welcome to the launch of well connected n.
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Welcome to the Launch of Well Connected PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the Launch of Well Connected

Welcome to the Launch of Well Connected

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Welcome to the Launch of Well Connected

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  1. Welcome to the Launch of Well Connected Wednesday 1st February 2012 Ravenscraig

  2. Welcome! Cllr Barry McCulloch, Convenor of Housing & Social Work, North Lanarkshire Council

  3. Tony McLaren, National Director

  4. Well Connected Setting the scene Jim Wright, Mental Health & Learning Disabilities Unit General Manager

  5. What is Well Connected?

  6. Well Connected is sometimes called community referral or social prescribing. It is a mechanisms for linking people with non-medical sources of support within the community & provides an evidence based framework for: • developing alternative responses to mental health problems and low levels of well-being • a wider recognition of the influence of social, economic, environmental and cultural factors on mental health and well-being • improving access to mainstream services and opportunities for people with mental health problems, low levels of well-being or those socially excluded. Scottish Development Centre for Mental Health (2007) Developing social prescribing and community referrals for mental health in Scotland

  7. What Domains are we Focussing On The key areas’ are: • Exercise and Leisure • Volunteering • Employment • Arts, Creativity and Culture • Welfare, Debt and Benefit Advice • Life Long Learning/ Training • Stress Control Classes, Access to Guided Self-Help (telephone support via Breathing Space) & Interactive Support from Action on Depression • Healthy Reading in libraries is all ready available • Green Space opportunities will be developed over the coming year

  8. What is Mental Health & Well-being?

  9. Curing Illness Does Not Necessarily Result in Health The Dual Continuum Model (Pat Barker) The mental health continuum Maximum mental health Has diagnosis of a serious illness but copes well and has positive mental health No illness or disorder and positive mental health Minimal mental illness/ disorder Maximum mental illness/ disorder Has a diagnosis of a serious illness and has poor mental health No diagnosable illnessor disorder but has poormental health Minimal mental health • No absolutes • The continuum . . .

  10. Why is Well Connected Important?

  11. It’s No Secret • 25% of adults will experience a mental health problem (over 120,000 in Lanarkshire). • 1% will have severe and enduring mental health problems (5,000 people). • 10% Children (6,500). • 20% total impact of disease.

  12. Material and relative deprivation Low educational attainment Unemployment Environment: poor housing, poor resources, violence Adverse life events Poor support networks (Melzer et al 2004; Rogers & Pilgrim 2003) Cycle of invisible barriers: Poverty of hope, self-worth, aspirations Not Just Any 1 in 4

  13. How Does Well Connected Support our Commitments

  14. It’s not the start of the Journey for Well Connected • Strong Policy Context & Supports the many • Partnership Targets that we have • Strong Local Partnership Commitments • Strong Evidence-Base • Great Deal to Build Upon

  15. Tiered model of service delivery Dependant on complexity Tertiary Care High Need Tier3 Tier 2 Specialist Secondary Care Mental Health Services Tier 1 Primary Care & Mental Health Services Tier 0 Community Health & Wellbeing Low Need

  16. North Lanarkshire Priorities: NLP Community Plan 2008-2012 (& SOA) • Health/wellbeing • Community safety • Environment • Regeneration • Lifelong learning

  17. It’s not the start of the Journey for Well Connected • Strong Policy Context • Strong Local Partnership Commitments • Supports the many Partnership Targets that we have • Strong Evidence-Base • Great Deal to Build Upon • BUT!! • It does require us to influence attitudes and behaviours • It does require commitment and will • It’s not difficult

  18. Programme Overview! Kevin O’Neill, Chair of the Well Connected Programme Development Group, NHS Lanarkshire

  19. Towards a Mentally Flourishing North Lanarkshire Vision ‘No health without mental health’ ‘Mental wellbeing is a precious resource for all of us’ Principles ‘People and communities have the capacity to change’ ‘National & local government, NHS and partners can help’

  20. Mental health improvement works at a variety of levels: Treatment Care

  21. Well-being for all • Hope • Sense of agency • Self management • Active engagement • Inclusion • Optimistic yet realistic • Having chance to • contribute • Meaning and purpose • Supportive relationship

  22. Lanarkshire Social Prescribing for Mental Health Development Group: • Multi-agency group • Examine the evidence base • Reach, comprehensive, sustainable & embedded • Identify the opportunities and resources • Make the connections • Develop the pathways, systems & evaluation framework • Build capacity • Promotion materials • Make the process as easy as possible

  23. Potential Benefits of Well Connected? • Improving self confidence and self esteem • Reducing low mood • Reducing feelings of stress • Helping people deal with the problems that are causing low well-being such as money worries, loneliness and unemployment • Helping people develop positive ways of coping with the challenges of life • Increasing opportunities for social contact • Learning new and useful skills • Improving community spirit • Increasing the number of people using arts, leisure, education, volunteering, sporting and other activities

  24. All 50 libraries signed the see me pledge and action plan All librarians trained in mental health awareness Information prescribing programme launched 2010 across all Lanarkshire Libraries. (1000 resources borrowed every month). 200,000 wallet cards produced. 100,000 stress and depression self-help leaflets distributed to be given at point of contact. Further 12 leaflets accessible via elament. elament redeveloped (receiving 1,500 hits per month). Base-line for expanding Well Connected Reaching Communities: Libraries & Beyond

  25. Reach, comprehensive, sustainable & embedded

  26. We are on our way……..

  27. Access to Free Training Opportunities: Building Capacity • Locality briefing from Occupational Therapy Colleagues • Introduction to Mental Health (On-line) • Suicide Prevention Intervention Training – For further information contact: North Lanarkshire Choose Life Co-ordinator, South Lanarkshire Choose Life Co-ordinator, Isobel • Mental Health First Aid Training • Healthy Reading – in all Lanarkshire Libraries

  28. Supportive Resources: Booklets and Concertina Cards

  29. Side 1 Side 2

  30. Supportive Resources: Information and Pathways

  31. Supportive Resources: Information and Pathways

  32. Supportive Resources: Information and Pathways

  33. Supportive Resources: Information and Pathways

  34. Supportive Resources: Information and Pathways

  35. Supportive Resources: Information and Pathways

  36. Supportive Resources: Information and Pathways

  37. Supportive Resources: Information and Pathways

  38. Supportive Resources: Information and Pathways

  39. Supportive Resources: Information and Pathways

  40. Roles & Responsibilities (Sign-posters) • To value, know and understand about SP • To identify people who would benefit • To embed within programmes and communities • To discuss the benefits with the person • To provide the appropriate information and support to help the person access SP • Check/ follow up if the person used and benefited from SP where appropriate

  41. Roles & Responsibilities for Providers Remember you already do this on a daily basis • Provide a supportive response • Assess the customers immediate needs and interests and support into next stage • Agree a plan with the person • Maintain a supportive and reassuring relationship throughout

  42. “None of us are as smart as all of us.” Japanese Proverb

  43. Pledge Ceremony Suzie Vestri, National Director, ‘see me’

  44. Closing Remarks! Bobby Miller, Housing & Social Work Services, Younger Adults Manager, North Lanarkshire Council