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Western vs. Indonesian Fashion :D

Western vs. Indonesian Fashion :D. By: Caca. Western Fashion. Formal Male Wear. Casual Female Wear. Formal Female Wear. Casual Male Wear. Indonesian Fashion. Casual Female Wear. Formal Wear. Casual Male Wear. Similarities.

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Western vs. Indonesian Fashion :D

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  1. Western vs. Indonesian Fashion :D By: Caca

  2. Western Fashion Formal Male Wear Casual Female Wear Formal Female Wear Casual Male Wear

  3. Indonesian Fashion Casual Female Wear Formal Wear Casual Male Wear

  4. Similarities • Western and Indonesian formal male wear both wear hats and also they were polite clothes to go to important events. • Western and Indonesian casual female wear both basically just wear t-shirt and pants because it is simple and comfortable. • Both western and Indonesian formal female wear, uses skirt so that it would appear more formal towards others.

  5. Differences • Indonesian fashion have their own unique type of pattern in their clothes. They use batik and kebaya because it is their traditional clothing. • Western males wear pants and some Indonesian males wear a sarung instead of pants. • Indonesian females mostly wear jilbab because Indonesia’s major religion is Muslim, so they wear that according to religion.

  6. How can western and Indonesian Fashion enrich one another? • Western and Indonesian Fashion can and had enrich one another. Most Indonesians now wear similar fashion as the western one. Western also are able to use batik in they’re fashions. • Western had applied their formal wear to Indonesians, and also their casual wear. • Indonesians have also enriched Western’s fashion in some places because Westerns have used Batik’s uniqueness in their dresses.

  7. Evaluation • 1. This resource is not reliable because it is not up to date, but this picture has the majority of all the pictures in Google Images. • 2. This resource is reliable because it is up-to-date and most Westerns use these clothes. • 3. This resource is not up to date because it has been used for a long time (more than 5 years) • 4. This resource is up to date because it is less than 5 years.

  8. Evaluation • 5. The pictures from this resource are similar from other websites • 6. It is the majority from google images • 7. It has been used for less than 5 years that’s why it is up to date • 8. It is reliable because it is the majority in google images. • 9. From this resource it is similar from other websites • 10. The picture in this website is similar to other websites. • 11. This website is not really reliable because it has been used for more than 5 year.s

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