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Common Overhead Garage Door Repairs PowerPoint Presentation
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Common Overhead Garage Door Repairs

Common Overhead Garage Door Repairs

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Common Overhead Garage Door Repairs

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  1. Common Overhead Garage Door Repairs

  2. A lot of things can go wrong with a garage door. If it won’t open, don’t panic. An expert might fix the problem and you can avoid buying a new garage door. Most of the problems are easy to fix and problems involving the spring are a bit difficult to fix. There are two main parts of a door including the door itself and opener. Most of the homeowners believe that both will work harmoniously until they don’t. It is essential to ensure that they are secure and in good working order. Sometimes, people try DIY methods to get their door repaired, but it is essential to have a professional determine if it can be repaired or, if there is a need of door replacement. Here we have a list of common garage door repairs that will help you determine the repair cost and learn more about the problems associated with an overhead garage.

  3. Broken garage door spring: Broken garage door spring is a common problem observed in most of the garages. It is obvious that after so many times up and down the spring gets metal fatigue and snaps. So, every year, it should be checked with the help of a professional to make sure that it is well balanced. Broken cable: A garage door cable may seem a simple thing, yet they are highly essential. Whenever you find that your garage door cable is frayed or broken you should replace it with the help of an expert. It will keep the door from slamming shut on you.

  4. Bent track: Sometimes, due to heavy pressure or accidentally, your garage door track could bend out of shape. Now, it’s your responsibility to call a pro and get it back into shape. Misaligned sensor: If you have an automatic garage door, this is a common problem. If there is no problem with the battery, then most probably, there would be issues with safety sensors that may not allow the door to open automatically. You should call a residential door replacement technician or a garage door repair professional to fix the misaligned sensors.