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  1. YOUR THOUGHTS Thanks for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. Please know that your responses will remain anonymous, and will not affect you or your grade in any way. The sole purpose of this document is to give feedback to Mr. Syracuse on his abilities (or lack thereof, as the case may be) as a teacher. Please be completely honest, and say exactly what you mean; you needn’t be evil, however. Constructive criticism is important, useful, and welcomed, but flat-out berating and name-calling is not. I welcome ways that I can improve our class, so please be honest and open. Thanks for your time, and remember not to identify yourself in any way on this form. Mr. Syracuse 0. What is your favourite type of cheese? 1. What is the most helpful aspect of Mr. Syracuse’s teaching? 2. Why are physical demonstrations and paper models useful or not useful in understanding complex ideas like mitosis or cellular respiration? 3. Were you ever confused? Y N 4. If so, did YOU ASK Mr. Syracuse to try and un-confuse you? Y N 5. If you did, in what ways was he clear and helpful, and were you completely un-confused? In what ways was he not clear or helpful? 6. What could Mr. Syracuse have done to better answer your questions? 7. Explain how Mr. Syracuse could have helped you to take better notes. 8. What do you think of the pace of the class? Did we go faster or slower than you prefer? 9. Do you feel that Mr. Syracuse knows enough biology to be a good teacher? What does he need to brush up on?

  2. 10. Did you ever feel that you were not part of the class? Y N 11. Why did you feel this way, or why did you feel that you WERE part of the class? 12. Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? 13. Why do you think we need to learn biology? Do we need it at all? 14. Was Mr. Syracuse available for extra help if you needed it? Y N 15. Do you think Mr. Syracuse was prepared for class each day? Y N 16. Is Mr. Syracuse organized and focused? Why? 17. How does Mr. Syracuse do with administrative tasks, such as taking attendance, grading, passing back assignments, dealing with late papers, etc? 18. If you were going to give Mr. Syracuse one or two slices of advice for his future as a teacher, what would they be? 19. What grade would you give Mr. Syracuse for the first three marking periods? You may use letter grades or number grades, but please explain why you gave the grade that you did.

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