midlothian training services p a v e programme for alternative vocational education n.
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Midlothian Training Services P.A.V.E. Programme for Alternative Vocational Education PowerPoint Presentation
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Midlothian Training Services P.A.V.E. Programme for Alternative Vocational Education

Midlothian Training Services P.A.V.E. Programme for Alternative Vocational Education

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Midlothian Training Services P.A.V.E. Programme for Alternative Vocational Education

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  1. Midlothian Training ServicesP.A.V.E.Programme for Alternative Vocational Education Jan Pearson January 2009

  2. Off site provision for 4th year students from Midlothian secondary schools Provision for young people to do work placement three days a week 1.5 days a week they complete an education programme P.A.V.E.

  3. Education Depending on Group and individual • Personal Development Access 3/Int 1 • English -Access 2/3,Standard Grade • Maths-Access 2/3,Int 1,Standard Grade • Science-Standard Grade • CDT-Standard Grade • ASDAN-Bronze/Silver Challenge Award • Finding and Keeping a Job Access 2 • Numeracy in the work related environment Access 2 • Using a Computer Access 2

  4. Vocational placements

  5. Trainee Welder in the MTS Loanhead workshops

  6. August/Dec or Jan/May Group Personal Development Intermediate 1 (Possibly in time available perhaps Access 3 is more feasible) Self awareness-Context:Health issues Project: Design Personal Health booklet Self and Society-Context:Global issues Project: Christmas Charity event for Christian Aid Self and Work-Context: Employability skills Project: Work placement and careers support Practical Skills-evidence from other projects

  7. Year long group Personal Development Intermediate 1 Self awareness- Context:Volunteering Project: Befriending Self and Society- Context:Health issues Project: Designing MYPAS leaflets Self and Work- Context:Employability skills Project: Work placement and career support Practical Skills-evidence from other projects

  8. Personal Development Intermediate 1 Self and Society

  9. Self and Society unit • Context for unit was Health related issues as young people were doing very positive group sessions with MYPAS (Midlothian Young People’s Advice Service) youth workers doing drug and sex education • Chance to further develop use of Photoshop with another group of young people as MYPAS were keen to have new leaflets and posters to distribute in the community to raise awareness of their ‘drop in’ centres and services

  10. Group Action PlanHealth and Well-Being • Get to know more about Health and Well-being • Threats to Health and Well-being • What can we do to help ourselves and others? • How to we improve our interpersonal skills and meet targets?

  11. Group Work with Midlothian Young Peoples Advice Service (MYPAS)at PAVE doing drug and sex education

  12. Digital media project • Project was a result of a funding application to the Scottish Arts Councils Cultural Co-ordinators Fund by the Arts & Creativity Team • Fiona Maher, Midlothian Creative Links Officer, coordinated and supported the project. • The idea behind the project was to give young people at P.A.V.E. an opportunity to work with an artist (Angeline Ferguson) to explore the possibility of Digital media and create their own exhibition

  13. Examples of students’ exhibition work

  14. Self in SocietyLearning Intentions • Evaluate your interpersonal skills • Contribute to the planning of a group project which will allow progress towards personal targets • Participate in group project developing new leaflets for MYPAS • Review own interpersonal skills on completion of the group project

  15. Good citizen Confident individual Leisure time Longer life Healthier nation Be a successful learner Less STI’s Happier Good/caring Relationships Why it is important Good mental health Good Health and Well-being Better contributors to society Less chance of being in prison healthy diet No drug misuse Informed Health choices less unwanted pregnancies Greater chance of getting a job exercise Health and safety rules Safe sex Responsible citizen Have fun together on Outdoor Education Start a PAVE Football team Drug misuse Couch potatoes Group discussions with MYPAS on drug misuse and safe sex What can we do to improve Health & Well-being Be informed, ICT research on health and well being Less green spaces Negative media influences Threats to Health and Well-being Find out about other agencies which help young people Lack of knowledge PAVE breakfast club Increase in violence Bad diet Lack of good relationships Poverty Peer pressure Health and Well -being Raise awareness by designing Photoshop leaflets for MYPAS on drugs and safe sex sharing

  16. Planning and carrying out the Group ProjectBelow are examples of agreed responsibilities that students could do individually to contribute • Make first contact with MYPAS • Arrange several dates for MYPAS to work with PAVE students on drug misuse and safe sex • Take part in group work with peers and MYPAS • Organize a visit to MYPAS in Dalkeith • Book minibus to visit MYPAS • Make questionnaire • Interview MYPAS staff about leaflets • Each person in group to contribute to collation of particular information on health and well- being issues relevant to production of new leaflets for MYPAS • Help design new leaflets using Photoshop • Quality control of Photoshop work • Meeting deadline for production of leaflets • Organize printing of leaflets • Organize an opportunity to present new leaflets to MYPAS • Investigate other agencies which support young people (MDAAT, Children 1st)

  17. Curriculum for excellence The unit has been designed with reference to The Curriculum for Excellence (see handout)

  18. Personal DevelopmentIntermediate 1 Self awareness

  19. Context: VolunteeringProject- Befriending • Student discussion with Karen from Volunteer Scotland about Volunteering • Decide on kind of volunteer taster sessions • Befriender training • Community garden activity with people with mental health problems • Visit to Springfield Bank care home to befriend old people • Review of project

  20. Community Garden • PAVE young person with Jake who has mental health problems