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Surrogacy Clinic in India-Cheap Surrogacy in India

We Care India is the best surrogacy clinic in India providing reproductive services like surrogacy, ivf, icsi, iui at an affordable price. http://www.wecareindia.com/ivf/surrogacy/surrogacy.html

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Surrogacy Clinic in India-Cheap Surrogacy in India

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  1. Surrogacy Clinic in India-Cheap Surrogacy in India

  2. What is Surrogacy Every one has a dream of having a family. A baby can fulfill the dream for the family. Infertility is the main issue for the couples for not having their own baby. This problem can be solved by ivf or surrogacy. Surrogacy is the process of carrying and delivering someone’s baby which is not genetically related to the mother. The women who is carrying the baby is called surrogate mother. The parents who undergo contract for the baby are called as intended parents. http://www.wecareindia.com/ivf/surrogacy/surrogacy.html

  3. Eggs ad sperm cells collected from the intended parents in the Surrogacy Clinic. (This is mandatory to have either egg or the sperm from the parents to provide the genetic relation) Using the collected samples embryos can be formed in the laboratory. After that these embryos can be transferred to the surrogate mother uterus. After the successful embryo transfer the pregnancy will be confirmed by the clinic.

  4. Why Surrogacy in India Surrogacy opens an option for the infertile couples to be parents, that too at an affordable cost. Attractions like low-cost egg donors, internationally trained doctors, cutting edge technology at surrogacy clinics and low cost of surrogate mothers in India, draw people from different parts of the world visit India for their dream to come true. http://www.wecareindia.com/ivf/surrogacy/surrogacy.html

  5. Why Surrogacy in India Healthcare in India is very affordable as well as advanced. This sounds very surprising and a skilled team of surrogacy specialists has been found. These specialists handle different cases of surrogacy in India. The latest technologies of treatment are offered at very affordable prices.

  6. Cost of Surrogacy in India One of the biggest advantages of surrogacy program in India is the cost. In USA an average surrogacy procedure would cost $200,000 to $250,000 and as compared to India where an entire program would cost not more than $40,000 inclusive of travel, hotel stay, legal fees and the whole package. Secondly, there will be no problem as India is an English speaking country.

  7. www.wecareindia.com/ivf/surrogacy/surrogacy.htmlCall us: +91 9029304141

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