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Nutrient Rich Eating PowerPoint Presentation
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Nutrient Rich Eating

Nutrient Rich Eating

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Nutrient Rich Eating

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    1. Nutrient Rich Eating Your Guide to Healthy Food Choices

    2. Objectives for Today Define the concept of nutrient rich foods Name five food aisles that offer nutrient rich foods Identify four nutrient rich foods that are attractive to Young children Adolescents Families YOU!!!! Identify two nutrient rich meals that can be purchased at a fast-food restaurant

    3. What is Nutrient Rich? A consumer friendly way to describe nutrient dense foods such as Colorful fruits and vegetables, Whole, fortified, fiber rich grain foods, Fat-free and low fat dairy products Lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, beans, and nuts

    4. What are Nutrient Dense Foods? Foods that provide the most vitamins, minerals, protein, and other healthful nutrients for the lowest calorie cost. Basically, more bang for your buck!

    5. Flipping the Terminology LOW Nutrient Density = Nutrient Poor HIGH Nutrient Density = Nutrient Rich

    6. Where Do You Find Nutrient Rich Foods? EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK!!!!! Traditional Grocery Stores Warehouse Stores Mini-markets Farmers Markets Any type of restaurant Vending machines

    7. Searching the Grocery Store: Milk/Dairy Aisle

    8. What are the benefits? 3 servings of Nutrient POOR dairy 1 cup whole milk, 1 cup full fat yogurt, 1 oz cheddar cheese 3 servings of nutrient RICH diary 1 cup skim milk, 1 cup nonfat yogurt, 1 oz skim mozzarella Provides same nutrients 800 mg Calcium, 23-25 g protein Saves 125-150 kcal for the day Potential for 16 pounds weight loss/y

    9. Searching the Grocery Store: Meat/Fish/Poultry Counter

    10. What are the benefits? 3 servings of nutrient POOR meat/fish/poultry 3 sausage links, 3 oz bologna, 3 oz fried shrimp 3 servings of nutrient RICH meat/fish/poultry 3 oz Canadian bacon, 3 oz smoked turkey, 3 oz grilled shrimp Nutrient Rich choices provide HIGHER levels of nutrients Nutrient rich: 6 mg iron, 6 mg zinc, 70 g protein Nutrient poor: 3.5 mg iron, 6 mg zinc, 56 g protein Saves 495 kcal for the day Potential for 52 pounds weight loss/y

    11. Searching the Grocery Store: Vegetable Aisle

    12. What are the benefits? Higher vitamin intakes with nutrient rich vegetables Save about 30 grams of fat with nutrient rich choices Save about 270 kcal per day with nutrient rich choices Potential for 28 pounds weight loss/y

    13. Searching the Grocery Store: Fruit Aisle

    14. Searching the Grocery Store: The Bread/Grain/Cereal Aisles

    15. Searching Restaurants Plan ahead Scan the menu Scale back Celebrate!

    16. Searching Restaurants: Plan Ahead Know whats on the menu Reward healthy options with your repeat business Anticipate the company you will enjoy as much as the food and drink Devise a strategy

    17. Searching Restaurants: Scan the Menu Find the cautious words and phrases Find the blue-ribbon words and phrases Have the kids help!

    18. Cautious Menu Descriptions Fried, deep-fried Saucy, cheesy, creamy, buttery, Alfredo Rich, gooey Man-sized, enough for 2 (or 4!)

    19. Blue-Ribbon Menu Descriptions Fresh, baked, grilled, broiled, roasted, steamed, raw Marinara sauce Lightly anything! On the side available Substitutions allowed

    20. Todays Table Activity Review the menus provided at your table and make your own list of CAUTIOUS and BLUE RIBBON terms. Be prepared to share with the group! Develop one nutrient rich meal from the menu you have reviewed

    21. Searching Restaurants: How to Scale Back Order appetizer or sides instead of a full entre Ask to split a full order may need to pay a plate charge at high end restaurants Order what you want but bring half home Order desert samplers and share with others

    22. Searching Restaurants: Celebrate Your Choices!

    23. Searching your Desk Anticipate hunger it will always show up! Stock up with nutrient rich foods Peanut butter, foil pack tuna, dried fruit, nuts, whole grain crackers or cold cereal, high fiber/low sugar hot cereals, tetra-pak skim milk; canned/tetra-pak low sodium soups Fresh fruits and vegetables, low/no fat cheeses/yogurt/milk, hard boiled eggs Get your coworkers to join the Nutrient Rich Campaign Redefine office party; encourage nutrient rich goodies from home; encourage sharing of home grown produce Negotiate for success Convenient access to refrigerator, microwave, etc Healthier profile of vending machine foods

    24. Desk/Office Inventory Take a few minutes to mentally inventory your own desk, office, workspace environment. List the NUTRIENT RICH foods you currently have available List the NUTRIENT RICH foods you can add List the NUTRIENT POOR foods you should toss or donate List one action you can take to improve the overall nutrient environment of your worksite

    25. How to Share the Nutrient-Rich Message with Clients The Nutrient Rich Coalition Nutrient Rich Shopping List Navigating the Grocery Store Shop the Perimeter Nutrient Rich ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner Nutrient rich meal ideas and recipes Eating Out suggestions Restaurants, fast-food places, cafeterias, convenience stores, vending machines MyPyramid, 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans

    26. What is the Nutrient Rich Coalition? A coalition of 15 agricultural commodity/food organizations including National Dairy Council Egg Nutrition Center The Other White Meat National Cattlemans Beef Association National Turkey Federation California Kiwifruit California Strawberry Commission Wild Blueberries U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council 100% Pure Florida California Avocado Commission Potatoes: Goodness Unearthed Wheat Foods Council

    27. How to Use the Nutrient-Rich Plan Consider your target audience: Families Young children Adolescents Older adults Yourself!! USDA No disparaging messages

    28. Tailor your Advice Identify one nutrient rich food that would be particularly appealing to: Young children Teenagers New parents Older adults

    29. Consider Your Words Positive Images Naturally nutrient rich; Nutrient rich Back to Basics foods Making Calories Count Small steps Live Well, Eat for Health Eat, Include, Enjoy, Add more Negative Images Nutrient Dense Dont, Avoid, Limit

    30. Go By the Numbers Nutrient Density Index (NDI): Ratio of the % DV of 14 key nutrients relative to total calories now terms Naturally Nutrient Rich score Calories for Nutrient Value (CFN): The calorie cost of getting 1% of the DV of 13 key nutrients the LOWER the CFN value, the better (cheaper calorie cost) Nutrient-to-Nutrient Approach: Compares the ratio of recommended nutrients to restricted nutrients (RRR) within a given food. The higher the ratio, the more nutritious the food

    31. Make it Memorable Make half your grains whole Vary your veggies Take veggie short cuts Focus on fruits Get your fruits fast Choose calcium rich Dash out with your dairy Go lean with protein Time-trimming protein tips Eye-opening meals for your mornings Soup/salad/sandwich suggestions Healthy helpings on the home-front

    32. Make it Specific: Your turn!!!!! Make half your grains whole Vary your veggies Take veggie short cuts Focus on fruits Get your fruits fast Choose calcium rich Dash out with your dairy Go lean with protein Time-trimming protein tips Eye-opening meals for your mornings Soup/salad/sandwich suggestions Healthy helpings on the home-front

    33. Other Tongue Twisters Be wise about portion size Simple swaps to stay ahead Feasting for health with fast foods Value from Vending Machines Designing a Desk Drawer Stash

    34. Make the Commitment! Commit to the concept Commit to the message Commit to your audiences Commit to yourself