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Exclusively for me and me only! PowerPoint Presentation
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Exclusively for me and me only!

Exclusively for me and me only!

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Exclusively for me and me only!

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  1. Karana’s Diary • Exclusively for me and me only!

  2. Day 1 Ramo died. I’m completely alone. This is bad. But, complaining isn’t going to keep me alive. I have to find myself a place to live. But where? Ghalas-At? No, the place is just going to give me nightmares. I guess I’ll just take the one near the spring, so it’s easy for me to get water. Ooops, I forgot that THAT place is near the wild dogs lair. Oh well, I guess I just have to kill all of them (I planned to do that anyway, since they killed Ramo, curse you dogs!) So I walked, & walked… & walked (man, I didn’t know that the place would be so far away!). Alas, I finally arrived, but my legs are aching like mad, & I’m so tired. So I decided to sleep on this some high rock, where those crazy dogs couldn’t reach me & eat me alive. Bed time, sweet dreams….

  3. Day 2 I woke up at sunrise. My feet is still aching from yesterday, but not as much. I went to Coral Cove to get some abalones for breakfast. I watched the ocean for a little while & realized I haven’t build myself a house! So I start brainstorming A.S.A.P. I’ll build the house using woods from the village & leftover clothe & soft grass for my bed. After finishing my planning, I started working. First, I went to take all the items I needed. Second, I tied the woods together to form some kind of small room. Third, I made the roof from the grass & little sticks, tied them together. TADA! My house is finished!!! Even though it’s not perfect & quite small, I’m just happy to have my own place to live.

  4. Day 3 It’s time. To kill all those beastly dogs. Once & for all. So I took a bow & some arrow from the village & headed for the wild dogs lair. I went to hide behind some thick bush .I waited, until 1 of them came out, & WOOSH, my arrow hit the dog straight to the heart. 1 down. Another 1 came out, WOOSH! 2 down. I was so happy it went well, I didn’t realize that the other 3 dogs, were already running towards me. It was to close a range for me to shoot, so I ran. I ran for my life, but the dogs were catching up with me, fast. I took a left, & found myself in a dead end. I looked back, the dogs were growling, ready to pounce. Without thinking, I threw a piece of meat from my pocket (I brought it because I was afraid I’ll go hungry) & the 3 dogs ate. What happens next, is a miracle. Suddenly they stopped acting like wild dogs, & more like a well house-trained dogs. The 3 of them licked my hand & smell me all around. I went home with the 3 of them following me. So I decided it won’t be a bad idea to keep them. The black one is Blackle, the grey one is Akari, & the white one is Riu.

  5. Day 4 I woke up, feeling very happy. I just got 3 dogs as a pet, & they prove very useful when it comes to hunting. I went to Coral Cove for a swim, but the dogs stayed behind (they don’t really like being near water, which I found very unusual). I swam for half an hour, staying to the place where it wasn’t to shallow/deep. When I feel like going back, suddenly I felt this excruciating pain in my left leg. It felt like it’s on fire, but burning on the inside. I panicked, I’m still in the deep part, but my left leg can’t move. I used my hands & right leg to push, but it’s no use, the pain is bringing me down. I saw the dogs barking wildly, wondering why I was drowning, when suddenly something pushed me from the back, bringing me ashore. It was a dolphin. “Thanks” I said. I looked around the sea, wondering what had stung me, & there it was. A jellyfish. Geez, no wonder I didn’t see it, it’s as blue as the sea. And then, all went black.

  6. Day 5 I’m still alive! Hallelujah! I walked slowly to the spring to drink, & then went to the house. I jumped to my bed (made of soft grass) & slept. I woke up, hearing the rumbling of thunder, but Blackle, Akari & Riu isn’t with me. There was another rumble, & then a flash of lightning. It was a heavy wind storm, & I was surprised that the house actually stands. Blackle & Riu came, wet as ever. But, no Akari. After the storm died away, I walked outside to search for Akari. And I did found him, lying under a big tree branch, dead. I buried him near some big rock & went home. Next time, I’ll make a leash for the dogs.

  7. Day 6 I had a dream last night. About my whole family. We were singing, a song made by our great-grandfathers. Ramo was still a baby, so all he does is kick his feet in the air. Mom was holding him, singing along side with dad. Ulape was dancing in circles. Then I woke up, & knew it was just a dream, but yet if felt so real. I ate abalones for breakfast, & all day all I think about is my family. And how they died (except Ulape). I felt lucky to be still alive, yet unlucky to live here all by myself. I took Blackle & Riu for a short walk. Then, we went back home. That night, I think of the day when I would no longer be by myself.

  8. Day 7 I can’t BELIEVE MY EYES! I saw the white ship, heading towards the island. And I’m positive that I heard Ulape screaming my name. They went back for me. I was so happy I cried like a baby. Ulape said that I don’t need to bring anything, she prepared everything for me there. I took Blackle & Riu to the ship. When the ship sailed away, I look back towards Island of the Blue Dolphins, the memories I had there. But I know now, that when I arrive on the other country, I’ll start a new life, a better one. And certainly, I won’t be stung by a jellyfish again.