Sciences, Education, Gov’t Service, Religion Sign Language Interpreter Legal Assistant Minister Psychologist School Teacher Social Worker Sports / Recreation Fitness Consultant

  26. Sport and Leisure Recreation Manager (Youth Correction) Recreation Coordinator (Senior Citizen Homes) Leisure Educator Recreation Therapist (Hospitals) Recreation Program Coordinator (Prisons) Camp Administrator (Outward Bound Schools) Adventure Tourism Ecotourism Community Group Facilitator Sport Animator Sport Consultant Facility Design National / Provincial Park Employee Sports Facility Administrators / Managers

  27. And the Big One… Trades, Transport, Equipment Operators Automotive Service Tech. Boilermaker Bricklayer Carpenter Construction Electrician Farm Equipment Mechanic Heavy Duty Equipment Tech. Industrial Technician Iron Worker Plumbing Contractor Railway Locomotive Engineer Tailors / Dressmakers Water Well Driller Plumber Motor Vehicle Body Repairer Power Engineer Refrigeration / AC Mechanic Sheet Metal Worker Steam Fitter / Pipe Fitter Truck & Transport Mech. Welder Jeweller Mobile Crane Operator

  28. Just a ‘few’ Options for Post Secondary InstitutionsAlong this Pathway Atlantic Media Institute Highland Resources Limited Academy of Cosmetology Island Career Academy Academy of Learning Institute for Human Services Educ. Atlantic School of Theology Maritime Business College Breton Beauty College Conservatory of Performing Arts CBBC Business College Maritime School of Para-medicine College of Business, Tech., and Health NBCC Compu-College School of Business Nova Scotia Agricultural College Commercial Safety College NASCAD Maritime School of Social Work NSCC Holland College Nova Scotia Firefighter School Hair Design Center Operating Engineers Investment Ltd. Hair Masters Private Career College Ryerson Polytechnical Institute St. Joseph’s College of Early Childhood Edu.

  29. Even More Career Options… • Further Questions/Follow-Up: Alex Young/Joy Park Student Services Prince Andrew High School Phone: (902) 435-8452 ext 7 or 8 Email: ayoung or jpark