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Surface Warfare Officer Career Planning Seminar PowerPoint Presentation
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Surface Warfare Officer Career Planning Seminar

Surface Warfare Officer Career Planning Seminar

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Surface Warfare Officer Career Planning Seminar

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  1. PERS 41 Surface Warfare OfficerCareer Planning Seminar

  2. Agenda • It’s a Great Time to be a SWO • Flash Traffic • Career Progression and Milestones • Community Health • Career Management/Benefits

  3. Career Flexibility to pursue diverse personal and professional goals early and throughout the career path Meaningful Service contribution as traditional SWO AT SEA and a range of alternatives including NECC, SCP, APH and GSA/IA Advantaged Opportunity:Command, promotion, compensation and education The Surface Warfare Advantage Flexibility – Service - Opportunity Surface Warfare . . . Community of Choice!

  4. Career Flexibility • XO/CO Fleet Up Career Path • Significant ashore opportunities: upwards of 4 years between DIVO and DH, DH and XO/CO • SWO Expeditionary Career Path • Geographic Stability • GSA/IAs and benefits • URL Specialty Career Path (SCP) • Career Intermission Pilot Program (CIPP) • Joint Tours • Fellowships

  5. Meaningful Service • The Nations Rapid Response Force • Hard Power • TLAM Strikes • Air Defense/BMD • Maritime Protection/Anti-piracy • Soft Power • Diplomacy (global engagement) • Crisis Response (HA/DR) • Partner Nation/Capacity Building (TSC) • Joint War Fighting Contributions • Electronic Warfare • Provincial Reconstruction Teams • Key Staff Leadership Positions Critical Current & Future Missions Being Developed and Executed by you!

  6. Advantaged Opportunity • Command - PC / MCM / CDR CMD / MAJ CMD • Third look for CDR Command • Promotion - SWOs above board rate in all FY11 statutory boards (O-4/O-5/O-6) • Graduate Education Advocacy • Navy Postgraduate School (NPS) • In-resident • Distance Learning programs • USNA LEAD, Grad Education + Teaching (GET) • SWO 18/12 Program – Still intact! • NWC, JPME Fleet Seminar & Graduate Degree Program • Olmstead, Pol-Mil Masters • Compensation • Bonus Continuum • Compelling retirement package • Post 9/11 GI Bill & transferability

  7. Flash Traffic

  8. Current Issues Snapshot • PCS challenges – CR driven shorter lead times, less stability for planning • Crisis response support – flexibility is key, evolving daily • Japan stop movement & dependents • Bahrain dependents • SER Board for O-5 and O-6 • Promotion outlook for FY12 and beyond • Single-year sustainable

  9. Selective Early Retirement Board • NAVADMIN 006/11 DTG 122143ZJAN11 • SER Board will convene in JUL 11 • Select 100 URL O6s and 100 URL O5s for early retirement • Numbers may be adjusted based on number of voluntary retirement requests received prior to the board • Eligible Officers • All AC URL O6s with at least 4 years TIG as of 01 JUL 11, whose name is not on a promotion list • All AC URL O5s who are 2x FOSs to O6, whose name is not on a promotion list • Exempt • Officers with statutory retirements in FY11 or FY12, who are on a promotion list, or have an approved voluntary retirement • Officers considered by the SER Board are exempt for further consideration for a period of 5 years • Officers selected will be individually notified OOA 01 SEP 11 • Must retire NLT the 1st day of the 7th month following SECNAV approval of the board results • PCS Impacts • Eligible Officers with PRDs between 1107 and 1112 will not be placed on new PCS orders until the results of the SER Board are released

  10. Fleet-up Turnover Policy • Previously, no policy specified the conduct of Fleet-up turnover • Each Command determined the execution of turnover and CoC to best fit the ship’s schedule • Approved turnover schedule • 1st week – XO turnover • 2nd and 3rd weeks – No-cost TAD / Leave period • 4th week – CO turnover • Commands coordinate no-cost TAD / Leave period • No-cost TAD at ISIC or TYCOM • Ships on deployment are excluded • ALNAVSURFOR msg DTG 301902ZDEC10 Policy development began with feedback from the Fleet

  11. 3rd Look Fleet-up Career Path Objectives • Create command opportunity for every XO • Increase talent in the XO chair • Ensure every CO has an XO tour 3rd Look Process Implementation • Occurs 2 years after 2nd look • XO screened officers eligible • Board outcomes • Screen CO Afloat • Screen CO-SM • No additional screening Commander Command Board Process: 3rd Look Career Path • Previous • 1st look • - Screen CO Afloat • 2nd look • - Screen CO Afloat • - Screen CO-SM • - Screen XO Afloat • - Screen XO-SM • Current • 1st look • - Screen CO Afloat • 2nd look • - Screen CO Afloat • - Screen XO Afloat • - Screen XO-SM • 3rd look (2 years later) • - Screen CO Afloat • - Screen CO-SM 3rd Look Fleet Up Career Path now provides Command opportunity for every XO

  12. CNSFINST 1412.2New Command Qual Inst • Command Qual must be attained prior to assuming CDR command • Previously attained Command Quals remain valid • Requirements include: • Minimum shipboard experience • SWO, TAO & EOOW qualifications • SWOS exams at Department Head School • Shiphandling examination • Recommendation from an Afloat CO • Oral board • Officers should complete their Command Qual during their Department Head tours • Those past Department Head can still complete during XO tour • Although not required, expect the CmdQual to become a significant discriminator at CDR Cmd boards Added rigor: Qualify as a DH with waterfront input via oral board

  13. Other Flash Traffic • Promotion holds • NAVADMIN 073/09, Physical readiness program • Beginning in FY10, PRIMS data will be reviewed as part of the promotion/advancement process • Inaccurate PRIMS data can lead to promotion delays • JPME Phase I requirement change • NAVADMIN 136/10 • JPME Ph I no longer required to screen for CDR Command • JPME Ph I completion required prior to assuming Command

  14. PERS-41 Organization PERS-41 Director Surface Officer Distribution Division • 41A: Deputy Director • 41B: Assistant Director • 41C: Strategic Comms • 41M: Metrics PERS-41A/410 CAPT/PCC Assignments PERS-414 LDO/CWO Assignments PERS-413 Surface Officer Placement PERS-411/412 CDR/LCDR/JO Assignments PCC, CAPT, Maj Cmd, Post Maj Cmd Initial Accessions, DIVO, DH, Post-DH, XO Afloat, XO SM, CO Afloat, CO SM, SWO SCP PERS-415 SPECWAR Assignments PERS-416 EOD Assignments PERS-417 Full Time Support Assignments

  15. Strategic Communications CNO / CNP / CNSF / SWE / NPC Units Officers Themes/Messages Means Audiences Traditional Methods Phone/E-mail Road Shows Messages Newsletters NPC Website Non-Traditional Methods SWONET Sailor Bob Twitter - Facebook - • New Accessions • Division Officers • Department Heads • Post-DH/Pre-CMD • PCCs • Major/Post-Major • LDO/CWO • SWE Leadership • Other Stakeholders • Policy • Slates • Boards • Career Paths • Detailing • Other Items Easier than ever to stay connected to and current with your SWO Community

  16. SWO Career Path Education Opportunities *** Understanding your career timeline is CRITICAL! ***

  17. Surface Warrior Snapshot O-1 O-2 O-3 O-4 O-5 O-6 DoD Flow Point Guidelines Control grade shortages have decreased since the time of the largest deficit Shortage decrease by rank: CAPT 53.2%; CDR 59.6%; LCDR 50.2%

  18. Year Group Retention MSR Waiver effect 275 DH retention critical for YG03-07

  19. Retention Comparison (SWOCP = DH) MSR Waiver Dynamics Small YGs continue to present a retention challenge Required retention increased from 28.6% (YG00) to 43.1% (YG04)

  20. Career Intermission Pilot Program • Up to 20 Officers per year of pilot • May apply for up to a 3 year intermission • Obligated service of 2 mos. for every month of intermission • Transition from active duty to IRR • Maintain TRICARE coverage • Paid monthly stipend = 1/15 base pay • Receive CONUS PCS move • Officers receiving a CSRB are not eligible • Officers under a CSRB contract who have not yet received a payment ARE eligible • 3 prime windows for SWOs • Post-Divo, prior to receiving first JO CSRB payment • Post-DH, prior to receiving first LCDR CSRB payment • Following completion of LCDR CSRB payments and while not in a Senior CSRB billet An opportunity to pause your Navy career and focus on other life goals

  21. GWOT Support Assignment GWOT Support Assignments: Formal, consolidated process involving PCS Orders, career timing and detailer interaction Individual Augmentations: USFF short-notice fill requirements, non-detailable events IA/GSA: 2002 – present 10.1% of the SWO inventory has served on an IA/GSA Current OCO Support is 1.9% of the SWO inventory

  22. GSA Guarantees • Officer cannot be selected for another GSA or IA during entire follow-on shore tour • Guaranteed geographic location in fleet concentration area for post-GSA shore tour • e.g. San Diego, Norfolk, Newport, Washington, D.C. • Provided valid billets available • “Executive Detailing” • One-on-one shore tour assignment discussion with your Detailer • Officers do not sent back into group slate process to compete against peers • Given priority for available shore billets • GSA credit/consideration on future slates

  23. OCO demand signal trending down Reductions in Iraq and GTMO missions GSA process: Provides visibility of manpower costs Reduces direct tax on Fleet Supports Career management Overseas Contingency Operations Current OCO Support is 1.9% of the SWO inventory

  24. OCO demand signal trending down Reductions in Iraq and GTMO missions GSA process: Provides visibility of manpower costs Reduces direct tax on Fleet Supports Career management Overseas Contingency Operations IA/GSA: 2002 – present 9.8% of the SWO inventory has served on an IA/GSA Current OCO Support is 1.7% of the SWO inventory

  25. CDR Rick Cheeseman PERS-412/411

  26. Your Service Record Qualifications Detailers can update quals/AQDs OOD (LB2) SWO (LA9) EOOW (LC1/2/3) TAO (LF6/7) ECO (BS1/BS2) ASWE (BA1/BA2) Picture Mail NAVPERS form 1070/884 to: Navy Personnel Command PERS-312C 5720 Integrity Dr Millington, TN 38055-3120 Fitreps 1 of 1 - email detailer for POC Competitive - must be submitted by command Awards Must be updated by Navy Awards Office (DC) Web Enabled Record Review (WERR) Know how to get your OSR/PSR and review regularly!

  27. FITREPS 101 • FITREPS: • Know the reference! • Know what to ask! • What is: • an “air gap”? • a hard break out? • a soft break out? • traffic? • Boss’s RSCA? • How do you get that EP? • Block 41 must tell a clear story – white space OK! 4-STAR EA

  28. Performance Summary Report A B C D E Bad: Ind Avg below RSCA; 1 of 1 MP (this is an air gap – clear signal) A R/S IND What’s the Story to the briefer Greater than 90 day FITREP gap; pay attention to dates B SUM CUM Ok: New DH; in traffic; Ind below RSCA not an issue C Ok: 1st FITREP as O-4; stuck behind XO? – Block 41 must indicate D Blocks 40-43 Bad: Ind Avg below RSCA on a 1 of 1 EP; Is the CO sending a message? – What story does block 40 and 41 tell? E

  29. FITREP Considerations • For statutory boards - Meeting Milestones On Time • Lead FITREP Bullets should read: • For XO/CO Fleet Up CO-Afloat Screened Officers: Screened Commander Command Afloat • For XO/CO Fleet Up CO-SM Screened Officers: Screened Commander Command • For XO-Afloat Screened Officers: Screened for Executive Officer Afloat • For XO-SM Screened Officers: Screened for Executive Officer • For XO/CO SCP Screened Officers: Screened for Executive Officer or Commanding Officer • Trait Averages vs RSCA and Summary Average • Detaching 1 of 1 EP reports – Individual Average Above RSCA Expected! • Block 40 – Career Milestone Recommendations • Department Head Afloat, Command Afloat, Maj Command Afloat • Specialty Career Path, Special Mission or XO does send a strong signal • Block 41 – Comments on Performance • Tell the board briefer what’s going on (e.g. ranked behind XO, stuck behind senior DHs) • Soft breakout language critical – even if block 42/43 shows hard breakout (e.g. 1 of 5 DHs) • Block 42/43 – Promotion Recommendations • NAVADMIN 276/98 Removes O3 “MP” Limits • Movement Left Always Viewed Negatively unless newly promoted • O-1 and O-2 URL receive “P” recommendations • LDO O-1 and O-2 are expected to receive “EP” and “MP” recommendations • Hard Breakouts/Movement to the Right Document Success At-Sea to Support Promotion

  30. Who is my Detailer? C-H LT Nate Watts 901-874-2358 I-N LT Lucas Francavilla 901-874-3916 O-S LT Linda Dams 901-874-3898 T-B LT Chris Stolle 901-874-3909 PERS 412 JO ASSIGNMENTS BRANCH HEAD – CDR Rick Cheeseman Deputy and JO Special Programs – LCDR Jeff Heames 901-874-3891 JO Sea/Shore Coordinator – LCDR Christine O’Connell 901-874-3884 1st Tour DH Detailer – LCDR Meger Chappell 901-874-3890 2nd Tour DH Detailer – LCDR Tim Labenz 901-874-3485 Division Officer Detailers • Surface Nuclear JO Detailer • LCDR Steve Aldridge • • 901-874-3896

  31. DIVO through DH Timeline • 1st DIVO Tour Assignment • Qualify SWO • Qualify EOOW • 2nd DIVO Tour Slating • Qualify EOOW if you did not in 1st DIVO Tour • DH Screening (occurs at YCS 3 in SEP) • Shore Tour Slating • SWOCP & JO CSRB Incentives available • Department Head Slating SLATING WINDOWS Know your career timeline to better prepare for slating

  32. Divo Slating Process • 6 months from PRD • Email requests • Slate input includes: • Qualifications (OOD, SWO, EOOW, TAO) • Extra credit for IA/GSA or SWOSDOC Honor Grad • FITREP performance (Latest FITREP / INDIV SUM vs. RSCA) • Your Preferences • CO Input/Assessment • SWE Business Rule: 3 of 4 DIVO & DH tours must be in mainstream afloat billets • If an officer does not have an EOOW letter on their 1st tour, assignment to 2nd DIVO tour on a ship will occur (likely in engineering billet) • Cost vs No-cost moves: • 2nd Tour Division Officer Tour – 30/70% • Shore Tour – 65/35%

  33. DIVO Career Path Adjustments • Division Officer Sequencing Plan (DOSP) Career Path Adjustment • Increase 1st Division Officer tour length from 27 to 30 months • Implemented JAN 11 • Officers currently in 1st Division Officer tour unaffected • Maximum number of DOSP Option Officers per ship increased to the number of 2nd Division Officer billets minus one • CGs/LPD-17s: • 2nd tour Division Officer billets – 5 • May have up to 4 DOSP Option Officers onboard • DDGs/FFGs/LSDs/LPD-7s • 2nd tour Division Officer billets – 4 • May have up to 3 DOSP Option Officers onboard Developing the talents of our DIVOs to enable future success as DHs

  34. DOSP Option Adjustments • Previous • DOSP Option A – Fleet-up into a non-AEGIS 2nd tour billet (39 months total, 27/12) • DOSP Option B – Single long tour with a SWOCP contract (33 months total) • DOSP Option C – Fleet-up into the AEGIS FCO or TRAINO billet (45 months total, 21/24) • Improved • DOSP Option – Fleet-up • Combines old DOSP Options A and C • Total of Division Officer tours = 45 months afloat (pipeline training not include in tour length) • 1st Division Officer tour shortened to 21 months • Remain on same ship/transfer to an AEGIS ship for a 24 month 2nd DIVO tour • DOSP Option – Single Long Tour • Modifies old DOSP B Option • Single long Division Officer tour of 39 months with Department Head commitment (SWOCP contract) • Remain on same ship in any valid billet • Identify DOSP candidates 12 mos prior to incumbent’s PRD!


  36. NROTC Units will appear on normal shore slate Some require SWOCP (check with your Detailer) Grad Ed funded through university or GEV Flag Aide Competitive billets Submit photo, bio, contact info & latest FITREP to Detailer Officer Recruiting Numerous geographic locations JPME Phase 1 Avenues Integrated with NPS currics Fleet Seminar Taught in Fleet Conc Areas Web-enabled correspondence CD-ROM Must be an LT/O-3 Critical to Commander Command Must complete prior to assuming Command Shore Duty Opportunities Wide variety in shore tour options available

  37. Naval Post-Graduate School • Operations Analysis • Joint C4I • Space System Ops • Computer Science • Information Sys Tech • MOVES • Info Sys & Ops • Systems Eng Analysis • Human Sys Integration • SPECOPS Low Int Conf • Systems Engineering • Security Studies • Homeland Security • Undersea Warfare • Combat Sys Science & Tech • Naval/Mechanical Eng • Electrical/Computer Eng • Space Systems Eng • Information Warfare • National Security Affairs • Middle East • Far East • Western Hemisphere • Russia • MBA • Transportation Management • Financial Management • Material Logistics Support *** THESE CURRICS ARE COMPETED TWICE A YEAR AND REQUIRE SWOCP *** • Defense Language Institute • With career timing, is an option following NPS

  38. USNA LEAD Board meets once a year (message posted on NPC web) 3 year commitment 1st year- MA in Leadership 2nd/3rd year- Company Officer Requires SWOCP Other programs include Tuition assistance Olmstead NWC Fleet Seminar NPS Distance Education USNA Grad Ed + Teaching 3 year commitment 1st year- Masters at U of Maryland 2nd/3rd year – Instructor Only Navy funded Grad Ed for english and history Requires SWOCP SWO 18/12 Program ATGs/Dahlgren/SWOS Funded through the GEV Program $20K a year/2 years Requires SWOCP Alternate Graduate Education Graduate Education Payback: 3 years Discharged concurrently with SWOCP Commitment


  40. LPD-17 Class DH Billets • LPD-17 class ships, as a new platform with new capabilities, present novel challenges • Accordingly, we are putting more experience in key positions, specifically • Shifting the Operations Officer from a 1st tour to a 2nd tour Department Head billet • Alternating Chief Engineers between SWOs and LDOs • 24 month LDO tour • 18 month SWO tour Increasing DH experience to improve leadership on a challenging platform

  41. Department Head Slating • 1st Tour Slate • Slated by Class Convening • Everyone goes to Dahlgren • Based on performance, preferences, and available ships • Stash time at TYCOM / work on EOOW • 2nd Tour Slate • Done 6-9 months from PRD • Closely aligned to incumbents orders out of their 2nd DH ride

  42. Early Command • PC Command in lieu of 2nd Department Head tour • No change to current career path • MCM Command in lieu of 3rd Department Head tour • 2nd Department Head tour as XO • Still have 3.5 years ashore after tour to complete 2 selection boards annually, next board concurrent with: DH Screening Board in September

  43. SWOCP - $50K Screen for DH/1 year from MSR - $10,000 Start of DH school - $10,000 1 yr after DH school start date - $10,000 2 yrs after DH school start date - $10,000 3 yrs after DH school start date - $10,000 Junior CSRB - $25K 6YCS - $15,000 7YCS - $5,000 8 YCS - $5,000 SWO Pay/Bonus Incentives JO bonus structure remains intact

  44. Division Officer To Do List • Hit the deck running in your DIVO tours! Work hard and attempt to qualify OOD & SWO as quickly as possible • Talk with your Mentor(s) and Detailer on path to 2nd DIVO tour slating, shore tour slating, & SWOCP • Qualify EOOW before going ashore • Determine path to a Masters Degree and JPME Ph1 Talk to your DH, XO, CO, and Detailers for career guidance!

  45. Lane Changes • Lateral Transfers • Boards convene June / Nov • Career Intermission Pilot Program • Resignations • Governing Documents • MILPERSMAN Article 1920-190 • MILPERSMAN Article 1920-200 • 9-12 months prior to PRD • Status of SWOCP commitment • Resignation Withdrawals • Probationary Officer Continuation Board • SWO Non-Attains

  46. LCDR/CDR Detailers • Post Department Head O-4/O-5 assigned to PERS 411 • Branch Head: CDR Rick Cheeseman (901) 874-3900/DSN 882 • A – E: LCDR Scott Rosetti (901) 874-3888/DSN 882 • L – Q:  LCDR KitjaHorpayak (901) 874-3900/DSN 882 • F – K: LCDR Michele Day (901) 874-3888/DSN 882 • R – Z: LCDR Ed Sundberg (901) 874-3900/DSN 882

  47. PERS-411 (Post DH) Detailing • Previous • PERS-411 posted a downstream fills list • Officers negotiated for billets with their detailers on a 1st come, 1st served basis • Process seen as preferential and sub-optimized the distribution of talent to task • Modified • PERS-411 posts downstream fill list • All officers w/in PRD window provide preferences • 6 months from PRD • Submit 5 preferences (must include 1 GSA) • PERS-411 balances personal preferences with needs of the Navy • Overwhelmingly positive feedback from Fleet on fairness of new process Balancing Fleet needs with personal preferences – Applying talent to task

  48. Post-DH to O-6 Timeline Know critical selection board timing wickets POST XO-SM TOURS Numerous shore duty, GSA, and Joint Opportunities available

  49. Post-DH Analysis • Goal: Prepare Officers for Command Screening. • Contact your Detailer 9-12 months prior to your PRD from 2nd DH Tour. • Detailers analyze record looking for: • EOOW Letter • TAO Letter • FITREP Breakouts (Hard and Soft Breakouts against your Peer Group – DH’s regardless of rank) • FITREP Trait Avg. vs. RSCA & Summary Avg. • Recommendations for Command Afloat • JPME – Required prior to taking Command • Other significant items: • DC or other high vis. community tour • Master Degree • Multiple opportunities for Joint – not required during post-DH tours Detailers make recommendations based on career milestone requirements and needs of the Navy

  50. Downstream Fills List • Located on PERS 41 web page under 410/411 Link • Billets posted by placement 8-10 months from fill date • List updated each month