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Used to cut off Eastern from Western Europe PowerPoint Presentation
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Used to cut off Eastern from Western Europe

Used to cut off Eastern from Western Europe

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Used to cut off Eastern from Western Europe

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  1. House Un-American Activities Committee George Wallace Used to cut off Eastern from Western Europe Increased minorities in colleges and businesses Developed vaccine for polio Nonviolent protests Jonas Salk Started new programs in science education Ended segregation in schools March on Washington Mao Zedong Brown vs Board of Education Space Race Led China to become largest Communist state Protest where people refused to get off buses Soviet satellite; ushered in space race with US Sputnik

  2. Used an axe handle to keep blacks out of his restaurant Became first African American to play in the major leagues Cold War Commander of UN forces in Korea Civil disobedience Douglas MacArthur NAACP lawyer’ argued Brown vs Board of Education; first African American court justice Prohibited discrimination based on race, color, religion, or other ethnic origin Marshall Plan Gave massive aid to European countries to rebuild their economy Used to pressure Congress to pass new Civil Rights bill Thurgood Marshall Civil Rights Act of 1964 Agreement between Soviet Union and Eastern European satellites to combat NATO Warsaw Pact Freedom Rides

  3. Claimed to have names of 100s of Communists infiltrating the US government Joseph McCarthy Baby boom Refused to give up her seat to white man Sending supplies past Soviet blockade Led bus boycotts and marches in Civil Rights Era GI Bill Helped veterans get cheaper housing Berlin Airlift Martin Luther King, Jr Nations pledged to defend each other if attacked North Atlantic Treaty Organization Letter from Birmingham Jail Questioned people about possible Communist sympathies Alabama governor who prevented integration Affirmative Action

  4. Presidential advisor; opposed segregation; bailed MLK out of jail Time of high birth rates after WW II Billy Graham Lasted 13 months; ended bus segregation in Alabama Sweatt vs Painter Truman Doctrine Promised assistance of countries resisting Communism Montgomery Bus Boycott Involved black man trying to go to UT’s law school Rosa Parks Spied for Soviet Union in US; sold secrets about atomic bomb Explained that African Americans couldn’t wait any longer for equality Julius Rosenberg Time when US and Soviet Union built up nuclear weapons but never fought Jackie Robinson Iron Curtain Lester Maddox