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Other Speciality Basmati Rice - Top Basmati Rice Companies PowerPoint Presentation
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Other Speciality Basmati Rice - Top Basmati Rice Companies

Other Speciality Basmati Rice - Top Basmati Rice Companies

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Other Speciality Basmati Rice - Top Basmati Rice Companies

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  1. Other Specialty Basmati Rice AMIRA offers an extensive portfolio of brands that have been carefully developed to appeal to local markets around the world. Customer tastes and expectations have been finely segmented to deliver authentic flavors that go well with a variety of popular cuisines. Consumer palettes across the market segments have been well researched and adapted to suit the requirements of various trade channels. AMIRA has expanded its product line into snacks, Ready-to-eat and organic food products. All of AMIRA’s branded rice products are made with rice that is grown in the areas of India that area specially dedicated to basmati rice production. The rice is aged for up to a year before being processed, then prepared at a state-of-the-art treatment plant that preserves all its purity in perfect hygiene. AMIRA has expanded its portfolio to include brands of oils, dairy products, snacks, and ready-to-eat meals.

  2. AMIRA THAI JASMINE RICE • Product Information • Jasmine rice, sometimes known as Thai fragrant rice, is a long-grain variety of rice that has a nutty aroma and a subtle pandan-like flavour. Jasmine rice is originally from Thailand. The grains will cling when cooked, though it is less sticky than other rice as it has less amylopectin.

  3. AMIRA SHARBATI AROMATIC LONG GRAIN BASMATI RICE • Product Information • AMIRA Sharbati Aromatic Long Grain Rice serves up a great value meal. This long-grain rice is favoured for its subtle flavour and texture. It is hygienically packed so as to retain its goodness – and is carefully sifted to ensure there are no stones and no husks. AMIRA Sharbati Aromatic Long Grain Rice is appealing in terms of taste, texture, looks and character. Prepare an everyday meal feast for your family and loved ones using AMIRA Sharbati Aromatic Long Grain Rice. • Cooking Benefits: • Every day cooking rice • Has a subtle flavour • Gives a good texture when cooked • Has a moderate aroma • Is slightly sticky in nature • Recommended for sticky rice preparations including sushi, Indian deserts and puddings

  4. Culinary advantage:  A truly good alternative to non-Basmati varieties. The sticky characteristic of AMIRA Sharbati Aromatic Long Grain Rice delivers a distinct culinary advantage to diverse Indian and global cuisines. Little wonder then that this rice is making inroads into Indian kitchens today. • Nutritional Values • Nutrition Facts per 100g • Energy – 350.5g • Protein – 8.50 • Carbohydrates – 78.0 • Fat – 0.50g

  5. AMIRA KHEER BASMATI RICE • Product information • Rice Kheer is a sweet dish prepared in many households across India and Pakistan. Basically, it is a sweet dessert and is taken along with the main meal or just after the meal. It has good nutritional value as it combines the nutritional value of rice and milk. • Nutritional Values • Nutrition Facts per 100g • Energy – 350.5 Kcal • Carbohydrates – 78.0g • Sugar – 0.4g • Protein – 8.50g • Fat – 0.50g • Sodium – 2mg • Calcium – 8mg • Niacin – 1.80g

  6. AMIRA KHICHDI RICE • Product Information • Khichdi  is a South Asian preparation made from rice and lentils (dal). Khichdi is commonly considered to be a comfort food, and was the inspiration for the Anglo-Indian dish kedgeree. Khichdi is also thought to be the inspiration for the popular Egyptian dish, Kushari. • Nutritional Value • Nutrition Facts per 100g • Energy – 350.5 Kcal • Protein – 8.50g • Carbohydrates – 78.0g • Fat – 0.50g

  7. AMIRA PURE FOODS PRIVATE LIMITEDCorporate Office54, Prakriti Marg, M.G. Road, New Delhi-110030IndiaT: +91 11 460 57560F: +91 11 460 57570E