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Visit Agenda. Design of Systems on Silicon. Index. DS2 Profile and Strategy DS2 Technology Chipsets milestones Conclusions. DS2 Profile and Strategy. DS2 Profile. Fabless silicon design house

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  1. Visit Agenda Design of Systems on Silicon Confidential

  2. Index • DS2 Profile and Strategy • DS2 Technology • Chipsets milestones • Conclusions Confidential

  3. DS2 Profile and Strategy Confidential

  4. DS2 Profile • Fabless silicon design house • Mission: to become the leading supplier of IPR (silicon and software) for high speed Powerline Communications (PLC) • Experienced in advanced communications chipsets: QAM, OFDM, FFT, IFFT, DSP, ADCs, DACs, etc. Confidential

  5. DS2 Profile • Incorporated 1998/February/15 • Experienced management and key personnel:IBM, HP, Philips, Matra-MHS, Telefónica, EC-R&D programs, INITEC,etc. • Experience in state-of-the-art large critical projects Confidential

  6. DS2 Strategy OEMs supply DS2 PLC and telecom equipment to utilities ... and turn them into Network Service Providers... DS2 is a fabless silicon design house. Selected foundries produce DS2 chipsets Utility DS2’s customers are OEMs who integrate DS2 chipsets in their systems DS2 Head Ends which are installed in each MV/LV transformer Customer Premises Equipment which is placed in user’s devices in households ... for a 3000 million End-Users market worldwide … and Home Gateways allowing in-home LAN service End-User HE CPE OEM Foundry Home Gateway OEMs produce... ... to whom DS2 sells and SUPPORTS Confidential

  7. DS2 Strategy Utility DS2 End-User Systems with DS2 chipsets offer the best performance in the market. Due to this reason, utilities and end-users demand DS2 based systems Confidential

  8. DS2 Strategy • Capitalize on company skills (communications, DSP, electronic design, silicon,etc.) • Alliances and joint developments with customers: • Router and Telecom manufacturers • Silicon foundries, core providers • Electricity utilities • Electrical equipment supply Confidential

  9. DS2 Strategy • Low cost through VLSI • Early partnership with semiconductor manufacturers • 0.25 micron process with 8” wafers • Medium-long term: 0.18 micron process with 12” wafers Confidential

  10. DS2 Technology Confidential

  11. DS2 Powerline Topology Home Gateway Head End Device with CPE Confidential

  12. Services • Voice and data over Powerline • Video on demand • Up to 10 movies at the same time • High-speed Internet access • Videoconferencing • VoIP • In-home LAN connection • iTV • Network games Confidential

  13. Powerline advantages • Lowest cost equipment compared to competitor technologies • Ubiquitous due to electricity grid capillarity • No new cabling is needed • Shared bus means shared cost • New business opportunities diversifying activities • In-home LAN allowing multiple new applications • Real broadband access to home at the lowest cost Confidential

  14. Powerline Channel Confidential

  15. Technology description • OFDM modulation • Master / Slave MAC • Access and in-home LAN services implemented • Summary Confidential

  16. OFDM Modulation • Imperative need for speed. Competing against ADSL, Cable modem and LMDS. • Imperative need for adaptiveness. Every Powerline is different, with lots of taps and multipath propagation. • Imperative need for low cost. Solution OFDM Transmission medium shared in time and in frequency Confidential

  17. OFDM Modulation • Ideal for slow changing multipath channels with high time spread (Powerline case): • No need for time equalization (complex FIR Filters). • Simple frequency equalization (phase correction) • Best Bps/Hz performance • Spectrally dense signal • Large number of carriers makes things easier: • Synchronization is more robust and simple • Easier to adapt to notches and ingress • Better immunity to impulsive noise • Increase the robustness against frequency selective fading channels Confidential

  18. DS2 OFDM • 1280 OFDM carriers • Data rate : • Up to 27 Mbps in downstream channel • Up to 18 Mbps in upstream channel • Data rate per subcarrier adaptable according SNR detected • Nº bits per carrier : 0, 2, 4, 6 and 8 • Different carriers transmit at different data rates • Modulation efficiency up to 7,25 bps/Hz • Overlapped subchannels : efficient use of the spectrum saving bandwidth Confidential

  19. DS2 OFDM Adaptiveness Confidential

  20. MAC • Efficiency: Do not pay for capacity unused. • Differentiated QoS: Multimedia. • Low latency: Voice over IP. • Variable bit rate: Packet oriented transmission. • Constant bit rate: Streaming media. Solution Master/Slave MAC Confidential

  21. DS2 MAC • Master slave MAC. Both up and down streams are controlled by master. • Supports both variable and constant bit rates in both up and down streams as well as latency control: • VBR for intelligent resource allocation • CBR for streaming media. • Very low-complexity implementation • Controlled QoS for each user Confidential

  22. Access and In-home LAN • Three different frequency ranges are used as evolving ETSI/CENELEC standard: • LINK 1: Low frequency band for ACCESS service • LINK 2: High frequency band for IN-HOME service • LINK LAN: In-home service for access technologies LINK1 LINK2 LINK LAN 45 Mbs 45 Mbs 45 Mbs 10 Mhz 20 Mhz 30 Mhz Confidential

  23. Access and In-home LAN • Frequency bands are fully programmable • Hardware needed will be: • HE: Manager in LINK1, LINK LAN • CPE: LINK1,LINK2 and LINK LAN • Home Gateway: Manager in LINK2 Confidential

  24. Measures to ensure security of powerline systems • We do not want our neighbours or strangers to eavesdrop • 3 main security measures: • Unique identity • Powerline SNR nature • Encryption Confidential

  25. Unique identity Slave1 Slave3 Slave2 Each Slave has an encrypted unique address Communication Communication is refused Master grants permission to recognised addresses AddressesSlave 1 Slave 2 WAN Confidential

  26. Powerline SNR Nature The Master shares the same modulation scheme with each Slave SNR conditions change along the powerline Each Slave has SNR figures different from the rest. Therefore modulation scheme is also different OFDM Modulation Scheme A OFDM Modulation Scheme B Confidential

  27. Encryption • DS2 Chipsets provide support to encryption at the link layer • Encryption adds higher security to the already existing system High reliable and secure communication channel Confidential

  28. Bit loading automatically reduced on notches Unique DS2 feature: Radiation avoidance NB-30 but more repeaters Programmable PSD notchescomplaints ?, RA´s ? Confidential NB-30 today FCC-levels when evident

  29. Summary Performance • Highest bit rates (up to 45 Mbps) • Highest efficiency (7,25 bps/Hz) • OFDM with 1280 carriers • Adaptive bpc depending on SNR • Lowest cost per bit (high integration) • Adaptive QoS (users and services needs) • IP and SNMP 100% compatible • Access and In-Home service • In-Home service for xDSL, cable or wireless service Confidential

  30. Product Description • HEs, CPEs and Home Gateways have the same block diagram. • DS2 chipsets integrate these different blocks. Confidential

  31. Product Description Data processing Analog Front Digital Front End block End Line Coupler DIGITAL INTERFACE Data processing Analog Front Digital Front End block End DISTRIBUTION POWER LINE OFDM digital modulation is implemented Packets are built adding error correction and other data Protection and filter power signal with maximum power transmission Interaction with powerline in the analogue field Digital Interface interacts with incoming and outgoing data Confidential

  32. Chipsets Milestones Confidential

  33. Integration Roadmap Data processing Data processing Analog Front Analog Front Digital Front End Digital Front End block block End End Line Coupler Line Coupler DIGITAL INTERFACE DIGITAL INTERFACE Data processing Data processing Analog Front Analog Front Digital Front End Digital Front End block block End End DISTRIBUTION DISTRIBUTION POWERLINE POWERLINE CPE Mixed Signal ASIC CPE Hermes CPE DSS4200 DSS7500 HE Mixed Signal ASIC HE Hermes HE DSS5100 DSS7500 DSS4200 (2Q01) Digital CPE Apolo (2003) mixed signal Hermes (2Q02) optimized digital DSS7500 (1Q02) Analogue DSS5100 (3Q01) Digital HE Confidential

  34. Conclusions Confidential

  35. Conclusions • DS2 technology achieves peak speeds up to 45 Mbps with –50 dBm/Hz injected power and radiation levels well below FCC and NB30 limits. Confidential

  36. Conclusions • Highest performance implementation. • Low radiation levels. • Low cost implementation. • Specification available to standardisation bodies and manufacturers of telecom equipment • Supported in ETSI/CENELEC. • Likely to become the de-facto standard Confidential

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