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Current Sponsors

Current Sponsors

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Current Sponsors

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  1. Current Sponsors

  2. The Outer Limits Tour is a traveling freestyle snowmobile exhibition based in South Portland Maine. They perform primarily in the northeast but have driven as far away as Michigan.  The tour features riders from the Rave X freestyle team including, but not limited to, X games medalist Sam Rogers.  If you have been to a show then you know they love what they do and, most importantly, they love their fans!  The owners of Rave X Motorsports, Ralph Gallagher and Dave Carlberg, started hosting freestyle shows in 2007 with a small freestyle ramp and some good friends.  Soon after the ramps got moved further back and the tricks got much more technical.  Now the team performs for venues of 30,000 or more.      In 2009, the once small freestyle operation was dubbed the Outer Limits Tourthanks to a collaboration with its first sponsor, Trapper from Mission Trailers. Trapper was the first person to see the potential of the shows and hooked the guys up with three trailers and a sled deck to tow their gear and sleds around.  Trap also helped fund the first year's shows to demonstrate the value of freestyle to potential venues.             Now, with a few more big sponsors and hundreds of crazed fans, the tour has turned in to a movement to change the face of snowmobiling in the northeast.  The Outer Limits Tour.....

  3. Fees There are many variables that will determine the price of your show; • Amount of riders (from as little as two to as many as we can fit) • Length of Shows (10 minute intermissions to 1 hour main event) • Number of Days (we can perform on day multiple times or multiple days) • Type of Landing (steel mobile or snow/dirt constructed by you) • Distance from home base in South Portland, Maine (we will go anywhere) • Do you want a backflip? (To hire a rider that can backflip is an extra charge) • One ramp or two (we can bring two ramps side by side to add to the show. This is when the ATV jumper will be invited along) • If you are interested in hiring the team see contact page

  4. All Inclusive Show* • PA System • Tee shirt giveaways with our tee launcher • Professional M.C. • Inflatable archway • Professional Freestyle Riders (number depending on venue) • Steel take off ramp with side skirts • Artificial turf “run in” *Show includes everything except the landing which is built by the venue. The team can come early to assist in construction. If a snow/dirt landing is not possible then a steel landing ramp can be provided.

  5. Showtime • When the show starts we like to have all of the riders hit the ramp a few times to get warmed up and give the crowd a little taste. • After warm ups we park the sleds by the crowd and introduce the riders. • After introductions the riders will go out and session the ramp for ten to fifteen minutes introducing basic tricks. • Intermission ensues with some giveways and crowd interaction. Depending on the season the sleds may need to cool down and relax. • When the sleds are cool we will go back out and session the ramp for another fifteen minutes with some more advance tricks. • After another short break the guys will then go out and perform the more advanced tricks including the backflip (if paid for). This is the time when the guys will “run a train” which means they all ride really close together adding risk to the tricks. Four or five trains back to back is a great finale. • A show can go from 15 minutes to an hour depending on the time of year and the venue’s schedule.

  6. After the Carnage After the show, the Rave X freestyle team likes to meet and greet the fans. We provide free autograph posters for the fans to obtain the rider’s autographs. At many shows the team will bring merchandise to sell which will give the fans extra opportunity to take home a piece of memorabilia from the event.

  7. Advertising Advertising is the responsibility of both parties. We like to advertise for our venues to help out their bottom line. The tour has 6,100 fans on Facebook which allows us to target a huge audience quickly. We also have an email database of 3,000 people that receive our weekly newsletter which includes an updated tour schedule. The newsletter will feature your event a few weeks prior to the date to create and extra hype.

  8. Insurance A big question is always insurance. The team may obtain a liability insurance policy before the show if needed. However, most events are already covered with a blanket spectator or patron policy. In addition to the spectator coverage, all riders are required to sign a liability waiver which will hold the tour, the sponsors and the venue harmless if injury was to occur. The waiver was designed by David Herzer of Norman, Hanson and Detroy law firm in Portland, Maine. If you have an additional waiver of risk form we are more than happy to sign that as well. A copy of our waiver is available for you to view at any time.

  9. Testimonials “The RAVE X show at our SnoBowl last year was nothing short of fantastic!  They brought in half the gate at our show to watch team RAVE X take on the jumps and do back flips” --John Zudell, @ New Hampshire Motor Speedway, VP of Operations and Development "Thanks for all the recognition that you are giving Ski-Doo dealers. We also appreciate all that you guys do in promoting Ski-Doo because we know that all of your fans know that you ride the best snowmobiles in the business.  That makes your team the best Extreme Performance Team in the world". As you guys always say, "We're killing it" -Rick Salley @ Ski-Doo, Regional Sales "For the magnitude of show Rave X puts on, it is surprisingly easy to deal with them and make a show happen.  Ralph, Dave and crew are there every step of the way to assistance in set up, promotion, feedback, insurance and more.  Having Rave X do a show for your business or event is no brainer if you like crowds of great fans and potential customers at your location and tons of promotion and press!  I would recommend Rave X to everyone, but our competition!" --Jonny DW @ Boss Power Equipment, Rangeley, Maine

  10. Contact Us Want a Show? For more information and to create a custom show for your venue contact us below. Dave Carlberg Marketing/Event Coordinator 207-773-7727 207-615-8144 Ralph Gallagher Team Manager 207-773-7727 207-653-0958 Travis Philpot Course Construction 207-773-7727 Also check out for additional information.