5 types of diamond jewellery 5 types of diamond n.
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5 Types of Diamond Jewellery for Party Lovers PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Types of Diamond Jewellery for Party Lovers

5 Types of Diamond Jewellery for Party Lovers

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5 Types of Diamond Jewellery for Party Lovers

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  1. 5 Types of Diamond Jewellery 5 Types of Diamond Jewellery For Party Lovers For Party Lovers Jewellery lovers often do not wish to compromise when it comes to flaunting their jewellery collections, especially for parties and occasions to celebrate. Resisting oneself from owning the best jewellery collection is thus, not at all in their hands. Well! Adding to that, here is a list of 5 types of diamond jewellery that will not just fulfil their party desires, but also help them choose the perfect fit for every occasion. Stud Earrings Common small sized earrings that fit quite comfortably on your earlobe is our first pick as it goes well with all sorts of occasions and celebrations. You may

  2. pick any of these in the form of classic solitaires, yellow or raised gold, gemstone, diamond cut and shape and flaunt yourself at the show. Tennis Bracelet Gaining quite a lot of popularity, this form of bracelet is just like fluid that can easily be adjusted as per the wrist size. Devoid of the shiny stones, a tennis bracelet can be easily picked in diamond and gold for the ultimate royal look.

  3. Hoop Earrings Just like the studs, even the diamond hoop earringmatch everywhere. Usually appearing as in a circular shape around your earlobe, these can be found in plenty of fascinating patterns, colours and shapes. You are free to experiment with colours with this one.

  4. Bold Kadas or Bracelets This one is more of a bolder appearance and goes perfect with embellished ghagras or gowns. You can preferably go for a diamond or pearl bracelet springing up the innocence in you. If you are not a yellow gold lover, you may even try the pink gold bracelet or white gold with diamonds and topaz stone.

  5. Cocktail Rings Not to forget, the cocktail diamond rings are a combination of vibrant spirit and buoyancy that comes in varied geometrical shapes like elliptical rings, oval and a meshwork of stones to pick the best one for you. Most of the top jewellers in Chandigarh hold a rich collection of these party favourite jewellery that can be hunted down and shown off amongst family and friends. Go get the best one for you!