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Brand Powerpoint Template PowerPoint Presentation
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Brand Powerpoint Template

Brand Powerpoint Template

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Brand Powerpoint Template

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  1. Brand Powerpoint Template For use from January 2014

  2. HOW TO USE • This presentation has been designed for the latest MS Society visual identity guidelines • Please follow the brand guidelines when using this template. They’re here: Visual Identity Guidelines • There are lots of different templates: if the layout isn’t what you need try right clicking the slide and selecting ‘layout’ to see more options • Please do not amend the slide master

  3. Top tips for top-notch presentations • GETTING YOUR MESSAGE RIGHT • If you audience only remember 3 things (and they will) what do you want them to be? • YOU are as important as your slides (if not more!) –try to spend more time rehearsing than you spend creating your slides. • Your presentation is a story: make sure it has a beginning, middle and end and introduce ideas one at a time. • USING YOUR TOOLS WISELY • Your slides aren’t your message: YOU ARE. Fewer words on your slides = more attention on what you’re saying. • Use meaningful images, icons and infographics instead of lots of text (but never clip-art: it always looks amateur). • Use your notes page to capture all the detail you talk through -not the slide! If your audience needs every detail, consider giving hand-outs afterwards. • PERFECTING YOUR DELIVERY • Just because it’s a story doesn’t mean you should read it. Instead tell it to your audience and aim to entertain! • You’ll present better if you know what’s coming next without needing to see the next slide. • Keep your language positive, friendly, conversational and inclusive.

  4. Keeping your presentation “on-brand” Text Colours & Images Core colours are orange and white Use black for text Use pink and blue sparingly as accents Use images and icons where you can (Brand can help provide high-quality, approved images) • MS Society presentation font is ARIAL. Please don’t change. • Don’t alter the size, ratio or position of the logo • Highlight headlines in orange • Select the trapezium for bullets • Keep language positive, friendly, conversational and inclusive