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  2. CONFERENCE OVERVIEW 12:30 – 1pm • Overview and Outcomes • Introductions 1:00 – 1:45pm • Responsibilities as a Service Leader • Your Relationship with OACS 1:50 – 3:15pm • Presentations 3:15 – 4pm • Focus Area Breakout Session • Group Picture & Next Steps

  3. CONFERENCE OUTCOMES • As a result of having participated in this Service Leaders session, you should: • A. Know more about the Office of Active Citizenship & Service and what it means to be advised by OACS • B. Be better equip with knowledge and tools to lead your student organization this year • C. Know more about the other service organizations on campus: what they do, who they serve, and how you might be able to work together

  4. Clive Mentzel, PhD, Director, OACS

  5. Shay Malone, Assistant Director, OACS

  6. Martha Dale Martha Dale, Administrative Assistant, OACS

  7. Amanda Taylor, Senior Program Coordinator, OACS

  8. Lauren Moon, Program Coordinator, OACS

  9. Christine Drasba Christine Drasba, Program Coordinator, OACS

  10. Erika Larson Erika Larson, Graduate Assistant, OACS

  11. Jonathan Davis Jonathan Davis, Graduate Assistant, OACS

  12. Catherine Kelly Graduate Student Worker, OACS

  13. What are you working for? Meet your neighbor Please divide into small groups based on the areas of service you work in and discuss the following: • Who you are and what organization you’re with. What does it do? • What are you most nervous about in regards to your organization as the year begins? • What are your goals? What impact do you want to have? Who will benefit from your work?

  14. OACS is here to help you accomplish your goals.

  15. What is “OACS” and what do we do?

  16. What is OACS and what do we do? Global Experiential Learning & Service-Internship based programs This year OACS is headed to: • Ecuador • South Africa • London • Ghana • Zanzibar • Morocco • DC • New York Student Service Support • Work with student organizations, individual students, and staff & faculty engaged in service & citizenship Community Engagement • Work with Nonprofits • Special Projects • Enhance visibility & relevance of service on campus

  17. A few of the benefits of working with OACS include: • Advising & Financial Support • Communication & Listservsto distribute information and opportunities relevant to you and/or your organization • Vehicle Loan Program • Meeting Space • Support collaborative programming • Service Leaders Roundtable Series • End of Year Service Celebration • Highlight you, your organization, and service on campus • A variety of programs throughout the year and in the summer months

  18. What’s the advisor/advisee relationship look like? • Your advisor is a partner and support system to make you successful • Resource Person: Paying for things, helping with contracts & legal matters • Help plan for the year • Meet regularly to check in; sounding board & accountability partner • Help brainstorm, think creatively, and discuss your ideas • Play devil’s advocate when needed • Liaison between organization and Vanderbilt • Offer ideas and opportunities that may be pertinent for you • Help keep you on schedule and on track • Facilitate group processes and/or help during internal strife • Available to talk through any situation or need • Support events by attending or advertising

  19. What do we expect from you? Your commitment: • Responsive & regular communication • Read all correspondence from us, respond when requested or appropriate • Submit all leadership & assessment forms • Track volunteer hours for your organization • Keep us up to date on what you’re doing so we can help promote and/or attend when appropriate, and can share all the things you all are doing

  20. Information we’ll need from you includes:

  21. More on OACS specifics How do I pay for things I need for my organization? • P-card • Check Request • 1180 Form *Receipts, E-dog, & Deposits Room Reservations • Virtual EMS • Contact your advisor Where can I find additional funding for my organization? • AcFee: Applications due each spring • VPB: Vanderbilt Programming Board • OACS Collaborative Programming Grants • VSG Co-sponsorship of the month Vehicle Loan Program • Student use for service • Driver certification is necessary before you can use a vehicle • Students must renew each year to stay certified

  22. More on OACS specifics Travel Policy There have been changes to Vanderbilt’s travel policy. We are no longer using Frosch and are figuring out our relationship with Polk travel and what that means for you. Stay tuned. Marketing & Publicity Linking your Organization’s Publicity to Vanderbilt: • Vanderbilt Merchandise Order Policy • Vanderbilt Business Services must review all orders for merchandise branding • At least 4 weeks prior • Vanderbilt Trademark Licensing Policy • If you want to use VU’s logo or name on t-shirts or other items, you must submit it for review first • Review approval process Fundraising Alumni Solicitation How to Donate Your Funds Tax Deductible Information

  23. Presentations 1:50 – 2:20pm Lori Murphy on AnchorLink 2:20 – 2:30pm Dawn Riddle on Risk Management 2:30 – 2:55pm Greg Swanson on E-dog and finances for your organization 2:55 – 3:15 JR Mahung from VandyRadio

  24. Risk Management Trainings We will be holding risk management trainings in late September for all groups working with minors who need to follow the steps Dawn outlined. • Week of September 23rd • Week of September 30th Stay tuned for specific dates on those trainings.

  25. E-dog: Online Financial Tracking We will have a PowerPoint on our website that walks you through the E-dog process. If you have questions, need a refresher, or want to pass along the information to other leaders who need an intro to E-dog, please refer to this online resource. For questions on E-dog, or any others you may have, please come see your advisor or anyone in OACS anytime. TO GAIN ACCESS TO E-DOG, PLEASE EMAIL YOUR ADVISOR THE NAME, VUNET ID, AND CENTER NUMBER OF THE ORGANIZATION(S) YOU AND/OR YOUR BOARD MEMBERS NEED ACCESS TO (or provide that today).

  26. Upcoming Opportunities “The Nashville Nonprofit Landscape” Tuesday, September 24th Center for Nonprofit Management (Kim Carpenter Drake, Vice President) Hands On Nashville (Brian Williams, President & CEO) Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee Service Leaders Roundtable Series

  27. Now that we’ve just thrown all of that at you, let’s take some time to reflect and plan.In your groups, please discuss the questions provided.

  28. Before we let you go… Submitted your new leadership roster to OACS? Do we have your Name, VUnetID & Org. Affiliation for E-dog? Registered & Updated your AnchorLink profile? Registered a Weekend of Service Project with OACS? Started the year with an updated budget & financial game plan? Set up a time to meet with OACS staff to start the year? Set a time for a leadership team meeting? Have you:

  29. Come to the Service Fair Tomorrow! • Arrive by 3:30pm • T-shirts will be available at the OACS Table when you arrive AUGUST 20TH from 4-6 PMat the COMMONS CLOSING REMARKS

  30. Have more questions you need answered? Fill out the post-conference survey we’ll send out this week, submit your questions, and give us your feedback to help make this better for next year’s leaders. CLOSING REMARKS

  31. Thank you for being here today! Please remember to visit our website for the most up-to-date information, program opportunities, and resources for you throughout the year. (Group Picture) CLOSING REMARKS