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CORBA and Telecoms PowerPoint Presentation
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CORBA and Telecoms

CORBA and Telecoms

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CORBA and Telecoms

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  1. CORBA and Telecoms

  2. CORBA & DOT ready? … hope so!….it is being successfully deployed

  3. CORBA for Telecoms … a business view.. • as a framework for integrating applications in various ways to obtain suites of new systems • ….. Add Value to existing Investment • as a tool to make it easier to build distributed software systems • ….. Take advantage of distributed resources • as a “technology broker” to help integrate existing & new pieces technology • ….. JAVA, ActiveX, Diff. Langs, Complete or Partial Legacy Systems, other technologies

  4. .. an architects view... Application domain specific Horizontal interfaces Non-standardized app-specific CORBAfacilities Domain Interfaces App. Interfaces Object Request Broker CORBAservices General service interfaces

  5. … an implementors view.. Transaction Service PL/1 COBOL Events Service Clients IMS Servers CICS

  6. … and successful deployments views...

  7. Motorola IRIDIUM • Global Cellular Network, 66 Satellites in low Earth orbit • Orbix used to integrate all the earth station “control” applications and systems • Mission critical scenario • Under deployment

  8. Revenue Process Win’95 Appl. UnixAppl. Legacy App. ORBIX • Subscriber data and Connection Inventory Management system • Combination of Wrappering Legacy & New Feature Apps written to be distributed • Features Legacy and COM integration • Swisscom

  9. Interactive Services Service Platform Customer Unit OrbixWeb/Orbix Media Streams over ATM • Hong Kong Telecom • Interactive MM system • Features JAVA integration • Deployment started

  10. Telefonica CPSA system(Advanced Services Provider System) Example Services (& volumes in CORBA invocations per day)- Commercial Assist (50m) - Spain Direct (4.8m) - Wake up Service (1m) - 9 other services available Mgmt Terminals Databases Access to other resources Comms N/W Service Provider Centre CPSA Mgmt Part INAP ISUP X25 E&M MAP IN ISDN User Access Networks Mobile Iberpac PSTN PSTN

  11. So why do we hear so much about scalability?

  12. … a deployment view... The key to successful Scalability is Manageability

  13. … a managed deployment.. Transaction Service PL/1 COBOL Events Service Clients IMS Servers CICS Manager SNMP

  14. Fault Management Configuration Management Load Balancing etc... Early Days... • Taken care at Application Design stage • Minimum ORB vendor support

  15. GUI SNMP Tool Agent Management Service Management Management Enabled Enabled Applications Applications Management Architecture going forward..

  16. Architecture-- IDL System programmers can develop “management applications” that interact directly with management servers and management-enabled applications through a set of IDL interfaces.

  17. GUI Tool Management Service Architecture-- GUI tool • Or you can simply use the GUI tool provided Management Management Enabled Enabled Applications Applications

  18. GUI Tools for OrbixManager

  19. Architecture-- SNMP • SNMP interface allows a System Administrator to manage Applications using standard management platform • The Management Server presents an IDL interface to the SNMP Agent

  20. The MIB OrbixManager provides an ASN.1 MIB definition which describes the managed objects that can be queried/set... orbixManTable Management Domains orbixOaTable Object Adaptors orbixSrvTable Servers orbixException CORBA Exceptions

  21. The Management Service The Management Service is responsible for: • Managing exception forwarding • Detection of unexpected application termination conditions • Persistence and downloading of Managed Applications Properties • Interaction with Management Tools and SNMP proxies • Quiescing of Managed Servers

  22. Management Library Roles and Responsibilities: • Monitoring and Reporting of orb activity • Location of a Management Service on start up • Dynamic topology discovery • Exception notification of System and User exceptions • Receiving and acting on control signals from the Management Service

  23. A Management Application Management Service • Register with the Management Service • The Management Service registers the new managed application in the Naming Service Management Library ORB library + Application

  24. Properties • Properties-- Name/value pairs used to hold configuration or identification information for processes • Management Service provides a persistent service to all Managed objects • Can search the management domain for servers/clients with a given property-value

  25. State of Health and Exceptions • Monitors • implement Monitor and register with the MS • can be informed about interesting events in the domain State of Health • Server startup • Server shutdown (graceful shutdown) • Server crash Exception processing • Implicit • Explicit

  26. Deployment Features: Exception notification Activity viewing for Orbix applications Activity measurement State of Health Shutting down of specified Orbix servers Application Configuration Performance testing & fault discovery: Probes and Request tickets Properties OrbixManager GUI tool OrbixManager Features

  27. Availability • OrbixManager 1.0 • available now on NT, Solaris, HP/UX • available as part of OTM on NT, Solaris, HP/UX, AIX, Digital UNIX. • OrbixManager 1.1 • Publication of IDL • Management of OrbixWeb applications

  28. Conclusions • CORBA is real and mature • CORBA is deployed and proven in Telecoms… including... • interworking between ORB implementations • interworking with COM world • interworking with Java world • interworking with Legacy world • CORBA implementations improving all the time • improved development tools • improved deployment tools • CORBA is and will continue to be a major element of DOT application for Telecoms