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to. not. spray. ?. to. spray. or.

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  1. to not spray ? to spray or The Painted Apple Moth. An Australian native that arrived here by accident. First found in New Zealand in 1999 in a suburb of West Auckland called Glendene, then found in neighbouring suburbs. A pest in New Zealand, but MAF’s plan of aerial spraying is the worst way to get rid of it. This is why…

  2. My Opinion What would happen if MAF sprayed up to 10000 hectares of land in Auckland that has schools, animals, people and Painted Apple Moths. People would get ill and experience headaches, respiratory problems, diarrhoea and nausea. 10 year old Shaun was caught in the spray zone and complains that his family got very ill and that MAF should stop the spray and chose more environmentally friendly ways of getting rid of the caterpillar.

  3. MAF says that the painted apple moth could be a potential risk to our agriculture, and horticulture. MAF also says that the spray is not harmful to people when applied properly. Was the spray applied properly then? Why so many people are getting sick at once? What is in the spray? Did the take into account your health or did they just rush to solve this problem and say that they tested it? Do they actually care about the health of your family, community and you? If so why did they spray in the first place? And why are people, animals and plants suffering instead of all the Painted Apple Moths? STOP MAF

  4. What other people had to say Eleven year old Jacob questions what is in the spray. He says that “MAF had to evacuate over a hundred people every time they sprayed.” “The plane flew over heaps. It was really low and loud. The smell was disgusting- like cat wee.” Henderson Valley Primary school students said as the plane sprayed at morning tea and lunch time. “Most of the long term health studies that were done wereon the American and Canadian spray program for the gypsy moth.” Hana Blackmore pointed out with the authority of being a member of the community action group. “If I try and stay at home during ‘spraying’ my family and I get ill. Especially my little brother. He had to go to the doctors continuously,” Shaun of ten years complained after he was caught in the spray zone

  5. Issues to do with This Aerial Spraying Aerial spraying sprays everything, including you. Fortunately it’s also spraying the painted apple moth, or I’m sure MAF and it’s supporters would be highly embarrassed. But is it not working. This spray has not been tested. MAF is using the testing results from the American spray program for the Gypsy moth. Gypsy moth. Painted apple moth. What have they got in common? Obviously only MAF would know because they used the spray for the test. Why is MAF spraying me?

  6. Solutions Just think, your money iscontributing to the aerial spraying of the painted apple moth, that is making you and your family ill. How do you feel about that? Obviously not very excited. Here are some more ecofriendly and family safe ways of getting rid of the Painted Apple Moth. Spending more on bio security to stop the painted apple moth when it enters new Zealand. Jacob of eleven years old suggests: “Instead of aerial spraying, I think they should get bags and put marks on them. Kids go round their neighbourhood picking up painted apple moths until they get to the first mark, then they get a dollar. MAF could even hand spray the Painted Apple Moth. Asthe female moths can not fly you could use this to our advantage.

  7. Warning! This spray has not been tested. MAF is using you as the tests. Say no to aerial spraying of the Painted Apple Moth! Want to know more? http://www.greens.org.nz

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