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We are Watching You PowerPoint Presentation
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We are Watching You

We are Watching You

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We are Watching You

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  1. We are Watching You It was impossible to stop all the crimes happening around us; but today at least we are it is possible to track these crimes. Security cameras are used widely these days to check illegal activities and are both used for outdoor and indoor surveillance. CCTV also known as closed-circuit television is the new development in the technology to prevent crime and to improve safety of the people. Having a CCTV camera at your home or office can help to protect your home and property. CCTV cameras are also used to monitor locations that are of higher risk by our police. We are Watching You The first CCTV technology was used in 1940 to monitor the missiles. Now it is used across the world for security and surveillance. CCTV cameras are used in offices, shops, warehouses, and also in public sector such as schools, banks,

  2. airports, shopping malls and hospitals as well as our homes. The new CCTV cameras that are available in the market are compact in size with full high definition cameras. Why CCTV Cameras: Protect your home, property and business Preventing crime Preventing employee theft Keeping records Maintain documentation and evidence Monitoring Traffic Everyone has different reasons to buy a surveillance device. That is why manufactures have come up with various types of surveillance devices that can protect you. You should first assess your security needs before you purchase any CCTV camera. There are different types of CCTV cameras available in the market.

  3. Dome Camera: Used in public areas Bullet Camera: Used in residential and official use Day/Night Camera: Used for day and night security Surveillance camera: Used for indoor and outdoor security Spy camera: Used for investigations Wireless Camera: Easy to carry High definition Camera: These cameras give HD clarity to the videos. What to look for when buying a camera for your home or office:

  4. Color and definition Weather protection PTZ option Night vision option Web access option Motion detection Storage User friendly interface These days wherever you go there are security cameras that are watching you. CCTV cameras are one important part of your protection system. These cameras are available at all major stores and also with online vendors. The price varies from 600 to 60000 Rs. CCTV are the most secure means of monitoring your premises. It saves manpower and also provides lower risk and lower security costs. CCTV cameras are a must for your home and business security and safety.