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Běi jīng

Běi jīng.

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Běi jīng

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  1. Běi jīng With a population of over 17 million people, Beijing is one of the oldest and largest cities in the entire world. As the capital of the world’s most populous nation, Beijing has developed its own unique culinary culture, and is the home to Peking Duck, fuling jiabing (a pancake-like snack), and many other Mandarin dishes. Given that the capital attracts so many immigrants from other parts of China, and around the world, it easily adapts other gastronomic traditions into its own repertoire.

  2. Shàng hǎi

  3. Shanghai, the largest city in China, is an amazing mix of the ancient and hi-tech western civilization. It is a multi-cultural metropolis with both modern and traditional Chinese features. The city, whose name literally means "on the sea", is located on the East China coast just to the south of the mouth of the Yangtze River. It has a status equivalent to a province, and reports directly to the central government. Serving as the largest base of Chinese industrial technology, one of the most important seaports and China's largest commercial and financial center, shanghai draws the attention of the whole world. A cultural, prosperous city, Shanghai offer visitors some of the world’s grandest sights.

  4. Xī ān Xi'an, formerly called Chang'an, is one of the six ancient capitals in China and also one of the four great ancient capital cities of the world (the other three are Aden, Cairo and Rome). It served as the earlist capital and is the longest serving capital (though intermittent). During Xian's 3,100 years of development, 13 dynasties such as Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang, held it as their capitals. Here we have the historic site of Lantian Apeman approximately 800,000 years ago, Banpo--the historic remains of 6,000 years ago Neolithic matriarchal clan community, the most wonderful archeological found--the terra-cotta warriors and horses of Emperor Qin Shihuang

  5. Guǎng zhōu

  6. Guangzhou (Canton), a prosperous metropolis full of vigor, is the capital city of Guangdong Province located along the south coastline of China. Being an excellent port on the Pearl River navigable to the South China Sea, and with fast accessibility to Hong Kong and Macau, Guangzhou serves as the political, economic, scientific, educational and cultural center in Guangdong area. • Being the first cities benefited from China's Reform and Opening Up policy since 1978, Guangzhou acts as the pioneer of the economic development of the country, with thousands of large, small and medium-sized enterprises, which offer more job opportunities and make the city a heavily populated area. The city is especially prosperous in commerce, tourism, dining, finance and real estate. For travelers, Guangzhou shows much attraction through its famous sights such as the Five Ram Statue in Yuexiu Park, Pearl River and White Cloud Mountain

  7. Guìlín

  8. Guilin is situated along the Li River, which is a great travel attraction itself. The beauty of the crystal-clear water and the karst peaks towering into the sky has attracted travelers and, particularly artists, to this area for centuries. The pointed peaks with sheer cliffs on all sides that you see in traditional Chinese paintings in museums are based on the reality of the Guilin Mountains. Therefore, it's not surprising that we have a picture of the Li River on the 20-yuan bank note which awards Guilin a higher reputation nationwide.

  9. The Terraced Fields, somehow considered one of the world's wonders and only 85 km north of Guilin, are a great place highly recommended for those who wish to get a close look of the tribal life in China. Tribes like the Zhuang and Yao, officially recognized as minority groups, had moved from neighboring provinces and made their homes deep in the mountainous area to avoid social turbulences. They have successfully survived the hardship of life by cultivating in the narrow but long terraced fields high up on the big mountains for over 600 years. The history created by these tribal people is still a mystery to most of us! • Other remarkable scenic sights in town of Guilin that can be included in a city tour are: Elephant Hill, Reed Flute Cave and Fubo Hill.

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