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Product Roadmap PowerPoint Presentation
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Product Roadmap

Product Roadmap

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Product Roadmap

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  1. Product Roadmap [Your name] [Date]

  2. Product Vision We are here to improve education

  3. Our vision: Help improve education

  4. How? Focus on teaching and learning processes

  5. Who? Focus on teachers and pedagogy

  6. Support for best practice teaching and learning processes • The best user experience across browsers, devices and operating systems • An open platform Our Product Strategy! itslearning

  7. We focus on the majority

  8. Utilize the Blended Classroom • Teaching and Learning happens in several areas • itslearning is the bridge between these areas • We help teachers realize the huge potential in the intersections

  9. Recent Developments To understand where we are going, we need to know where we are coming form

  10. One Web – Responsive Design

  11. One Web – Responsive Design • We’re working towards a great experience on any screen size and any device • We’re redesigning to make content available in the best possible way • Move from legacy technology to HTML5 and CSS3 • Improve key areas for mobile devices, including rich text editing, login, file management and notifications

  12. Course Templates • Create and share Course Templates - and use these when creating new courses • Create courses based on template, and apply templates to an existing course • Copying includes course settings, dashboards, resources and activities, assessment record, planner and learning objectives

  13. Custom activity • New tool perfect for blended learning • Plan activities in itslearning that are performed outside • Track completion and assess activity with for instance a grade or rubric

  14. Assignment enhancements • Anonymous submission possible to guarantee objectivity of assessor • Students can save an answer as draft to continue later

  15. Criteria based (rubric) assessment • Available for assignment and custom activity tool • Search and share assessment criteria • Calculate grade based on criteria assessment

  16. Learning objectives and tests • Measure proficiency on learning objectives with the test tool by connecting objectives to test questions • Optional: allow the test to set mastery for a learning objective

  17. Learning objectives progress report • Powered by the assignment, custom activity and test tool • View report from learning objective, student or assessment perspective • Report is configurable per organisation

  18. Planner enhancements • Copy (a selection of) the planner to another course • Reorder planner content

  19. Content Recommendation • Assign additional content for a learning objective • Content suggestions based on student preferences • Follow-up personalized tasks in the working portfolio

  20. Assessment Record • Better readability • More efficient navigation • Defaultassessment

  21. Score-based assessment and reports • Score-based assessment, including Extra credit and Exempt • Cross-term average calculations • Customizable reports that are also available for parents

  22. Organisation API Put itslearning at the heart of your integrated systems using a standards-led API for organisation-level data exchange.More options for sharing data in a secure, safe way.

  23. What’s coming next? itslearning is updater 4-5 times every year. What can you expect to see in the near future?

  24. New Calendar • New user interface • betternavigation • colorcoding • dragand drop • Better user experiencefor mobiles andtablets

  25. New Calendar • New filters and search options • My calendars • Otherscalendar • Resources • Inlineadd/edit

  26. Responsiveandprintable planner

  27. Local curriculum planning • Manage subjects and learning objectives for your organisation • Use these objectives to plan, assess & report and to share content

  28. LTI Support • Loads of new tools ready to use in itslearning • Effortless grades integration • LTI 1.1 IMS certification

  29. More Efficient Behavior Tracking • Add behavior remarks for multiple learners with one action • Set default values for “Positive” or “Negative” remarks

  30. Read Projects • Read Courses for Person • Read Projects for Person • Create Extension New API Services

  31. Long Term Roadmap What is ourdirection for thenext 12-24 months? Focus areas, long-term plans and work in progress

  32. Improvedcouplingbetween the course plannerand the calender • Betteraggregationandoverview of student workload • Aggregation of learningobjectivereports Planning, schedulingandreporting on teaching activities

  33. “MY” itslearning

  34. “MY” itslearning • The main purpose of My Page is to give the user easy access to the most essential elements in itslearning. • This includes a planner overview, task list items, files, new course content and quick access to assessment, attendance and behavior remarks.

  35. Sharing tests Improved tool to create tests that work well on all devices Share tests with colleagues or the entire itslearning community Find and adapt tests to suit your need

  36. Question Banks Quickly create a test by picking questions from the question bank Search using keywords and learning objectives Questions can be shared and re-used by colleagues or other itslearning users

  37. Content itslearning Working with 3rd party content repositories.Harvesting metadata to show in MyLibrary. Teachers can add 3rd party content into courses. Standards based - leveraging LTI to allow secure access to 3rd party content. Content Provider MyLibrary Search Content Items Database (content description) Teacher Created Content 3rd Party Content Manifest Harvest Manifests 3rd Party Licence Manifest

  38. [Your name goes here] Mobile: Twitter: Skype: email:

  39. Close with your name here Add the company contact details here…