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Songs that Express American Ideals PowerPoint Presentation
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Songs that Express American Ideals

Songs that Express American Ideals

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Songs that Express American Ideals

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  1. Songs that Express American Ideals Bryan Thomason Finley Elementary School Holtville, CA

  2. Songs that Express American Ideals • My Name is Bryan Thomason and I am the Principal at Finley Elementary School in Holtville, CA • My web site is • My e-mail is • This is a first grade history lesson(Standard 1.3) on American songs • The students will sing songs via the internet and learn about American songs and their ideals

  3. Expectations • Posting a lesson on a web site • Create a lesson to be used in the classroom • To use the internet to enhance a lesson • To use Front Page • To use Excel • To use a Spreadsheet • Posting a student page

  4. Outcomes I learned the following: • Spreadsheets • Excel • Downloading • Clip Art • Power Point • Web page creation • Linking pages and projects to Power Point • Charts

  5. Successes • Students were engaged • Internet enhanced the lesson • Student performance improved • Meets the standard

  6. Shortcomings • Use of technology was a shock at first • Student access at home for lessons is scarce • Maybe too much time on one standard

  7. Student Data

  8. Student Data Continued The Student Data chart on the previous slide shows examples of five student scores on the rubric from 1-5 on their pre and post tests. As you can see each student either remained the same or improved their score. This was the trend for the entire class as well. The rubric that I used is posted on my web page.

  9. Revisions After reviewing the lesson, I realized that the students were restless with the use of technology. In the future, I will make sure that the technology does not become a distraction to the learning. After the students became familiar with the technology, they enjoyed it and we could move on with the learning.

  10. Summary This project helped me see how using technology can be an enhancement or a distraction. If students are familiar with technology and are used to it in their curriculum, they will not be as distracted by the technology. I think there is a time and place for technology and one needs to be aware of whether technology will help or hurt a lesson presentation.