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  2. Amazing Igloo #1 In the 52nd Venice Biennale Igloo has been invited to show the work. “I’ve never been to Venice before so showing work there will be amazing.” Ruth Gibson Venice Biennale is an International art exhibition that is held in the Castello district of Venice every two years and juried by an international committee.

  3. Amazing Igloo #2 The International Exhibition of Art was found in 1895, the City of Venice to promote "the noblest activities of the modern spirit without distinction of country. On Thursday 7, Friday 8 and Saturday 9 June 2007, La Biennale preview takes place. The Scottish and South American is the New Forest Pavilion .

  4. Informations about igloo. Although igloos are usually associated with all Inuit, they were constructed by people of Canada's Central Arctic and Greenlands Thule area. Snow house is an other name for igloo, igloo is contrusted from the blocks of snow.

  5. Fast Facts About Igloos #1 • Igloo is simply a snow house • Igloo is dome shaped because it has more space and needs less material. • Igloo look like an upside down bowl. • Igloo is built with blocks of snows and it takes two hours to build one.

  6. Fast Facts About Igloos #2 7. In the past the Inuit people lived in igloos but in nowadays they live in modern houses instead of igloos. 5.Igloos are made in Arctic and Nunavut. And that’s where you could find igloos. 6. Hunters build igloos to live in while they are out hunting animals.

  7. Step 1. Cut blocks from hard, dry snow, using a ice knife or snow saw. Each block should be about 1m long and 4m high and 20cm deep. How to make an Igloo #1 Step 2. With the blocks, form a circle around the hole created where you cut the blocks. Cut the circle in a spiral from the top to bottom so it makes the shape of a dome.

  8. Step 3. Build up walls, overlapping the blocks and shaping them so that they lean inward. For the cold sink and entrance, cut a hole under the wall. Put several blocks along one wall as a sleeping platform. How to make an Igloo #2

  9. WARNING It is important to make at least one air hole to avoid not having enough oxygen. The igloo will be warm inside to heat you body with the cold weather. FINISHED IGLOO To form a smooth, airtight ice surface, the surface of the walls will melt and freeze over because of the warmth inside the igloo. How to make an Igloo #3

  10. Temperature of an igloo On the temperature outside may be as low as -45°C , but the temperature inside may range from -7 °Cto 16 °Cwhen it is warmed by body heat alone.

  11. Types of Igloo There is three type of igloos, they are in different size and there is different purpose for using each of them. First, the smallest igloo is for hunters to stay for about one or two days while they are fishing and hunting. Second, the intermediate sized igloo, it’s for a family or for two families, but this is usally a single room. Third, the largest igloo which is build in two grousps, one is for the temperature and the other one is for living.

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