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automatic filling machines

There is wide range of liquid filling machines & pouch filling machine used for Milk Packaging from Nichrome and distributed worldwide.

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automatic filling machines

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  1. Nichrome Offers Top Quality Packaging Machines For Dairy Industry. Nichrome entered the packaging machine manufacturing industry in 1977 with first milk pouch filling machine. The speed of packing then was 1200 pouches/hour. From 1977 to 2016; during a period of 39 years, riding on technology advancement in the dairy product packaging industry; Nichrome could reach a capacity of 10,000 pouches/hour. It targets to reach 12,000 pouches/hour in near future, the highest packing speed offered for milk packaging in the world. The Nichrome machines can also be customized for packing by products like buttermilk, flavored milk, lassi, drinking yogurt etc. Nichrome & Chitale dairy jointly worked for optimization to achieve minimum per pouch cost to offer large indirect savings to the dairy industry. Nichrome is also offering solutions for packing highly viscous products like ghee, shreekhand, basundi, smetana, kefir & fresh cream. As a mark of innovation; Nichrome introduced solutions for small sachets catering to the requirement of rural & semi-urban markets by making ghee available in 25-100ml pouches. The popular brand of Shubhi ghee is offered in such portions. Nichrome offers solutions to ITC limited dairy division through automatic filling machines like Pick Fill seal system to pack 25ml ghee for retail friendly display pack introduced for the first time. In south India curd is consumed more which prompted Nichrome to offer solutions to pack curd and this trend is spreading throughout India. In case of global market, Nichrome has offered high speed Filpack series pouch filling machines in Russia with certain customizations suitable for both liquid milk & viscous products. In case of solid products, milk powder variants like skimmed milk powder, full cream milk powder, dairy whitener, and dairy creamer are handled through different models of machines from Nichrome’s product basket. 1) Nichrome’s multilane stickpack solution caters to requirements of packing 2-5gm milk powder in single serve sachets which are used by hospitality industry and food chains. 2) Nichrome’s wing series machines offer solution to pack 10-200gm milk powder at 2000-3000 packs/hour depending on the quantity to be packed. 3) Nichrome has launched maxima 200 and maxima 400 model high speed solutions to pack milk powders in 1- 100gm range offering huge capacities to meet increasing industry demand Nichrome’s Sprint 250 Servo Auger filler configuration is most popular for packing skimmed milk and dairy whitener, full cream milk powder in 200gm-2kg packages. These machines are offered with food safety features through use of Nitrogen gas machine system, online metal detection system, dynamic check weighing with tendency control mechanism, date batch coding system using thermal transfer over printers, barcode reader etc. Nichrome’s innovative pack formats are catering to modern retail needs for premium products through 4 Line Seal (stabilo pack). Some challenging milk powder based products like gulab jamun mix are critical to handle due to high fat content. The Nichrome team through its vast experience over the years could evolve specialty solutions. The leading brands like Chitale, Maya’s, Govardhan are Nichrome’s valued customers for the above product category. The spearheads of industry like Nestle, Britannia, Amul, Milkfood, Govardhan, Prabhat, Nova etc. are all using Nichrome’s solutions for milk powder.

  2. Nichrome is gearing up to provide integrated solutions from packaging systems for milk powder including material handling system and post packaging system. Nichrome is among few companies offering solutions to dairy industry in more than 45 countries. More and more European OEM (Original Equipment manufacturer) customers of dairy processing industry are sourcing milk pouch filling machines from it. Nichrome is aiming at becoming largest producer of milk pouch filling machines in the world. Nichrome is a renowned packaging machines manufacturerof India. Nichrome’s versatile, high quality and flexible range of machines are catering to numerous established brands in the market. Nichrome provides holistic customer support, from consultation, customized machine development to production of packaging machine, with extensive after sales service. Nichrome’s packaging machines offer high production rates and maximum accuracy. For more details visit Nichrome’s website.

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