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The Selling Power of Time with David PowerPoint Presentation
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The Selling Power of Time with David

The Selling Power of Time with David

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The Selling Power of Time with David

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  1. The Selling Power of Time with David

  2. Advertising on Time with David W Why ? • To choose a sure-win proposition to: • increase daily sales • generate media exposure with your customers/consumers • make your brands “top-of-mind” with prospective decision-making customers

  3. Advertising on Time with David W How? • Via placement of commercials WITHIN the “Time with David” TV programme that airs on Saturdays: • During prime time 8: 00p m viewing period • On TV3, the nation’s leading TV station • On the internet at

  4. Time with David TV Programme W What is Time with David? • A highly-rated and widely-watched, topical syndicated Talk TV programme that provides significant public exposure to advertisers, and gets the public talking on development oriented issues. • In the first quarter of 2010, Time with David was ranked #3 amongst the top most “Watched TV programmes” in Ghana, coming behind the Mentor reality show and the TV3 Evening News


  6. Time with David TV Programme • Time with David is also #3 on TV3’s Top 10 programmes (TV3 is the market leader with 29% of Primetime viewership – source: Synovate Ghana)

  7. Time with David TV Programme W • Time with David is also online, and has seen an astronomical increase in online viewership, rising from 4000 hits in the month of September 2009 to over 23,000 hits in May of 2010.

  8. Time with David :Usage Summary: July 2009 – May 2010

  9. Time with David :Daily Usage for May 2010

  10. Time with David :Usage by Country for May 2010

  11. Time with David program Who produces Time with David? • Time with David is an independent production of Channel Two Communications, a leading strategic communications and media company in Ghana. • Time with David is hosted by David Ampofo, an award-winning and experienced journalist of international repute, who also works as a savvy public affairs and media strategist. • Channel Two Communications’ other main service offering is Public Affairs, with specialisation in the following: • Strategic advice • Crisis management • Media relations • Documentary film production

  12. Time with DavidAdvertising Opportunities Programming Stats: • Show time: 8:00pm, every Saturday • Duration: 30 minutes of Talk – interview with Guest • Advertising spots: 30-second and 60-second ad spots are available • Spot cost: Ad spots are sold by block. Each block has 13 episodes

  13. Time with DavidAdvertising Rates • We offer break-in-programme ad placements, at TV3 Time with David Adjacency (A 1) Rates, as follows per tax-exclusive spot: • 30-sec Ad – GHC 1,400.00 • 60-sec Ad – GHC 2,520.00 • www.

  14. Time with DavidProgramme Sponsorship • Title Sponsorship: GHC 91,000.00 for 13-episode season • Co-sponsorship: GHC 54,600.00 for 13-episode season

  15. Time with DavidDirect Sponsorship Benefits • Four on-screen logo presentations during programme, and messages saying that the programme is brought to viewers by the sponsor • Co-branding on DVDs, Correspondences, and any other collateral material • Mentions in radio promos of the programme • Logo presentation in press ads promoting programme episodes • Logo presentations in weekly published transcripts in the Business & Financial Times • Mentions in weekly television promos • Web streaming of the programme with ads embedded at www.channeltwo

  16. Time with DavidValue-added Sponsorship Benefits • High visibility and high quality eye-balls • Association with a respected television programme, hosted by David Ampofo; • Nationwide reach, through TV3’s broadcast, • Targeted advertising, exclusively reaching the affluent, active, discerning, corporate SME, influential, shapers, deciders; • Prime time programming (Saturdays at 8:00pm); • Reputational value of good corporate citizenship, given the programme’s knowledge focus.

  17. Many Thanks!