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Large Format printing solutions

Large Format printing solutions. 26 Oktober 2011 Moataz Salah Eldin. Digital Printing History. The Digital Printing Revolution... How many people realize how computers are revolutionizing the printing industry? This revolution is called Digital Printing.

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Large Format printing solutions

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  1. Large Format printing solutions 26 Oktober 2011 Moataz Salah Eldin

  2. Digital Printing History • The Digital Printing Revolution... How many people realize how computers are revolutionizing the printing industry? This revolution is called Digital Printing. Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  3. Digital Printing History Analogue Printing • Before we delve into what digital printing is lets take a moment to look at Analog printing technology to better help us understand the differences. • Traditional printing is an analog technology. Analog is defined as a continuously varying event such as sound or pressure, while a digital signal is either on or off, thus making it a more predictable. Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  4. How Digital Printing Works Digital Printing • takes a different approach assembling each image from a complex set numbers and mathematical formulas. • These images are captured from a matrix of dots, generally called pixels, this process is called digitizing. • The digitized image is then used to digitally controlled deposition of ink, toner or exposure to electromagnetic energy, such as light, to reproduce images. Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  5. How Digital Printing Works • One of the most important advantages that Digital printing offers is a quicker response time due to its minimal press setup and it’s built in multicolor registration system. • This eliminates many of the upfront, time consuming processes that can cause analog printing methods to have a slower turn-around time. • Another advantage of Digital printing is the ability of offer variable printing; this means that each printed piece can have different information on it providing personalization and customization unmatched by analog processes. Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  6. The Advantages of Digital Printing • Digital printing technologies give the designer more options of substrates to print on due to its non-contact printing. • This eliminates the distortion of images that occurs in analog process, like screen printing. It also requires less harsh methods of holding the substrate in the press, thereby giving more options of substrates. • This means that substrates such as fabrics, very thin paper, and even ceramics can be safely printed on offering the customer more choices in designing. Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  7. The Advantages of Digital Printing • The market is driving the desire for digital printing and therefore pushing it’s development and adoption. • Print buyers want to eliminate the risks and expenses of maintaining inventory. • Mass and Batch printing runs are giving way to the digital printer’s ability to have shorter print runs, mass customization, and less turn-around time. Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  8. The Advantages of Digital Printing • Digital printing best serves the demand for: variable data printing, personalization, customization, less spoilage, faster proof cycle, smaller archival storage, quick response, just-in-time delivery, and short to medium print runs. While printers are still employing analog print methods they have the ability, with digital printing, to offer their customers more options and provide better service. Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  9. Ink-Jet Technologie Funktion eines Piezo Ink-Jet-Druckers Funktion eines Continuous- Ink-Jet-Druckers Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  10. Colour Theory (RGB VS CMYK) Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  11. Print head Printer Ink Substrate Wave form Inks Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  12. Ink Jet Inks Different types of inkjet inks Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  13. Image quality - drop volume – dot diameter Spreding: diameter X 2 30m 70m 100m 1440 dpi 720 dpi 360 dpi Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  14. Image quality - drop volume – dot diameter Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  15. Image quality - drop volume – dot diameter Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  16. Image quality - drop volume – dot diameter Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  17. UV Printing • UV printing is different from conventional printing in many ways. It is still ink on paper but the ink dries through a completely different process • Instead of having solvents in the ink that evaporate into the air and absorb into the paper, UV inks dry through a photomechanical process. When the inks are exposed to ultraviolet lights they turn from a liquid, or paste, to a solid. • There is significantly less evaporation of solvents and much less absorption of the ink into the Media Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  18. UV Printing This is advantageous for many reasons. • One of the biggest advantages of UV printing is that there are fewer emissions of volatile organic compounds into the environment since there is no evaporation of the solvents like with conventional inks. • Another advantage of UV printing is that the inks can dry on plastic and other non-porous substrates. Because the inks dry through a photomechanical process it is not necessary for the ink solvent to absorb into the Media. Basically, if you can get the media through the press you can print on it on UV. • Printers have even been known to print on substrates as unusual as wooden doors, Simi-corrugated materials. Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  19. UV Printing • Since UV inks dry when exposed to UV light, the inks do not have the time to soak into the paper. • The ink dot is left sitting on top of the uncoated sheet, where it presents a cleaner less contaminated dot, ultimately giving more vibrant color. • The key to printing with UV inks successfully lies in exposing the UV ink to enough ultraviolet energy to cure the ink while not making the substrate too brittle and also achieving an acceptable level of adherence to the substrate. • This is extremely difficult because every different substrate has very different characteristics. • All-in-all, UV printing is an excellent way to produce printed material on unusual substrates and on uncoated Medias. Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  20. Agfa Ink Jet Family Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  21. Anapurna Family Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  22. Anapurna M2540 FB Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  23. Agfa Jeti Family Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  24. Agfa - Jeti: UV Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  25. Agfa - Jeti: UV FTR Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  26. Agfa - Jeti: UV FTR Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  27. Agfa - Jeti: SOLVENT EU caution shields Favorable production cost of final production.Possibility to print on different materials (hard solvent). No before or after treatment needed. Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  28. Agfa - Jeti: SOLVENT Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  29. Agfa - Jeti: Direct to Fabric :Jeti 3324 AquaJet RTR 24 Spectra SM heads Max. width: 3.3 m Production speeds: 40 m2/hr Prints high quality at 400 dpi, 6 color Uses specially formulated water-based dispersed-dye inks • cost effective and environment friendly alternative to the solvent based textile technologies • Unique type of a printer as it is the only printer in its class, which has a built-in heat-press. CONFDENTIAL Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  30. We are using the term „Large Format Graphics“ to define all the graphics bigger than 24 Inch – ca. 60cm Definitions  Applications Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  31. Target Markets • Application scope • POP (Point-of-Purchase) advertising • Signage • informational, directional, corporate, branding • Vehicle Graphics • Exhibition Graphics • Posters (indoor/outdoor) • Street Furniture • Window Graphics • Flags & Banners • Billboards • Truck Curtains • Building Wraps • GF Vinyl Banners • Aircraft Graphics • Ship Decoration Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  32. Roll to Roll: Applications Fleet Graphics Billboards Vehicle Wraps Architectural Wraps Point of Purchase Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  33. Backlit Displays • Store Front Signs • Vending Machines • Slot Machines • Bus Shelter Ads • All Light Box Applications • Cinema Backlit 3D Lenticular Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  34. Point-of-Purchase/Sales POP (POS) Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  35. Specialty Printing Wood Canvas Tiles Lenticular Window Shades Wall Covers Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  36. Dedicated Sign Print Media Foam Board (Forex) Coroplast (Corex) Sintra Direct To Dibond And Alumnium Polypropylene Direct To Plexi Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  37. Total cost per printed m2 Digital Gravure Offset Flexo Screen cost of ownership curve for Graphic Screen Printing 2007 Wide format break even :Anapurna 2009 Wide format break even 2007 Hybrid systems break even :M-Press 2009 Hybrid systems break even Break point controlled by 100 sheets 150 sheets 500 sheets 1000 sheets productivity & pricing Addressable part of screen print market: 2% 4% 40% 70% Wide format vs. other printing methods Agfa Graphics: an introduction

  38. www.zina.hr PRINT DEMO CENTAR: ZINA d.o.o. Ivanićgradska 64 Zagreb PROMOTIVNA PONUDA :ANAPURNA PISAČA Photo kvaliteta ispisa 8 glava (2 x bijela + CMYKlclm) Širina: 205 cm Debljina: 45 mm Brzina: 9 – 53 m2/h Mladen Široki, ZINA d.o.o., AGFA pisači velikog formata

  39. Thank you very much Agfa Graphics Q & A ? Agfa Graphics: an introduction

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