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Food Court

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Food Court

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  1. C F Food Court By: FC Inc.

  2. Food Court Diagram Diagram of the Food Court Infinity.

  3. About the Food Court Infinity • The Food Court Infinity offers a variety of delicious and healthy food made by our own chefs. It gives you more of a choice of what you want, not what only the school prepares. It’s also safe too, because our chefs check the food.

  4. Food Card • The food card is open for you to put a certain amount of money that you want on it. You insert it in the slot on the FVM to pay for your lunch which is about $5.00 a meal.

  5. Food Variety Machine (FVM) • This machine shows you the variety of food that you can choose from. It lists all kinds of restaurants that 11-14 year olds would usually eat at.

  6. Food Check Monitor • The Food Check Monitor (FCM) was designed to help the cooks see what order to send out on the conveyer belt to the costumer waiting on the other side of the wall. It is efficient enough to help our cooks get the meal out within a matter of 30 seconds. It’s also equipped with a security camera.

  7. Security Camera • This device sits on top of the FCM . Its propose is to make sure our food court is sufficient and to keep watch for anybody who may try to steal the food.

  8. Food Trays • These food trays are bio-degradable to help keep trash pollution levels down. This way if one breaksor cracks you don’t have to pollute the planet with trash. They’re also re-washable.

  9. Cooks • We have experienced cooks from all the different restaurants included in the Food Court Infinity program. You have to have experience at a restaurant to become a cook for the Food Court Infinity.

  10. Costumer Opinions • We put a test program of the FCI in two different schools and put out a survey to see what restaurants we should use. So far we’ve gotten nothing but positive comments from the schools.

  11. The End! Please Invest!