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Single Sign On In Action PowerPoint Presentation
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Single Sign On In Action

Single Sign On In Action

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Single Sign On In Action

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  1. Authority of Information Technology Application National Center of Digital Signature Authentication Single Sign On In Action Ninh Binh, June 25, 2010

  2. Main Contents SSO Overview Introduce and demo OpenSSO Introduce and demo OpenID

  3. SSO Overview Single Sign On is a property of access control of multiple, related but independent systems. This property allows an user to login and gain access to all systems without logging in in each of them A group of those linked systems is called a Federation . A Federated Identity Management provides a standardized central system to manage users’ identities

  4. Roles in a federation • End User • Identity Provider: • Manage Users’ Identities • Issue Identities • Manage Users • Authenticate Users’ Identities • Service Provider: • Manage access to the service • Check Users’s Identities from Identity Provider • Manage Users’s Profiles

  5. Benefits of SSO • Reduce total cost of ownership • Provides measurable ROI across the organization • Helpdesk cost savings • Improve User Productivity and Convenience • Reduce frustration of multiple log-on events • Remembering passwords • Increase Security and Compliance • Strengthen and centralize user access control • Improved reporting and monitoring for regulatory compliance • Allow multi-factor authentication

  6. Some Open SSO Solutions

  7. OpenSSO OpenSSO is an open source SSO solutions developed by Sun Microsystems Inc (now is subsidiary of Oracle) OpenSSO provides access management by allowing the implementation of authentication, policy-based authorization, federation, SSO, and web services security from a single, unified framework OpenSSO usually act as an Identity Provider in a Federation.

  8. What does OpenSSO do ?

  9. What does OpenSSO provides ? Access Control Federation Management Web Services Security Identity Web Services

  10. Demo OpenSSO – Step 1 • Demonstrate the use of digital certificates to login to Google Apps via OpenSSO • We used services provided by SSOCircle, base on OpenSSO • User go to Google Apps website

  11. Demo OpenSSO – Step 2 • User is redirected to OpenSSO Login screen. • They can login using various of methods

  12. Demo OpenSSO – Step 3 • I used a certificate issued by SSOCircle to login After logging in, I was redirected back to Google Apps

  13. OpenID An open, decentralized protocols that allow end-users login to multiple services with a single identity Simple and easy to deploy Base on mature technology like HTTP, SSL/TLS, Diffie-Hellman Open, patent free Supported by a lot of major companies like IBM, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, AOL.

  14. How does OpenID work ? • Each OpenID is an unique URL • • The service provider discover and establish a secure connection with the identity provider • Redirect user to the Identity Provider to login • Redirect back to service provider website • Service provider check OpenID response and grant user access if authenticated.

  15. The popularity of OpenID • 1 billion OpenID accounts as of 12/2009 • 9 millions websites have integrated OpenID consumer support. • Major OpenID providers • Google • AOL • Orange • VeriSign • Yahoo • Microsoft

  16. Demo OpenID – Step 1 Facebook allows a Facebook account to be linked with an OpenID account. In Account Settings screen, you can select an OpenID provider to link accounts with. I selected Google and enter my Facebook password to continue

  17. Demo OpenID – Step 2 Facebook will redirect me to Google to login I need to confirm once more to links the 2 accounts From now on, after logging to Google Accounts, I will be logged in to Facebook automatically

  18. Thank you.