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9A Unit 2 Colour

9A Unit 2 Colour. Intergrated Skills. When you …. ,what colour will you wear ? Why?. feel nervous. feel tired. feel stressed. feel sad. Colour Therapy( 治疗 ). A way to use colours to change people’s moods and improve their life. Mrs. Rainbow. be good at colour therapy.

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9A Unit 2 Colour

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  1. 9A Unit 2 Colour Intergrated Skills

  2. When you …. ,what colour will you wear ? Why? feel nervous feeltired feel stressed feelsad

  3. Colour Therapy(治疗) A way to use colours to change people’s moods and improve their life.

  4. Mrs.Rainbow be good at colour therapy open up acolour therapy centre help people change their moods

  5. Mrs Rainbow’s Colour Therapy(治疗) Discover how the power of colour can change your moods and improve your life! Watch The Teens Show on STTV at 6 p.m.,30th October to learn more! Therapy center: 21/F,810 South-east Road Tel:5557 8187 Price:¥20 for half an hour We promise to help you successfully change your moods, or you will get your money back! .

  6. Mrs. Rainbow’s Colour Therapy 21/F, 810 South-east Road 55578187 ¥20 for half an hour

  7. Mrs. Rainbow’s colour therapy Her therapy center is at(1)________________________. Price: (2) __________ for 30minutes. If it doesn’t work , I can(3)__________________. She has practiced colour therapy (4)________ she (5)______college. The oils she uses have different(6) ______ and smells. If you are feeling sad, think of a (7)____ ,(8)_____ place . Mrs Rainbow rubs oil into people’s (9)________ . If someone can’t sleep , Mrs Rainbow uses (10)_____oil . People with(11) _______ and dark skin look good in red and (12)__________ . People with pale skin and blonde hair look good in (13)___________________ . 21/F,810 South-east Road ¥20 get my money back since left colours warm sunny skin white dark hair purple orange and green

  8. Colour therapy: use colours to help people change their moods and improve their lives rub oil into people’s skin help people choose the right colour to wear people with dark hair and dark skin people with pale skin and blonde hair

  9. Listening Millie wants to make an appointment to see Mrs Rainbow but is afraid to go alone. She asks Amy to go with her. Listen to Amy’s questions and help Millie answer them.

  10. A test about Mrs. Rainbow’s colour therapy b 1 a She works at the Place Museum. b She uses colours to change people’s moods . c She has done it for a long time . 2 a She colours their clothes . b She rubs oil into their hair. c She rubs oil into their skin. 3 a You will sleep better if she rubs white oil into your skin . b You should think of the sun . c You should use orange or green oil . c a

  11. 4 a He should relax and close his eyes . b He should rub white oil into his skin . c He should think of a warm , sunny place . 5 a She advises people what colours to wear . b She makesyour clothes change colours . c She makes clothes for people . 6 a She will give us free clothes . b We will get our money back . c She will give us free oil . c a b

  12. Listen to the dialogue and answer the following questions: 1.Does Andy like red? No, he doesn’t. 2.What colour does he like? Blue. 3.What did he decide to wear at last? Why? He decided to wear a blue shirt and jeans.. . Becausethey’re comfortable, and blue will make him feel calm.

  13. Giving advice 1. Why not/ Why don’t you---? 2. You should do --- 3. How about/ What about ---? 4. It’s a good idea to do --- Expressing preferences(更喜欢) 1. would rather do---than do 2. prefer to do--- 3. Prefer doing--- to doing---

  14. Tips Work in pairs and make similar dialogues. Millie has become a new chairperson of the Students’ Union.She is going to make a speech to the school. They are talking about what to wear. Why not/ Why don’t you---? You should do --- How about/ What about ---? It’s a good idea to do --- would rather do---than do prefer to do---

  15. Music can also affect people’s moods. Music Therapy comfortable 1. 2. excited/ energetic 3. happy sad 4.

  16. Discussion What other ways can we use to change our moods? doing sports chatting with friends watching TV playing computer games traveling reading books shopping

  17. Oralwork:Review • and recite the dialogue Homework • Written work:Prepare • from page 38 to page 40.

  18. Thank you for listening! Thank you for listening! Good Bye! Good Bye!

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