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By: matthew woolsey

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  1. By: matthewwoolsey

  2. History of marine biology • It wasn't until the writings of Aristotle  from 384-322 BC that specific references to marine life were recorded.

  3. Captain Cook is most known for his extensive voyages of discovery for the British Navy, mapping much of the world's uncharted waters during that time.

  4. history • Technology brought the study of marine biology to new heights during the years following the HMS Challenger expedition.

  5. Definition • abranchofmarine science involving the study ofanimalsand plants that live in the ocean and theshorelineand how they interact with the environment

  6. High school • high school students who want to be marine biologist should take science and math

  7. High school • classes on nature are most helpful • students should take English and speech • students can benefit by taking part in a variety of activities • students also should take computer classes to gain computer skills.

  8. After high school • . Marine biologist must earn a bachelors. • Marine biologists continue learning after they earn a bachelors degree. • If you are a lab technician with a four-year degree you may become a senior lab technician after years in the same lab

  9. Work place • Jobs in marine biology are based mostly in coastal areas though some biologists work inland as university professors. • Marine biologist study in saltwater but not only in the ocean but in seas, lakes, and rivers as well. • Marine biologist work indoors and outdoors. • They spend much of there time in laboratories. • Some marine biologist work in calm warm waters others work in raging cold waters

  10. responsibilities • Marine biologists contain the use of many different tools each day such as computers to track information about aquatic plants and animals • Some marine biologist use computers to communicate with satellites in outer space • Marine biologists use sensing equipment on these satellites. • Marine biologists use other tools in the field such as boats and scuba gear to observe aquatic life

  11. skills • Marine biologist use powerful microscopes to see tiny details of specimens. • Marine biologists need many skills and abilities to do their jobs. • Marine biologist must be capable of working independently. • They should be comfortable on boats and in the water

  12. Duties • Study the origins, behavior, diseases, genetics, and life processes of animals and wildlife of the marine environment. May specialize in wildlife research and management, including the collection and analysis of biological data to determine the environmental effects of present and potential use of land and water areas.

  13. Salary • Marine biology has a fair salary. In the U.S. it ranges from 18,000 to 74,000. • Their salaries, job out looks, and opportunities for advancement vary by these work settings. • Marine biologists salaries vary.

  14. Advantages Marine biology of Corse has its advantages such as working with marine life. While working as a marine biologist you can travel to distant places such as Mexico. Marine biology can also be helpful for creating a cure. With marine biology you can explore and take your family with you for example you leave to go to Mexico and you take them with you well there on vacation, your at work, but your not leaving your family.

  15. Disadvantages • Marine biology also has the disadvantages. Such as getting sick on the job. You can get sick on the job if you dive during winter. Diving into water 50 plus deep is very dangerous considering the sharks that Rome the waters

  16. conclusion • In conclusion marine biology is a very educational job that requires not only knowledge but skill as well.