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Career and Financial Management

Career and Financial Management

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Career and Financial Management

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  1. Career and Financial Management Résumé Writing

  2. Résumé Writing

  3. Introduction to Résumé Writing Lesson Objectives • Identify the purpose of writing a résumé. • Differentiate between print, scannable, electronic, and Web résumés.

  4. What is a Résumé? It is a brief summary of: • Personal information • Education • Skills • Work experience • Activities • Interests It is distributed to potential employers through mail, email, fax, etc.

  5. Résumé’s Purpose What is the purpose of a résumé? • It determines whether you receive an interview or not • It is clear, concise, and fits its target • No typos or grammatical errors A résumé gets you an interview, not a job!

  6. Stages Stage 1 • Eliminate job candidates • Scan for 15-30 seconds Stage 2 • Read remaining résumés more thoroughly • Determines who will receive an interview Stage 3 • Résumé guides the interview • Focus on strengths

  7. Résumé Writing A great résumé quickly shows that you: • Possess the qualifications necessary for the job • Can meet the employers needs • Are likeable and work well with others • Appeal to both human and electronic reviews

  8. Résumé Writing The Bottom Line: • Write résumé • Résumé reviewed by employers • Job interview

  9. Vocabulary Résumé: A brief summary of your personal information, education, skills, work experience, activities, and interests. The traditional spelling is résumé.

  10. Vocabulary Print résumé: A word-processed résumé designed to be visually appealing. Created using word-processing software Designed to be: • Visually appealing • Delivered in person, by mail, as an e-mail attachment, or by fax • May be scanned into a database

  11. Vocabulary Scannable résumé: A graphic image of your résumé that is scanned and converted into text. Employers use keyword searches to find potential matches Can dramatically change résumé’s appearance • Special formatting measures

  12. Vocabulary Electronic résumé: A very plain-looking résumé designed to be delivered via e-mail or an online e-form. Many companies only use electronically submitted or emailed résumés • Keyword searches • Online job sites Follow directions for submitting résumé carefully Type your résumé in a standard word processing program Save in plain text format

  13. Vocabulary Web résumé: A résumé formatted so that it can be posted to the Internet; can contain sophisticated graphics. Posted to the Internet as a Web document in HTML format Can be attractively formatted • Include portfolio of abilities Many resources available on the Internet to help create

  14. Journal Question What “extras” can you include in a Web résumé that would not be included in a traditional résumé?

  15. Answer “Extra” items that you can include in a Web résumé include graphics, buttons, and photos.

  16. Journal Question Why do you think it is so important for a résumé to be free of any grammar and spelling errors?

  17. Answer Résumés with errors are likely to be eliminated immediately when being reviewed for a position.

  18. Review During this stage of résumé review, employers use the résumé to guide interview questions: A. Stage 1 B. Stage 2 C. Stage 3

  19. Review Which of the following statements about electronic résumés is false? A. Directions for submitting electronic résumés should be followed carefully. B. Many companies only use electronically submitted or emailed résumés. C. Electronic résumés should be typed in a standard word processing program. D. Electronic résumés should be saved in HTML format.

  20. Review During this stage of résumé review, résumés are quickly scanned to eliminate as many candidates as possible: A. Stage 1 B. Stage 2 C. Stage 3

  21. Review A very plain-looking résumé designed to be delivered via e-mail or an online e-form is a _______. A. Print résumé B. Web résumé C. Electronic résumé D. Scannable résumé

  22. Review The primary purpose of the résumé is to _____. A. obtain interviews B. practice stating your skills C. get a job D. provide your network with information

  23. Review The purpose of writing a résumé is to get a job. A. True B. False

  24. Lesson Objectives • Identify essential elements of an effective résumé. • Recognize qualifications and experiences that support a job objective. • Differentiate between chronological, skills, and combination résumés.

  25. Parts of a Résumé • Contact information • Job Objective • Education • Qualification/Skills • Work Experience • Other Experience • Honors • Related classes • Etc.

  26. Contact Information • Name • Mailing Address • Phone (Cell/Home) • Email Address • Optional • Website • Fax

  27. Job Objective • Briefly states your goal in relation to the job you are applying for • An objective should • Include a job title or type of work desired • Include a specific skill or area of specialization • Reflect the needs of the employer Always write your job objective to fit the specific job you are applying for

  28. Job Objective Examples To obtain knowledge of the day-to-day workings of a publishing firm through a part-time job or summer internship. Seeking a full-time administrative assistant position where strong communication and organization skills are desired. Seeking a position teaching Technology Education in a high school that can benefit from experience in student leadership programs and community literacy.

  29. Education List of the schools you have attended • Begin with the most recent • List high schools, technical schools, colleges, and universities attended • Years of attendance • Degrees or certificates • Relevant certifications, specialized training, and seminars • If acceptable, Grade Point Average (GPA)

  30. Education Example Maine-Endwell High School, Endwell, NY 2014 High School Diploma • GPA 3.85/4.0 Bachelor of Science May 2013 Oswego State University, Oswego, NY • Major: Technology Education

  31. Qualifications • Highlight why you are the perfect candidate • Use to emphasize skills, capabilities, and accomplishments • Items to include • Relevant credentials and degrees • Relevant accomplishments in work, volunteer experiences, community involvement, or other activities • Skills with and knowledge of software/hardware • Years of experience in a specialized field • Knowledge of specialized skills

  32. Qualifications Examples • Honest, hardworking, reliable • Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills • Extensive knowledge of word-processing, presentation and spreadsheet software, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel • Fluent in English and Spanish • Type 70 wpm

  33. Work Experience List all work experiences • Reverse chronological layout • Dates of employment • Employer’s name, city, and state • Job title • Brief results-oriented description • No paid experience? • Relevant volunteer experience, internships, school projects, classes, etc.

  34. Work Experience Example Newspaper Staff Member, Maine-Endwell High School September 2013-June 2014 Features of high school newspaper • Researched information for news articles using library and Web sources • Composed and edited informational articles, columns, editorials, and advertising copy

  35. Other Experience Highlight other experiences pertinent to your job objective These experiences can include: • Memberships to professional organizations • Leadership opportunities • Awards earned • Relevant courses • Honorary groups • Social, service, and school organizations • Military service

  36. Sample Headings for Other Experience Awards and Honors Volunteer Work Community Service Certificates Earned Activities Professional Associations

  37. Other Experience Example Relevant High School Studies Technical writing; advanced composition; debate; video production; computer classes providing knowledge of word processing, desktop publishing, and Web software

  38. Other Experience Example Honors, Awards, and Memberships U.S. Media Association Scholarship recipient • Scholarship based on academic achievement, community service, and campus participation and leadership in high school communications projects and studies

  39. Personal Data The following should NOT be included: • Age • Height • Weight • Gender • Sexual orientation • Race • Religion • Disabilities • Photos

  40. References Typically not included Research employer preferences Have a separate reference sheet prepared Reference sheet includes: • Name • Title • Address • Contact information Dr. Ruth Heinz Biology Professor 384 Main Street Cincinnati, OH 50000 555.555.1234

  41. Résumé Writing Chronological résumé: A résumé that focuses on the applicant’s work experience and education.

  42. Chronological Résumé Focuses on the applicant’s work experience and education A chronological résumé is appropriate if: • Your most recent job or jobs are similar to the position you are applying for • Your work history is strong and continuous with no obvious gaps in employment • You are applying for a position with a conservative company

  43. Résumé Writing Functional résumé: A résumé that focuses on the job tasks or skills that the applicant can perform.

  44. Functional Résumé Focuses on the job tasks or skills that the applicant can perform A functional (skills) résumé is appropriate if: • You have a mixed work history • You are a new graduate or entering the workforce for the first time • Your previous job titles do not clearly reflect the level of skills you used • You are making a career change

  45. Résumé Writing Combination résumé: A résumé that focuses on the skills and work experience of the applicant.

  46. Combination Résumé Focuses on the skills and work experience of the applicant A combination résumé is appropriate if: • You want to emphasize specific skills that relate to the job you are applying • You have a relatively consistent work history, although not all related • You have worked for one company for a long period of time

  47. Resume Writing Job objective: A statement of your employment goal.

  48. Lesson Objectives • Describe accomplishments using numbers, percentages, and action verbs. • Identify appropriate keywords to be used in a résumé. • Tailor a résumé to fit a specific job opening.

  49. Writing Guidelines • Write clearly and concisely • Give specific examples and numbers • Use powerful action verbs

  50. Write Clearly and Concisely • Use phrases—not complete sentences • Avoid clichés, dated expressions, and overly complex terms • Do not omit pertinent information