rotary pumps centrifugal pumps horizontal n.
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Rotary pumps centrifugal pumps - horizontal PowerPoint Presentation
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Rotary pumps centrifugal pumps - horizontal

Rotary pumps centrifugal pumps - horizontal

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Rotary pumps centrifugal pumps - horizontal

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  1. Rotarypumpscentrifugalpumps- horizontal

  2. Centrifugalpumps – horizontal • Centrifugal pumps are a type pumps used to convey liquids or gases by the means of a rotating • impeller, which increases the pressure of a fluid. The energy is transmitted to the fluid from the • impeller driven by an electric or other type of a motor. If the shaft is placed horizontally, we call • them horizontal pumps. As the impeller of the pump rotates, it accelerates the fluid, which then • flows radially outward into the volute casing and into the manifold system. Centrifugal pumps • are most often used, when large discharge through a small head is needed. • Operation • In fact, centrifugal pumps work on the Bernoulli’s principle, converting kinetic energy into • potential energy (which can be measured as static fluid pressure at the outlet of the pump). First, • kinetic energy is transmitted from an electric motor via the rotation of the pump impeller to the • fluid. The fluid is drawn into the impeller, where it is accelerated and pushed outwards through a • system of vanes to the volute casing (or diffuser) and from there to the outlet manifold. • The outlet manifold can be open either at a place located higher or lower than the position of the • impeller. If it is open higher, the kinetic energy of the fluid is converted into static pressure,

  3. Rotary Pumps Multistage centrifugal pumps Sometimes centrifugal pumps can have two or even more impellers. In such a case they are called multistage centrifugal pumps. The impellers can share one shaft or they can be mounted on different shafts. If the impellers are connected in series, fhe fluid gains higher pressure. If they are connected in parallel, we receive a higher flow output.