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Opinion Writing

Opinion Writing

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Opinion Writing

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  1. Opinion Writing

  2. Learning Objectives: Compare Persuasion and Common Core Argument/Opinion Writing “Unpack” your grade level Opinion Writing Standard Utilize an Opinion Writing Graphic Organizer Analyze a Vertical Alignment of the Opinion Writing Standard Success Criteria: Develop a plan to utilize the ELA Shifts during Opinion Writing instruction 4d

  3. Distribution Of Writing By Fourth Grade

  4. Progression of Argument/Opinion Writing Grades K-5 Grades 6-12

  5. Shifting From Persuasion to Argument/Opinion Argument/Opinion Task Persuasion Prompt Write an opinion letter to your principal. Do you think flavored milk should be served in the school cafeteria? Use information from the articles provided to support your opinion. Convince the principal whether or not students should be graded on how they behave in school. • Table Talk: • What differences do you notice between the two writing tasks? • Starting in Kindergarten, what instructional changes are needed at each grade level to prepare students for this type of writing? 1a, 1e, 4a

  6. Shifting From Persuasion to Argument/Opinion New Standards Old Standards What is a counterclaim?

  7. Why Argument/Opinion Writing?

  8. Frozen Movie Review As you are watching the review, look for the following: What is movie critic Richard Roeper’s opinion of the movie Frozen? What reasonsdoes he give for his opinion?

  9. Opinion Writing Graphic Organizer What Were Your Observations? What did Richard Roeper think of the movie Frozen? Opinion: Richard Roeper thought Frozen was a good movie. The number of reasons for a task will vary depending on the purpose and text used. Reason: Gorgeous animation Reason: Memorable characters Reason: Filled with action, heart, and energy Conclusion:

  10. Frozen Movie Review Watch the movie review again. Find support (evidence) for your reasons listed. Remember, each reason may not have an equal number of support (evidence)!

  11. Opinion Writing Graphic Organizer What Were Your Observations? Opinion: Richard Roeper thought Frozen was a good movie. Reason: A Second Gorgeous animation Support: Vibrant colors 3-D animation Reason: Memorable characters Reveals More Details! Support: Anna, is Elsa’s adoring sister Anna’s sister, Elsa is the Ice Queen The snowman, Olaf, is a scene stealer and comic relief Reason: Filled with action, heart, and energy Support: Adventure story Show stopping songs

  12. Stop, Talk, & Collaborate Use the following questions to determine if Richard Roeper provided an effective opinion: Was he able to change or influence the audience’s point of view? How? Was he able to bring about some action on the audience’s part? How? Did he ask the audience to accept his explanation of a concept, issue, or problem? How?

  13. What Does the Opinion Writing Standard Require? Fourth Grade Opinion Writing Standard Write opinion pieces on topics or texts, supporting a point of view with reasons and information. a. Introduce a topic or text clearly, state an opinion, and create an organizational structure in which related ideas are grouped to support the writer’s purpose. What Has To Be Taught Based on the Standard What Student Writing Must Look Like Based on the Standard • Difference between fact and opinion • Point of view • Supporting reasons/information • Precise introductions • Organizational structure • The writing provides the writer’s point of view • An introduction is provided so the reader understands the writer’s opinion • The writing clearly states reasons in a logical format 1a, 1e

  14. Opinion Writing Action Plan Analyze and discuss the Vertical Alignment of the Common Core Opinion Writing Standard Referring only to the Common Core Opinion Writing Standard, collaborate with your table group to develop an Action Plan 1a, 1b, 1c, 1e, 4a

  15. Reflection • What ELA Shifts will you utilize most as you teach Opinion Writing? • How do you plan to utilize these ELA Shifts as you teach Opinion Writing? 1a, 1e, 4a

  16. References Benjamin, A. (2013). Big skills for the common core. Larchmont: Eye on Education. Davis, L. (2012). 8 Strategies for designing lesson plans to meet the CCSS opinion and argument writing requirements. Larchmont: Eye on Education. English Language Arts Standards. (n.d.). Retrieved August 19, 2013, from Common Core State Standards Initiative: . For additional recourses, please go to the Okaloosa Common Core Webpage: 4d