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  1. BIBLIOGRAFÍA 1)- Jun-Chul Kim, Chan-Duck Kim, Min-Hwa Jang, Sun-Hee Park, Jong-Min Lee, Tae-Gyun Kwon, Eun-Sang Yoo, Seung Huh, Yong-Lim Kim (2007) Can magnetic resonance angiogram be a reliable alternative for donor evaluation for laparoscopic nephrectomy?. Clinical Transplantation 21 (1) 2007, 126–135. 2)- M. C. J. M. Kock, J. N. M. Ijzermans, K. Visser, S. M. Hussain, W. Weimar, P. M. T. Pattynama, G. P. Krestin, and M. G. M. Hunink. Contrast-Enhanced MR Angiography and Digital Subtraction Angiography in Living Renal Donors: Diagnostic Agreement, Impact on Decision Making, and Costs. Am. J. Roentgenol., August 1, 2005; 185(2): 448 - 456. 3)-T K Mittal, MD, FRCR1, C Evans, FRCR2, T Perkins, BSc2 and A M Wood, MRCP, FRCR2. Renal arteriography using gadolinium enhanced 3D MR angiography—clinical experience with the technique, its limitations and pitfalls. British Journal of Radiology 74 (2001), 495-502. 4)- Mitsue Miyasaki, Fridtjof Roder. Fresh Blood Imaging: New perspectives in MR angiography. VISIONS II, 2007. www.visions-journal.com/GB-2007-V11/

  2. 5)- Frank Mongano. Non-Contrast SSFP Time SLIP Imaging:   Renal Artery Stenosis Clinical Case Study. 6)-Shimada K, Isoda K.Non-contrast-enhanced hepatic MR angiography with true steady-state free-precession and time spatial labeling inversion pulse: Optimization of the technique and preliminary results. Eur J Radiol. 2008 Feb 2. 7)- G. Soulez, M. Pasowicz, G. Benea, L. Grazioli, J. P. Niedmann, M. Konopka, P. C. Douek, G. Morana, F. K. W. Schaefer, A. Vanzulli, et al.Renal Artery Stenosis Evaluation: Diagnostic Performance of Gadobentate Dimeglumine-enhanced MR Angiography--Comparison with DSA. Radiology, April 1, 2008; 247(1): 273 - 285. 8)- C . Vallet. Preoperative assessment of laparoscopic live kidney donors by gadolinium-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography .  Transplantation Proceedings Volume 34 , Issue 3 , Pages 795 - 796

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