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Basic of Stock market and Intraday Trading.pptx PowerPoint Presentation
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Basic of Stock market and Intraday Trading.pptx

Basic of Stock market and Intraday Trading.pptx

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Basic of Stock market and Intraday Trading.pptx

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  1. Basic of Stock market and Intraday Trading

  2. Stock market is a place in which traders can trade stocks or securities through electronic trade platform. Trade in stock market means transfer of money of securities from a seller to a buyer. In Intraday Trading buy and sell of stocks happens on the same day. Let’s take an example. Suppose you have bought 100 shares of Tata power Ltd. During market open hours and sold before the market end, this is called intraday trading. Some traders calls it day trading. You should know various terminologies that are used in intraday like shorting, open, close, high, low, bull, bear, stop loss, entry, exit etc. Some technical languages are there such as support, resistance, moving averages, chart patterns, candlestick pattern etc. Some trader get time to research the market and some trader don’t get time to research and take Free Intraday Tips to trade. Here they get free stock, future tips, Nifty trend, support and resistance of Nifty, stock and bank nifty etc. Choose Broker and Trading PlatformTo trade in stock market first choose your broker. You can choose Aditya Birla Money Ltd, Share Khan, Geojit, MotilalOswal securities, Angle Broking etc.

  3. How to Trade in Intraday? • Follow some rules to trade in Intraday. • Choose the segment in which you want to trade. There are different segment which is stock, Stock Future, Stock Option, Index, Index Future, Index options etc. New trader should trade in stock first and with small amount of money. • Know the trend of Nifty. Nifty comprises of 50 stocks. So that 50 stocks will follow the trend of nifty index. Then choose 2-3 stock from technical chart which favors the trend of index and trade in that stock. If you are not using charts then you can get stock tips, Nifty future trend, bank nifty support and resistance from Free Intraday Trading Tipswebsites available in web. • Always trade in less number of stocks at a time so that you can judge the fluctuation of stock. • From technical chart find the entry and exit point for the stock. Calculate Risk reward ratio before taking any position. • Choose high liquid stock to trade so that you can exit that stock any time when required. In illiquid stock sometimes trader cannot exit due to low volume and end up holding shares. • Use stop loss to avoid heavy loss and use trailing stop loss to protect your profit. Always book profit. • Control your emotion as it is the biggest enemy of any trader. • Try to learn Technical charts and candle stick patterns to understand the market, make your own strategy, market trend and make profit.