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getting started

getting started. Course Objectives. To give you an introduction to the core elements of using SALONGENIUS To establish in your minds The importance these elements have on your business Who should be responsible The benefits of using them To give you the skills to utilise these key elements.

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getting started

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  1. getting started

  2. Course Objectives • To give you an introduction to the core elements of using SALONGENIUS • To establish in your minds • The importance these elements have on your business • Who should be responsible • The benefits of using them • To give you the skills to utilise these key elements

  3. Schedule

  4. Opening the Salon • Switch on other equipment • Check till rolls & paper • Switch on the computer • SG Switchboard • Touch to select

  5. Switchboard Buttons • SALONGENIUS- Start SALONGENIUS • Restore Data - Load previous data backup • Fix Database - Repair the database • Stock Update- Update products • Restart PC - Warm restart • Exit - Exit Switchboard to Windows • Training - Training system (Gold Buttons)

  6. System Activation • Select SALONGENIUS • Dongle – Auto starts • System Protection • Unique to system • Replacement Charge • Back Office Mode (No Sales) • Just press Enter

  7. Float Entry • To Help Cashing up • Enter the Float e.g. • £100.00 entered as 10000 • No Decimal Point needed • Backup Warning • After 1 day

  8. Main Menu Top - Salon Name Right – In Salon list / Data Left - Menu Selection / Data Middle Data Panel Bottom - Sales Control, Date & Time

  9. What is SALONGENIUS? • An INFORMATION SYSTEM (NOT JUST A Till) • Relies on the Quality of: • Client Data • Appointment Data • Sales Data • SALONGENIUS Data • Put Garbage In Get Garbage Out • Invest in your investment from the start • Reap the reward in the future

  10. Client Life Cycle • Client Books • Diary – make the booking • Client Pays • SALONGENIUS –complete the bill & Rebook • Client Arrives • Diary – use booking to create the bill

  11. Client Books.. • SAVE

  12. Client Arrives.. • SAVE

  13. Client Pays.. • TOTAL and take Payment • Rebook

  14. Using the Diary • The Diary Screen • Making a Booking • Appointment Record • The Day Book • Staff Scheduling • Searching • Reporting

  15. The Diary Screen

  16. Making a Booking.. • SAVE

  17. The Appointment Record

  18. Booking Details • Service – The service booked with the indicated Operator. Select to change this service without cancelling and rebooking • Client Name –The client record selected. Select to change this client without cancelling and rebooking • Last 7 Visits – Select to show history of dates visited/missed. Displayed in Red if any No Show Visits • Loyalty Membership – Points and Value • Visit Frequency Traffic Lights – Red, Amber or Green & client frequency Memo – Displays if the client has Client Memo Client Head –Link to Client Record Card Day/Date – Day & Date of this booking Telephone – Displays the client Phone and Mobile no’s (if entered). Select to update START TIME –booking start FINISH TIME – Booking end, select to change Operator– Operator doing this service DISCOUNT - Select to discount to booking Service Total – Cost of this service Visit Total – Total costs of all services client is having this visit (today)

  19. Booking Switches • SPECIAL SERVICE – to highlight white on black • Account – The balance of the clients account • IN SALON – YES when client arrives • REQUESTED CLIENT – YES if client has specifically requested this operator • REMIND CLIENT – YES if client is to be reminded • REMINDED CLIENT – YES if client has been reminded CONFIRMED – YES if client has confirmed TURN AWAY – YES to record a potential booking turned away NO SHOW – YES record a No Show (or too late to complete PAID BILL –This is a manual option to indicate a booking bill has been paid

  20. Booking Notes • NOTES – shows the Appointment Notes and/or Memo from the Client Record Card • APPOINTMENT NOTES - These are specific booking notes can be added for the booking • CLIENT NOTES - These are the Memo notes from the Client Record Card • ASSOCIATED APPOINTMENT NOTES - Displayed only where an associated appointment for this visit has Appointment Notes ASSOCIATED APPTS – lists all other linked bookings client has this visit REPEAT – Select this to view/set the Repeat options RELATIONSHIPS – View the clients visit relationships to the salon and operators Salon Freq - Salons’ average return rate Booking Audit - Creation and Last Modified audit trail including Login identity

  21. Booking Functions • SAVE – save changes and return to Diary • ANOTHER SERVICE –Book more than one service (Associated Service) for the day • MOVE – There are two options • Simple Booking Move • Associated Appointment Move – Use Search facility • REPEAT - to display/set the repeat options RETURN TO DIARY – Return to the Diary without saving changes VIEW THIS CLIENTS APPOINTMENTS - To view all appointments this client has booked, past and future NEW APPOINTMENT – Create a new appointment for another client over this booking to create an overlap CANCEL APPOINTMENT – Remove this booking from the Diary

  22. The Day Sheet

  23. Operator View...

  24. Diary Hours

  25. Salon Hours...

  26. Staff Hours...

  27. Staff Tasks...

  28. Searching the Diary..

  29. Adding to the Waiting List..

  30. Using the Waiting List..

  31. Operator Printouts...

  32. Appointment Reports...

  33. Appointments - Summary • Fully Configurable Diary • Fully Configurable Screen • Full Booking functions • Full Tracking functions • Staff Diary & Tracking • Day Book & Search • Suite of Reports

  34. Sales Control Functions Functions available within a sale

  35. gift vouchers the GIFT Button

  36. Gift Vouchers or Cards • Setup under F4-5-1 GIFT SPECIFICATION • Gift Vouchers or GIVEX • Fixed or Variable • Track serial numbers • No commission or VAT on GV sale • Cannot be discounted • Redeemed as a payment method

  37. Selling a Gift..

  38. Redeeming a Gift..

  39. revise the REVISE/REDO button

  40. Removing Mistakes..

  41. Selling product multiples..

  42. taking payment the TOTAL button

  43. Taking Payment..

  44. Taking Mixed Payments..

  45. Rebooking…

  46. cancel/esc the CANCEL/ESC button

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