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University Sponsored Project Travel

University Sponsored Project Travel. Office of Research Compliance and Administration. To Be Reimbursed Travel Must Be:. Authorized Who’s going and why Reasonable Coach flying and mid-priced hotels Appropriately Documented Reflect entire trip with receipts

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University Sponsored Project Travel

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  1. University Sponsored Project Travel Office of Research Compliance and Administration

  2. To Be Reimbursed Travel Must Be: • Authorized • Who’s going and why • Reasonable • Coach flying and mid-priced hotels • Appropriately Documented • Reflect entire trip with receipts *If later than 30 days after a trip the payment may be denied.

  3. Why so many rules??? • The IRS • Drexel University Legal and Contractual Requirements • Terms of the Grant or Contract can be even more restrictive

  4. The Responsibility to Comply • Is that of the Traveler • AND • His/Her Supervisor

  5. Forms Are Available • Receptionist at the Comptroller’s Office- 3201 Arch Street 4th floor. • Main Building- 1st floor outside of the Bursar’s Office

  6. A Traveler May Not • Approve his/her own form. • The signature of a supervisor is required. • These signatures certify that the travel reports are complete & accurate. • Traveler must use his/her Drexel ID# NOT soc sec #.

  7. Travel Advances

  8. Travel Advance Form

  9. Travel Advances Are Available • For University Faculty & Staff. • Cannot be used for students or non-employees. • Cannot be used to pay for pre- travel purchases on the traveler’s credit card.

  10. Travel Advances are Not For • Airfare • Rail Tickets • Hotels • Use Department Purchasing Card for these items

  11. Advances are Used For • Meals and Miscellaneous (cab fare, buses) • Not more than $100 per travel day • Not more than $500 per trip • Not earlier than 7 days before travel * Any variation requires written approval from unit Senior VP and Senior VP for Finance and Treasury.

  12. After Travel Advance is issued- • A Travel Reimbursement Report form must be completed-signed by traveler, supervisor, Office of Research and sent to A/P*. • Due within 30 days-or no further advances will be issued. • If not received by 60 days-the amount of the advance will be deducted from the Traveler’s paycheck. *Even if the trip is cancelled-this is only way to clear the traveler's record.

  13. Travel Expense Reimbursement Report

  14. Local Business &Entertainment Report

  15. Local Business & Entertainment Expense Report

  16. Local Business & Entertainment Expense report • Expenses incurred within the metropolitan area of Philadelphia • Generally not allowed on sponsored projects • Considered Dept expenses • Allowed on a sponsored project-ONLY if specifically budgeted in proposal & award document. • This is Rare

  17. Travel Expense Reimbursement Report

  18. Which Form is Correct? • Non-University Check Request-must use soc sec # • Student/Faculty/Staff Travel Expense Reimbursement Form- must use Drexel ID# NOT Soc Sec # * Only 1 form per traveler per trip

  19. Lodging • Single room rate • Mid-range pricing • No spouses • No child care • No kennel fees • No laundry services • No health club • No in room movies • Drexel Discounts-http://www.drexel.edu/depts/procurement/discounts/index.html#club

  20. Meals are Reimbursed • No alcohol • Traveler’s itemized bill-with cash receipt or copy of credit card receipt. • Reasonable gratuity • Not over $60 per day total. • Per diems are not allowed.

  21. Car Expenses-Traveler Has 2 options • You can use your own car • You can rent a car

  22. Using your Own Automobile-facts #1 • You must have $100,000/$300,000 liability coverage. • Not reimbursed for this. • Any vehicle damage is not covered. • Repairs are not covered. • If you breakdown-resulting meals/lodging are not covered.

  23. Using your Own Automobile-Facts #2 • You will be reimbursed at the University rate per mile. Currently this is 48.5 cents/mile.* • Tolls-if applicable • Parking-if applicable • No gasoline will be reimbursed-this is figured into the per/mile rate. • Normally not reimbursed for meals and lodging en route. *Does not include travel to Drexel-so if you start at home-subtract the mileage to Drexel you would normally have.

  24. If you rent a car • You must qualify under Motor Vehicle Operator Policy-web site. http://www.drexel.edu/hr/policies/DU-RM2.htm • Complete the Motor Vehicle Release Form. • Submit it to Dept of Risk Management w/copy of your license at least 10 days before need for vehicle.

  25. Rental Car Insurance • Drexel does not carry insurance for physical damage or theft of a rented vehicle. • If using a credit card in the driver’s name-this is provided by the credit card company. • If not-this must be purchased from the rental agency and the traveler will be reimbursed. * If renting a car in a foreign country-purchase ALL insurance offered by the company.

  26. Continued • Drexel does carry liability insurance. This is injury to other vehicles/people. • This should NOT be purchased from care rental agency. • If an employee is involved in such an accident while on University travel, a deductible will be charged to the traveler’s dept. • This will be reimb to dept IF the University is able to recover its expenses. • If you have an accident in a rented vehicle-report it immediately to Drexel’s Dept of Risk Management as well as the rental agency.

  27. Car Rental Continued • Mid-sized or compact cars only. • 15 passenger vans are prohibited by the University. • Reimbursement is based on the original receipt from the rental company. • To be reimbursed for gasoline not included on the rental invoice-original gas receipt must be attached.

  28. Prepaid Expenses • Conference Fees • Airplane, Train tickets • Hotel Reservations • These will have been charged to Dept Purchasing card before the trip. * Travel being paid for by a sponsored project requires PRIOR written approval from the Office of Research Compliance & Administration. E-mail is fine.

  29. Sponsored Project Travel using Credit Card Travel Advance >7days ahead or > $500 Foreign Travel ORCA Senior VP for Unit & Senior VP for Finance & Treasury. Traveler’s Senior VP & VP for Research. Prior Authorization Summary

  30. Getting your money back • The Comptroller’s Accounts Payable Dept is responsible for ensuring that all University business travel expenses are reimbursed in accordance with this Travel Policy. • AFTER approval of ORCA, IF properly documented-a check will be issued in 7-10 working days.

  31. If credit card: List as Pre-paid expense on Travel Form. Attach copy of receipts. Originals remain with dept for audit purposes. Attach e-mail ORCA approval. **Airline ticket receipts-regardless of how purchased must be attached to the Travel Report. If you paid cash: Attach original receipts showing proof of payment. If small in size, tape to 81/2 x 11 paper so they won’t get lost. Attach- Receipts, Receipts,Receipts

  32. And More Receipts,Receipts,Receipts • Attach Conference Brochure. • Agenda • Meeting Summary. • ALL of these help to verify the purpose of travel. • Try to get individual receipts i.e. if meals are shared. • Remember-EACH authorized traveler should submit his/her own Travel Expense Reimbursement Report.

  33. Each Traveler….. • Must submit his/her own Travel Report. • If dining together-split up the receipt. • Even if all expenses were paid by credit card and $0.00 is due to the traveler, a signed Travel Expense Reimbursement Report must be sent to ORCA for approval with the attached e-mailed prior-approval from ORCA. A/P is required to do an audit on the trip.

  34. Examples What NOT to do if you want to be reimbursed for travel expenses on a Sponsored Project.

  35. What’s wrong here?

  36. Problem • Local meal expense on Federal Project. • Not allowed unless award document specifies this category.

  37. What’s wrong here?

  38. Problems • Too much money per day-$100 is limit per day • Needs signature of VP of unit and VP of Finance and Treasury.

  39. What’s wrong here?

  40. Problems • Over 30 days since trip. • Purpose is not explained. • Wrong mileage rate. • Gas not reimbursed-included in mileage rate. • Too much money for food-$60 per day limit. • Needs supervisor signature. • Where are pre-paid expenses? • Conference fee • Hotel • And these require pre-approval from ORCA

  41. Questions?????

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