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Natural Oil Insect Repellent PowerPoint Presentation
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Natural Oil Insect Repellent

Natural Oil Insect Repellent

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Natural Oil Insect Repellent

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  1. Natural lawn care is essential to develop a healthy lawn around your campus or in front of your home or office. You can now see a large number of horticulturists, landscapers and home owners using non-toxic and organic lawn fertilizers to keep up the bioactivity in soil and not to lose the site of a prosperous landscape. We offer bio enhancing lawn fertilizer made of highly organic and nutritional materials like kelp, humic acid and molasses for your lawn care. It is an easy to spray mixture containing useful Mycorrhizae and microbial dethatcher for all size and type of lawns. With it, you will be able to recondition and aerate your soil and add to bio-activism in grass and soils. You can apply our natural lawn caring fertilizer four times a week especially if you want to enhance soil composition with organic stuff and plant root development as well.

  2. Natural lawn care is the only point of using our liquid fertilizer. It assures to get into the soil fast and handle the root development issue rather than using any short lived chemical substance. If you want your lawn to grow organically and become greener, healthier and vibrant than artificially developed ones, start using  8 oz of our organic fertilizer for every one thousand square foot of your. For getting results in poor quality lawns, you can increase this amount to 10 oz/1000 sf.

  3. Whether you have sandy or clay soil in your lawn, you will have to restore its lost nutrients with organic supplements. We have formulated all in one for lawns care fertilizer to slowly improve all aspects of lawn health and soil condition. By using it in recommended quantity, you will be able to maintain soil performance and lawn growth. If you need highly safe and natural supplements to enrich poor quality soil in your lawn and experience better productivity, enquire about our lawn aerators and fertilizers at

  4. Contact Nature's Lawn and Garden 52 Sonwil DriveBuffalo, NY 14225Phone: (716)681-7796E-mail: Website:- Thank You